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Golem (2019) Review

Updated on February 9, 2019
Inspired from Jewish folklore
Inspired from Jewish folklore

If you want to avoid any sort of spoilers and just want recommendation of whether to watch this movie or not then scroll down towards "Final Verdict" section to know about my ratings regarding the movie.

Please note : "I always write my review after watching the entire movie myself. This review is non-biased from every perspective."

Real Name (Actor)
Character in this film
Hani Furstenburg
Ishai Golan
Brynie Furstenburg
Lenny Ravich
Alex Tritenko
Adi Kvetner
Important cast listed only

The parents' guide to what's in this movie

Level of Extent
Reason / Explanation
Extreme (5/5)
Terrifying scenes like stabbing with knife , throat-slashing, headshots, punching women in abdomen, head of the man explodes in one scene. Loads of blood observed in multiple scenes.
Sex & Nudity
Mediocre (3/5)
05:43 = Women is feeding breast milk to a child in public although not entirely shown but some cleavage.12:20 = Men and his wife having sex but no nudity is shown. 29:35 = Hanna is naked in the bath tub but no nudity is shown. Maybe some other scenes involving kissing but no nudity.
Drugs,Drinking & Smoking
Positive Messages


During an outbreak of a deadly plague, a woman must defend her well-organized Jewish community from foreign invaders, but the creature she conjures to protect them is a far greater evil.

Detailed Review (Contains Spoilers!)

"When telling the story of our people, it is impossible to seperate truth from the myth."

The Golem is a 2019 film produced by Epic Pictures. It takes much of its inspiration from the Jewish folklore while adding modern touch in the story. A golem is a humanoid creature that is created by a Women using magical dark spell. There are various versions of the folk story, but the most well-known involves golem to be a savior of the troubled Jewish community.

"Almost the entire community in one picture"
"Almost the entire community in one picture"

The film takes place in Lithuania in 1673 in an solitary village. Hani Furstenberg plays Hanna, a Jew whose village luckily, is on a sufficient distance from others to have escaped a deadly plague. Pagans in the area blame the Jews for their loss, and one day Vladimir played by (Alex Tritenko) roar into town threateningly, his daughter is close to dying and He is holding her in his arms. You've cursed my people, he tells the villagers, and if you don't cure my daughter you'll all pay.

"Vladimir holding her daughter in his hands"
"Vladimir holding her daughter in his hands"

Hanna has spent long time eavesdropping on gatherings of Jewish chief scholars and secretly studying kabbalah. Seeing a way to save her village, she sneaks into the synagogue (Jewish house of worship) at night, goes through its texts, and collects what she needs to create a monster named "Golem" out of dirt in the woods. But rather than the fearing Godzilla like monster of lore, the mysthical creature takes the shape of a boy — just the age her son called "Josef" was when he passed away.

Hanna seems to form a thick relationship with the thing that she has made. It feels pain when she is hurt (Including emotional pain) when her husband leaves her. Although, she created him to save the village from pagans, the golem was ready to settle other things as well, some of which may aggravate conflict with neighbours. An old healer, when she finds out what is going on, demands that Hanna must end the creature as soon as the danger is over: When the healer was a child, she says, a golem murdered not only her enemies but also "the ones we loved."

Verdict (Score / Grade)

Character Development/Acting(CA)
Music/Singing (MS)
Directing/Editing (DE)
Cinematography/Special Effects (CS)
"The score adds to the critical grade"

Final Verdict (My Recommendation)

I provide my final grade of film based on five categories. Any film with a final grade of C- or worse, is not recommended by me. Do not waste your good money on these films. Watch it on a regular TV screen at home.

Critical Grade = 7.44 (C+)

Final words : Cast did an amazing job in acting and combination of amazing plot made it an amazing movie but below par editing and effects led it down.

Final Grade = 7.7 (B-) Great movie and you should watch it. Recommended.

Did you watch the film after my review / recommendation?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Kamran


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