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Gonnateachyahow: Setting up A Vudu Account

Updated on January 26, 2015


Creating a Vudu Account

Creating a Vudu account is very easy, if you have a Walmart account or a Facebook account you can link to either one. Walmart accounts are very nice because movies you buy instawatch will show up in your collection without you ever having to open a disk. We will be learning about instwatch later in the series.

If you choose to create an account without linking it you will have to fill in the standard information; Name, Email address, and Password. For ease, I would suggest linking to an existing account.

You will have to click that you agree to follow the policies and terms of agreement. You can read it if you want, most people don't.

Next is one of the most important parts to digital movies and I can't emphasis this enough if you don't already have an Ultraviolet account create one now.

Do NOT click "I am uninterested".

Click that you agree to Ultraviolet's terms and policies and you will have created both accounts.

Ulltraviolet linking is a Must

A Source of Payment is Required

Vudu is a store just like any other, you can skip by this by click "I'll Do This Later" but I highly suggest that you do set up your payment option now. Not only will this give you the option for five free movies but it will enable you to purchase more quickly down the road.

For safety sake, for reasons I will discuss later in this series, I would suggest you use, Paypal. It will require an additional password before purchases are made, in case your information is ever stolen or accessed in a way you didn't approve of.

Paypal is very easy to use and linking is extremely easy, especially if you already have a paypal account created. Just log in and agree.


Payment is Complete and the Freebies

At this point, you will get a message that reads "Thank you for updating your billing information".

You now have the difficult choice of picking five of the movies to add to your collection. This current promotion gives you five movies in HDX format. You might be wondering what HDX is, Vudu has three formats, HDX highest Definition Available, HD High Definition, SD Standard Definition. HD is comparable to Blu-Ray while SD is comparable to DVD.

Just click on the picture of the movie you want a large check mark will appear under it. Click the green Redeem button at the top of the screen and they will soon be added to your collection.

The Freebies!

The Sale

This sale is pretty good it gives you the chance to add three more HDX movies to your collection for only five bucks each. These movies normally retail from 9.99 to 19.99 depending on the title and the quality. If you have the money around I would highly suggest getting a few of these unless you have the title on disc already. We will be talking about Vudu's service Disc to Digital later in the series.

Click "Movies and TV" to bring you to the home page.

Accessing Your Collection

Accessing your collection is pretty much the same on any device, whether or not it be your Computer, Phone, Tablet, Streaming Box, or Video Game System. Most devices will require you to download an app for the device. Once it is installed and you are at the home page, you just need to click "My Vudu", the fifth tab over on the main line.

Your Collection

Here you will see a list of your movies listed Alphabetically in the order that you received them, separated by orders placed. You can change your sorting by Purchased time (default), Popular, Alphabetical, etc. You can also limit your movies by genre and rating if you chose to do so.

Watching a Movie is Easy

The Collection
The Collection

The Movies

You can click on the movie picture to check out more information about the movie, the cast and crew and even read reviews. You have the option to watch or download (depending on the device, some devices such as streamer boxes are unable to download).

Discovering Your Movies One at a Time

Streaming Your Movie

You can watch your movie on any of the devices. Your Vudu account keeps track of where you are in the movie and will update your other devices to continue playing where you left off if you switch from one device to another.

Building Your Collection

The next logical step is to build your collection up using the movies you have at home. In the next article let's take a look at the codes that come with most movies today and are probably sitting on your selfs right now waiting to be added to your collection.

Google "gonnateachyahow" to get a list of my instructional articles.

Read more about adding codes to your collection here.

Check out my Facebook Group for more day to day information


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