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Getting Real About Reels

Updated on February 5, 2012

The Reel Deal.

The Reel Deal

Am I the only one who has noticed that less and less people are doing reviews on movies? Whatever happened to the days of Syskill and Ebert? Why has no one attempted to follow in their footsteps? No doubt the answer to these questions is that movies just aren't what they used to be. Hollywood has placed so much attention on the special effects, that they have somehow managed to leave out the human element of emotion. Hollywood has figured out that selling mindless movies is perfectly acceptable, as long as they throw in enough sex, action and special effects, Movies may have become more action packed and dramatic but at the same time simpler, louder and more predictable.

It is becoming harder and harder to see a movie deserving of a five-star rating. I am constantly being told that I am too critical of movies. I need to relax and see them for what they truly are. Two hours of simple entertainment. This is where I first begin to have problems with movies. I am spending two hours of my time and some of my hard-earned money, and I don't feel as if I am being entertained!

I feel that if a director is getting paid these huge figure incomes, they should have to provide me with some real quality entertainment. Regular citizens like you and I are expected to give our best-quality work for minimum wage all the time. Why then shouldn't we expect anything less than perfection from someone earning 3-5 million dollars a picture?

I have also begun to notice that more and more folks are standing in line at the red box kiosk rentals, and less and less time at the box office. Could it be that the quality of movies keeps going down while the price of a movie ticket keeps going up?

I am one of those people that insist on waiting until a movie has been released on DVD. Call me stubborn or call me cheap, but I hate wasting good money and time on bad film. To be perfectly honest some of the movies that I have rented recently weren’t even worth the dollar that I paid for them! I can only imagine how disappointed I would have been if I would have wasted my time and money rushing out to the box office and paying full price.

Something else that I can’t force myself to do is buy pay per View movies from my satellite provider. This has got to be the greatest rip off scam I’ve seen in a while. The only thing that tops this scam, in my opinion, are Nigerians with accessibility to computers. Go ahead and do the math for yourself. We’re talking about the same movie being sold for $5.99, thousands of times a day to thousands of customers. With no real overhead or effort, they just push a little button, open up the signal, sit back and collect the profits. If customers would have refused to pay a penny for this when pay per view TV first came into this country, we could have put an end to it by now, and we would be free of this rip off TV. I consider this to be the perfect legal scam.

The only thing more ridicules then the pay per view is the prices that they charge at the theater concession stands. The employees at these places must be provided with some sort of special formal training in order to utter the prices out loud without embarrassment, or breaking out in laughter. My friends know that I have no problems or shame in popping my own brown-bag popcorn and stopping in at the local Wal-Mart for candy and a drink before a movie. One bag of popcorn = 10 cents.. A drink from the local Wal-Mart = 1 dollar. Not having to hand over a 100 dollar bill at the candy counter and only receiving five dollars change = Priceless! The movie theater is one of those places where I am proud to be a woman and even prouder to carry a large purse!

I believe that since the movie tickets are increasing in price, they should have "special showings" throughout the week were certain people are not Permitted. Starting with the guy in the third row whose cell phone light distracts everyone because of the texting. The young couple who is too cheap to get a motel, and wants to save a couple of bucks by using the back row. The annoying child, who sits behind me, keeps kicking my seat and whose mother doesn't seem to notice or care. The man with the ridiculously loud laughter that seems to find everything funny. Last but not least on the special showing, not permitted list is the woman who has chosen to sit in the middle of the Isle and needs to get past me 20 times during the course of the film. I think that the special showing I would gladly pay more for.

The best advice that I can give you is that next time you see a commercial for an interesting movie (unless you absolutely have to see it on the big screen) wait until it comes out on DVD. Spend one dollar at your local red box kiosk, grab some popcorn, a cold drink and slip into your favorite worn out sweats and comfy chair.

No interruptions, no gum on the floor and the luxury of the remote control with a pause button for all those bathroom breaks without missing out on any action. The best part is that if you disliked the film, you’re only out one dollar, and you can feel good about cutting some cash profit off the directors’ bottom line. Perhaps if enough of us continue to do this, we can send a message to Hollywood that we want better quality entertainment ,and that just because you make it 3-D does not make it better!


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    • aisha91 profile image

      Rasna Aisha 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hello madambutterfly, I have the same sentiments as you for hollywood movies, many of their movies are no sense at all, I can't find any lessons and something that I would inspire about after burning out on my daily routines. So, I would personally prefer on watching animes, bollywood films and korean movies in DVD's instead.