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Gossip Girl --Downtown "morality" in an Uptown Setting

Updated on September 1, 2016

Exploding Perceptions

We've all been schooled to believe that people 'downtown', that is the poor, have a far weaker moral compass than those who have wealth.

The stereotype is the semi-worthless mother who now has to hustle to feed the fatherless kid who, with no guidance, is having sex with every available body.

And we think, " if they had money, and opportunities, and some adult in their lives, they'd not be living this kind of life."

And then comes the popular serial, Gossip Girl.

Here's the Plot

A bunch of over priveledged kids at an expensive private school who have a
fantastic vocabulary and more money than they know what to do with, are
having sex with each other in a constant 'change partners'.

They either have single parents due to divorces or are estranged from their
current set of parents. The parents are having sex with all and sundry and
have had sex with all and sundry.

These kids, despite having parents and a 24 hour Nanny plus various other
minders can't keep their clothes on. They fall in love then fall out of love as
they fall in love with someone else.

It is rare that a relationship continues for more than two episodes before a
third person is introduced.

They aren't forced to have sex for economic reasons or some great passion,
they are having sex with each other for no other reason than its something
to do.

They can't form any long lasting relationships with anyone. A friend is more
a rival they seek to best and can't trust anyone not to dump their secrets,
nor can they be trusted.

And there's no excuse!

A Nice Touch

So here we have a weekly show set in the Upper East Side of New York City. Fancy restaurants, Name Brand shops, the most luxurious homes, the very top of the social scene. Kids who don't have worry where their next meal is coming from, who don't have to settle for second hand or second best, kids who have no responsibilities and can go everywhere whenever they want.

Instead of taking advantage of this life they've been blessed with all they do is screw around and try to best each other.

All this tends to prove that it isn't the lack of oppotunity why some people are worthless.


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