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Girl Rising Review: Girls can only rise if they are risen.

Updated on April 10, 2015

Imagine a World

What would our world look like if every child on the planet had an equal chance at education?

What if on a worldwide scale, girls were viewed with the same worth as boys?

What if these statistics were one day found to be not true?

What if?

Can you imagine such a world?

Girl Rising (2013)

Girl Rising is a video documentary telling the stories of girls across the globe, girls from countries like Haiti, Nepal, Peru, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan. These girls are all from places where freedoms are untruths, where poverty and evil have robbed of joy and of future, where simple things like going to school become impossibilities. Their stories are the stories of countless others in their nation who dream of some day being where they are not and fighting to survive the every day trials that have become their life.


The Statistics

As you read in the image above with the precious face of a beautiful child, and we learn these things through this documentary, 66 million girls worldwide are waiting to be going to school.

80% of sex trafficking victims are those girls.

There are 33 million fewer girls than boys in primary school worldwide.

75% of AIDS cases in Sub Sahara Africa are female.

In one year, 150,000 girls are victims of sexual violence.

1 in 4 children have a chance of being born into poverty, and without that education, this is where they will stay.

Girls with just one year in school are found to make 20% more than girls who were without that year of school.

What Can We Do?

When looking at these global issues, the temptation is to think it is too large that we can do anything to help make any difference, or we start to think that no cares when we see the evil around us therefore we resign choosing to ignore it. But we owe these humans who are humans like us more than surrendering to those voices of defeat.

Girls can only rise if they are risen.

So we rise.

We rise to the occasion when they need us the most.

We need to do the work of not making less of one small act. Whether we donate our finances to make a difference, or we give of our time to go and teach, or we use our voice to speak against such things, everything we do is a step towards a better tomorrow. It only happens if we fight. Nothing will change if we resort to apathy or choose to ignore what is happening in our world.

"Don't tell me you are on my side. Your silence has spoken for you."- Amina, Afghanistan.

We have to take some kind of responsibility in these global concerns as we are the ones living on this planet and we need to care for the futures of our children: their success, their happiness, and their own ability to rise.

We must speak out.

We must do something.

We must fight the good fight.

Girl Rising (Official Trailer)

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