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Good morning, can I interest you in any jazz at all?

Updated on April 26, 2017

Could I disturb you for just a moment?

This won't take up much of your time, I promise.

I wonder if I could interest you in liking jazz?

Now, wait, I understand you're happy with your regular music but before you close this page on me, let me ask you something - are you really satisfied with your regular music? Is it washing away your worries? Can it get at all the awkward spots that a lot of today's music misses? Can it reach inside your soul? Ask yourself honestly.

Ah. You already have someone come in twice a week to sort out the depths of your soul.

Well then, let me ask you this - have you ever considered jazz as a means of sorting out the clutter inside? The remedy could be at your fingertips - jumbled thoughts untangled, junk brushed aside. For a short, peaceful while things could be tidy.

Oh no, of course I'm not suggesting you have a dirty mind!

But when was the last time you treated it to a little care and attention? How long since your soul was really pampered? Is it ever pampered with your regular music? That lingering heartache, that listlessness that crept up on you from nowhere...jazz finds the spot and sets to work. Results guaranteed. Now, before you click the page shut, just give me a moment more. I'd like to leave you, if I may, a free sample.

Gershwin* - you've heard of that of course; an ongoing favourite, withstanding the test of time. No, unfortunately, I've just given away my last sample - to a young lady in another article. Oh no, jazz isn't just for middle aged people. No, not at all! In fact, there's a growing range that appeals to younger jazz customers. Would you like to try some Diana Krall? Leaves a lovely deep, oaky finish. Or perhaps you'd prefer to try some Ella Fitzgerald, my personal favourite. Oh yes, I can strongly recommend it - leaves a warmth and lightheartedness that stays for days. Oh, we're in luck! I have one free sample left.........

Oh yes, all the soul and warmth is completely natural - and that's not a guarantee you'll always get today.

And what about something for lifting the spirits? Can I interest you in any Fats Waller? There's nothing quite like it for charm, it removes even the most stubborn heartache.

Or for a sparkle and finesse that will take your breath away why not try Oscar Peterson or Art Tatum? No, it's not so widely heard of these days but it still works marvels.

And the list goes on....but of course, you can't listen to me all day; you're a busy person I realise that.

But that's precisely the reason why you should try out jazz - one album to start with and you won't be able to get enough of it - that's what happened to me.

Oh yes, very reasonably priced. Just a few notes could change your whole day.

*always read label carefully before playing. May contain non-jazz music.


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    • apricot profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Italy

      Yeah! Funnily enough I've stopped listening to it since I wrote that - must have jazzed me out!

    • profile image

      philip carey 61 

      8 years ago

      I could never get into jazz, so I like your hub about Jazz more than I like jazz. That's alota jazz in one sentence. Nice hub.

    • Lee Thacker profile image

      Lee Thacker 

      8 years ago

      Charlie Parker will always have my heart..I like the way your brain thinks, makes me feel alive listening to what your thinking, very cool...Keep it up ...PS Now I Know Why I bookmarked your page ;-) ...Hope you are doing well,

    • apricot profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Italy

      Tee hee! I have to admit that I got a Cd of hardcord jazz out from the library and it left me rather bewildered - I wondered if they'd made a mistake and recorded the dustbin men clattering the lids in the street one morning. Just a load of totally random sounds put together - at one point I could have sworn they'd recorded someone cleaning his teeth and gargling. It's not going to help my plea for jazz, that! I prefer the toned down version myself.

      I have to admit that I don't know anything by Johnny Cash - or maybe I do but I never realised it was by him but I'm with you on the lyrics - those titles you mention look intriguing...I'm going to have a look.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Sorry, Apricot. My most significant exposure to jazz involved the entire summer of 1985. From around June to October of that year, much of my free time was spent hanging out with pro flutist Lori Bell in San Diego, California. (Not hooked up, just hanging out.) Her back was bothering her at that time, so I did things like clean her house and drive her car to her gigs while she rested in the back seat prior to having to play. And...jazz still bores me. To tears.

      On the other hand, I'm an old ranch raised, rodeo bred, former Montana cowboy who cut his teeth on the likes of Hank Snow, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings--with a powerful crush on the early Brenda Lee. Most of the time, now matter how good the music, it's the lyrics that matter to me...and they by golly better tell a story, too. Like A Boy Named Sue, or Will The Wolf Survive, or....

      But for the REST of the human race, jazz sounds like a wonderful thing! :D


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