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Gotham -- An Eye For An Eye

Updated on February 23, 2015

And a knife in the gut...

A van pulls up and a bunch of thugs climb out. One has a red hood, which he places over his head. The others don masks. They enter a bank and rob it. A silent alarm is triggered. A security guard pulls a gun out and empties his gun but doesn't hit Red Hood. Red Hood thinks the security guard didn't land one gun shot on him because of the hood. He then throws money around the street so him and his gang can escape.

Alfred opens the door to someone named Reggie Payne, who he hasn't seen for twenty years. He says Vanessa died and he lost the house a year later. He says it's the drink that ruined him.

Fish is taken by men in white coats to what seems like a hospital ward. But it's not a hospital ward you'd want to be in. The man she's brought to orders her t sit down.

Gordon figures out Red Hood works at Kleg's Auto. Meanwhile the Boss isn't thrilled they're being called the Red Hood Gang. The boss shoots him and takes the red hood from him. The man says the doctor owns the facility. Fish says she'll only talk to the doctor. The man says he was told by the doctor, Dr. Dullmarker, that he's to tend to her needs. Fish says the basement is hers and she'll deal with the doctor when he arrives. The man tells her to take a shower and put on clean clothes and return to him and he'll talk to her.

Oswald's is still a flop. Now Penguin learns that they're out of booze and Marone is the supplier. So Penguin needs to find a booze supplier.

Gordon and Harvey arrive at Kleg's Auto. Gordon sees blood on the car and finds Floyd the former, Red Hood, dead in the refrigerator. Harvey thinks they saw the last of the Red Hood Gang, but at the same moment the Red Hood Gang is hitting another bank.

A Mr. Chang comes to see Gordon and Harvey about the Red Hood gang. He saw the boss wearing the red hood.

Reggie asks if Brucie is training for a fight. He asks Brucie to show him his stance. Reggie easily defeats Brucie. Alfred watches Reggie coaching Bruce and he doesn't like it. Reggie told Bruce to use his opponents weakness against him. To fight dirty. Alfred sent Bruce upstairs away from Reggie.

Penguin is going to do a liquor heist but Butch and some either dirty or fake cops beat him to the punch. Butch claims to have done it to help Penguin. But is he just playing along until he can find where Fish is and rescue her?

Ivy and Cat still hanging with Babs. Babs says Cat is turning into a beautiful woman. She offers the girls her clothes. Babs tells Cat she's a true beauty and she can use it to her advantage. It'll be as powerful as a knife or a gun. But Cat isn't buying it. She hands Babs clothes back to her asking what good it's done her. I thought maybe she was going to turn Cat into her new lover, since Montoya blew her off.

Chang identifies Destro as one of the Red Hood gang. Gordon wants to set him free to trap the whole gang.

The man plans to take Fish's eyes. To stop him Fish grabs a spoon and gauges out one of her eyes then smashes it under her foot. Okay, she is truly bad @ss. Don't care what the Fish haters say. I think this story has really shown what a strong tough fighter Fish truly is.

Bruce brings Alfred and Reggie a bottle of wine and Reggie chugs down the glass of wine. Reggie asks why Alfred is hiding from Bruce what he really is, a cold-blooded war dog. Alfred wants Reggie to go so he won't tell Bruce who Alfred really is.

Another member of the gang asks Destro for The Hood. He shoots Destro so he can have the hood. Harvey asks Destro for the names of the gang. Destro has been targeting banks that turned his loan requests down. Gordon and Harvey figure out who the next bank that was planned to be robbed.

Butch tells Penguin he's doing playing the sidekick and Penguin seems to buy it as they toast a drink. Penguin says he misses Fish. Penguin wants to drink to her and Butch says she got what she deserved.

Alfred hears a noise down stairs. It's Reggie stealing from them. Reggie says he's in real trouble. Reggie stabs Alfred. Bruce finds him and calls for an ambulance. But will it make it in time, as Alfred appears to be bleeding out.

The Red Hood gang, which is now down to 3, head in to rob another bank. But the police are all waiting for them before they even make it into the bank. The latest Red Hood is shot down in the streets when he won't surrender.

Gordon is called to the hospital when Alfred is in intensive care. Bruce cries in Gordon's arms about not losing Alfred. Meanwhile, Reggie reports back to the Wayne board. Reggie says that now is the time to make a move on the kid. He's given an envelope of money for services rendered. He tries to tell them Bruce is just a good kid.

Meanwhile another kid finds the red hood laying in the street and puts it on. Perhaps this is the real Red Hood. Whoever the kid may be.

This was a really shocking episode with Alfred knifed and Fish gauging out her own eye. And it looks like things are only going to be amping up as the show speeds to it's season finale. There's no telling what's going to happen next.


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