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Ginger Ate Monkey

Updated on September 10, 2011

In our village people used to say " His face turned to be a "monkey which ate ginger (Inchi thinna kurangu)" This phrase is often used to describe the face of a person who is unexpectedly exposed. Many times I thought "How will be the face of the monkey when it eats ginger" But nobody could answer me and nobody had the opportunity to see the face of a "ginger ate monkey" So I wanted to experiment it and to have an unique opportunity of seeing a ginger ate monkey. One fine morning I had that opportunity. There were two monkeys were playing in the backyard of my house. One was very small and the one was somewhat big. I decided to experiment my ginger trick on those monkeys. I took a bit of ginger and cut it into pieces. I took two Idlys (a cake like food usually be taken for breakfast in Tamilnadu, India). I buried the ginger pieces into the idlys and confirmed that they were not visible. I decided to give the ginger buried idlys to the monkeys. Before that, I invited all my relatives in the house to come to have a look of the unique face of a "ginger ate monkey". A camera was also arranged to catch the scene. As if a SLV scientist, I took the idlys in my hand and slowly went near to the monkeys. But unexpectedly the small monkey snatched one of the idlys from my hand and ran away. The big one was somewhat better. It received the idly very gently from me and about to eat. But I don't know why it changed its plan suddenly. It sniffed at the Idly and looked at me. It repeated this action for several times. Then it gently scratched the upper side of the idly slowly. It picked out the ginger pieces one by one from the idly and thrown them out. Then it ate the idly without showing any reaction in the face. I was very much disappointed and those around me laughed loudly. Need not to say - I was standing there as if a "ginger ate monkey" of course!



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    • profile image

      sanjay 6 years ago

      next time., use ginger paste instead of ginger pieces......ha..ha

    • profile image

      Vinothakan 7 years ago

      I think the closest we shall ever get to see a "ginger eaten monkey" would be Tamil actor Vijay's face.

    • profile image

      K.A. RENGASAMI 7 years ago

      Narration was very nice. But, what a sad end. Anyway those who were present on that occation were lucky to see each other's face at that time.

    • profile image

      Sridhar Ravindran 7 years ago

      U really want to see the ginger eating monkey, please do see Vettaikkaran film and u could find that the hero is the culprit GEM(Ginger Eating Monkey)

    • profile image

      Vijay 7 years ago

      ha ha... anyways that was a very good attempt. Don't lose hope bcus u can find lots of monkeys in ur city but make sure u carry ginger and a camera with u everytime :)

    • profile image

      abisundar 10 years ago

      ha.. tat was a good try.. but yo should hav tried with the starving monkeys in de Vandalur Zoo....!! :)

    • profile image

      Aarthi Navin 10 years ago

      Ohhhh thats really sad:)

      Even i had this same doubt...hmmm maybe in future i wd like to see one .But i still pity u for the unexpected reaction of the monkey.Better luck next time..hehe

      I am sure those who were around would have had a great time!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      mohan 10 years ago


    • NOIDIAN profile image

      NOIDIAN 10 years ago

      I think I was there at the memorable event. I could remember that after the monkey's clever action, all our faces turned into Inchi thinna kurangugal!!!!