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Getting Up Close with Harrison Ford

Updated on March 27, 2011
Scene from the upcoming film "Extraordinary Measures" (Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford)
Scene from the upcoming film "Extraordinary Measures" (Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford)
Calista Flockhart, Ford's beau
Calista Flockhart, Ford's beau
Shia Labeouf, Ford's son in "Indiana Jones"
Shia Labeouf, Ford's son in "Indiana Jones"

May the Force be with you!

Note: This is an imaginary interview of Travel Man to iconic leading man in Hollywood movies in the U.S.A., Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford, started as props carpenter and now a leading star, can already be compared to Hollywood greats. He had already acted in many classic and greatest films of all time, like Star Wars and Indiana Jones films.

Travel Man: It’s my pleasure having you here on HubPages. Although, the HubNuggets Team is having the slightest idea that I would do things such as this, well, here I am conversing with you face to face.

Harrison Ford: Well, thank you for having me here. The pleasure is all mine.

TM: After you did the latest film about the Indiana Jones. What’s keeping you busy these days?

HF: I’m in the film Extraordinary Measures along with Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell. I played the role of a scientist here trying to save the lives of the two children of the coupled being played by the two stars. It is directed by Tom Vaughan and slated to be shown on January 22, 2010.

TM: We’re looking forward to be at the premiere, the whole HubNuggets Team and the rest of the Wannabes (like me). We’ve heard that your participating actively for the fight against Global Warming. Can you elaborate about it?

HF: Well, the world is so fragile nowadays. All people should take care of our forests. Here’s the situation, the remains of many croplands around the world are usually burned by the farmers to expedite the process of replanting another crop. If only there are more forests to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by the burning of the crop remains, then greenhouse effects will be lessened.

TM: Let’s segue a little bit into your personal life, when will it really be your ‘green’ wedding with your long time beau Calista Flockhart (former Ally Mcbeal star and now starring on Brothers and Sisters)?

HF: (Chuckles) The plan is in the offing, you know. I’ve been married twice, and this environmentally-friendly wedding will be very different. Calista is the one initiating the concept. I respect her decision.

TM: (Smiles) Well, don’t forget to invite me. How about the buzz of doing the fifth sequel of Indiana Jones?

HF: The plan is between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. The hat and the wardrobe still fit on me. The magic is still there. I just have to feel the presence of the character on film.

TM: There's this young actor following your footsteps. Is Shia Labeouf being honed to be your successor in the upcoming sequel of Indiana Jones?

HF: Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed. After all, he’s playing the role of my son in the movie.

TM: One more thing, if you're in the shoes of President Mubarak Obama, what will you do about some important issues affecting his career?

HF: Well, I will not promise anything, but you'll remember me for sure. I'll get a lot done for this nation.

So, there. I'm not putting words into his mouth. I based my hub from the news and tidbits I've read about the "force", the man that is Harrison Ford.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I've heard his movies are included in Hollywood all-time greats, like Star Wars and Indiana Jones series.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I watch Harrison Ford movies bought by my father. He's the Hollywood equivalent of the all-time action king in Philippine cinema: Fernando Poe, Jr.