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Girls (HBO) - Series Premiere: Synopsis and Review

Updated on May 6, 2013

After watching ‘Girls’ (HBO, Sundays, 10:30/9:30c) I was confused. I’m trying to summarize the pilot episode, but I don’t know where to begin. Or end for that matter. That doesn’t stop me from trying though, so here goes nothing.

There is this girl named Hannah (Lena Dunham, ‘Tiny Furniture’). She lives in New York, and her parents have just informed her that they will no longer be supporting her financially. This poses quite the problem, because Hannah doesn’t have a job. She does have an internship, but when she asks to get paid for the work she does, her boss basically takes it as a resignation notice.

So what does one do in a situation like this? Exactly; get high on opium-tea and try to persuade your parents to give you more money, right before falling to the ground in their hotel room while begging them to cut off your skirt because it’s so tight.

Also, there is a roommate (Allison Williams) who can’t stand her boyfriend, a British friend who travels all over the world (Jemima Kirke), her cousin and roommate (Zosia Mamet), and a mysterious lover (Adam Driver).

Like I said; I am confused. Very confused. Yet, also strangely entertained. I don’t get half of it, but somehow the show seems appropriate. Life in your early twenties isn’t structured, or logical, or in any way normal, and neither is ‘Grils’. It is however strangely entertaining.

This first episode felt to me like an introduction of the characters, nothing more, nothing less. So if you ask me: ‘Will you keep watching this show?’ I honestly can’t give you an answer. However, I am aware of the fact that ‘Girls’ has been received pretty well among critics who have seen more episodes. It seems this is a series that needs some time to get attached to. If you’re willing to take the time and effort, ‘Girls’ may turn out to be quite a positive surprise.

What did you think of 'Girls'?

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    • Robin Oatley profile image

      Robin Oatley 5 years ago

      Actually, I suspect you won't be the only one. I've heard quite some people say they weren't going to watch it again.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Yeah I hear what you're saying, but I really couldn't bear to watch any more of this.

    • Robin Oatley profile image

      Robin Oatley 5 years ago

      To be honest, I had some doubts myself. The scene on the couch was... well.. weird. But, as I always say, you can't judge a series on the first episode alone. I have to give this series another chance, if only to be thorough.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Hey Robin, I watched girls as I had planned to review it. I am not sure if I will review it as I really hated it!!

      I just thought most of the girls were so weak and clueless. I realize people are trying to find themselves but isn't that what college is for?

      The only character I actually have the potential to like is the roommate that had the clingy boyfriend. However, if she doesn't dump him soon I can see myself losing all respect for her too.

      I cringed my way through most of it and the scene where they had sex on the couch felt so wrong. I really wanted to switch it off at that point.