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GirlGenius Suggests -- Lorna Doone

Updated on March 6, 2011

Lorna Doone, a GREAT Book

Hello Everyone,

If you're looking for a wonderful book to read, take a step back in time with me and enjoy LORNA DOONE.

It was written in 1869 and became a huge success shortly thereafter. Almost 40 years later it was still a very popular novel.

So what makes it so great? Back in the days before television and internet, before cell phones and even radio, people spent a lot of time READING. Telling gossip and learning life's lessons were important ways to pass the time. As a result, people knew how to tell a wonderful story.

LORNA DOONE appeals to both boys and girls. There is romance and adventure and the story teaches the value of being honest. It would be best for middle school aged kids or high school kids. I am sure this book is being taught in college somewhere!

The story take place in England and it's important to get a copy that has good notes in the back. This is because times have changed and it it helps to have some of the references and old-fashioned vocabulary explained. But this is not a nerdy book!

England at the time was a little like the "Wild American West" where outlaws were simply part of the lay of the land. Who will have the courage to stand up to them? And who is the mysterious, beautiful girl that our hero (John Ridd) keeps seeing? (We find out that she is Lorna Doone!)

I absolutely loved this book. Life tends to have its unusual twists and turns, and there are a few surprises in LORNA DOONE. The story is very interesting and well told, so even the surprises seem to come at the right time.

LORNA DOONE was so popular for so long, that it inspired several movies (1951, 1994) and a TV show (in the year 2000). And yes, it even inspired the famous "LORNA DOONE" cookie! Rumor has it executives at Nabsico needed a name for their shortbread cookie, and since shortbread comes from Scotland... and Lorna Doone is from Scotland... so there you have it!

For me, withstanding the test of time is a great benchmark for any work of art. Written almost 150 years ago, LORNA DOONE is well worth reading. The story and characters will live in your imagination for a long time afterwards.

NOTE: Lorna Doone, the character, is from Scotland.  The book LORNA DOONE is set in England.  The Doones moved from Scotland to England, and the book describes what took place in England.  Many people consider Lorna Doone (the character) Scottish, and rightfully so.

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RD Blackmore, the author

He became very interested in gardening in his old age!
He became very interested in gardening in his old age!

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