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Gotham --- Azrael

Updated on May 4, 2016

Strange locks horns with Gordon and Ed!

As we last looked in on Gotham, Professor Strange had finally managed to resurrect one of his criminal corpses. Yes, Galavan is back and apparently even more batty than he was before. Now he wants to be called Azrael.

Azraei writing on the walls in blood. He claims he's the spawn of Satan. Yeah, he's even more nuts than he was before. Strange says he's strong as an ox and fast as a snake, and Peabody says he's mad as a hatter.

Strange learns Gordon has come to see him. He shows Strange a picture of Karen Jennings. He questions Strange about Pinewood Farms. Strange claims Thomas Wayne lied to him and it was him who forced Wayne to close down Pinewood Farms. Gordon says he thinks Strange has restarted Pinewood Farms. Strange puts Gordon in his place saying he allowed him to question him because he has no authority no longer being a cop. Strange also saysGordon's is doing this for himself to rewrite his sins. Gordon better watch out cause he doesn't know who he messing with. Gordon fires back that Strange isn't fooling him, either.

Ed tries to stop two inmates from fighting. Ed pretends he can see one of the inmates imaginary friends to stop the trouble. Ed sees Gordon. Ed vows to find his way out of Arkham and that nobody beats him. Of course, Gordon sneers at him. You may be sneering on the other side of your face, dude. Ed is already ruling the whackos in Arkham.

Ed hears Strange and Peabody talking about Gordon. Ed says he can help Strange take Gordon down, if he lets him out of there. He demonstrates to Strange how he can manipulate all the inmates. Strange also sneers at Ed, but he does give Strange an idea on how to deal with Azrael,

Strange goes into see him, ignoring Peabody's warning that he's dangerous and gets grabbed by the nutjob. Strange says he doesn't want help. Strange claims to be Galavan's father. He claims Galavan is the redeemed one and he was taken away and he resurrected him. Galavan kneels before Strange calling him Lord Dumas.

Bruce upset that Strange not under arrest. Bruce compares Strange to Galavan. Bruce reveals he knows that Gordon killed Galavan and thinks they'll have to do the same to Strange. Gordon says Bruce needs to be better than him.

Strange feeds Galavan's head with a new reality, so he won't recall who he really is. Strange says their creations need to have new identities. Strange wants to send Galavan out to test him.

Ed watches one of the inmates being taken away by Peabody and decides to follow because the patients keep disappearing down that hallway. He realizes they disappeared, which means a secret passage. Strange tells Galavan the patient is a demon and Galavan uses the case to bash him in the head. Strange gives Galavan the Sword of Sin [something he had made the day before] to seal his identity. Strange says a murderer walks the street a free man and Galavan must take care of him. Galavan vows Gordon will die, tonight.

Four men hanging upside down. Gordon and Harvey show up at the scene. Barnes gets in Gordon's face for busting out Karen Jennings. Barnes doesn't want to listen to what Harvey, Gordon and Bruce have to say to him.

Ed's gang steal him a weapon and ammonia. Ed says he's going to find what Strange is up to to get out of Arkham.

Barnes won't listen to what they have to say. He and Gordon get into it, with Gordon saying Barnes has damaged the Gotham PD with his attitude. Guess he's no longer Barnes number one cheerleader. Galavan shows up in a metal suit. He announces he's come to kill Gordon. He has to take it on the run when he's surrounded. Bruce watches Azrael escape when everyone starts shooting at him but unable to pierce his armor. He looks almost inspired by what he sees. Is this how he gets his idea to become Batman years later?

Gordon believes Strange is behind Azrael. Barnes, of course, won't believe it. Bruce takes on Barnes, but the smug bug won't listen to anything.

Penguin with his dead stepmother's corpse. Penguin sees Azrael on the news.

Azrael sees a picture of himself and starts having flashbacks of his past.

Barnes orders Gordon not to go on the street. When Gordon says he's not a cop anymore and can do what he pleases, Barnes puts him in lock-up.

Strange wants to give all his subjects new personas.

All the lights go out in Gotham PD as Barnes is preaching about the law, while Gordon says there are times you need to break it. Azrael comes swinging through the window and goes after Gordon. Can he take out Barnes in the process?

Barnes tries to get the drop on Galavan. He tells Barnes to stand aside and let him have Gordon. He starts taking out the men. Barnes starts shooting his gun like an idiot. Galavan gets his hands on Gordon. Barnes empties his gun into Galavan and he still keeps coming. Gordon and Barnes think a bigger gun will take him out. Galavan goes after Barnes and orders him to tell him where Gordon is. They get in arm-to-arm combat. Barnes knocks his mask off and he's shocked to see Galavan. He stabs Barnes then Gordon is shocked to see Galavan. Gordon shoots at him with his gun and he disappears over the side of the building. Galavan gets up and walks away on live TV.

Barnes is taken away by ambulance with Gordon by his side.

I was wondering if you could kill them when they were brought back and it seems you can't. I'm guessing you have to cut their heads off, cause guns and falling off a building don't harm them, at all, going by Galavan.

Gordon tells Harvey that Azrael is Galavan.

Barbara seems to be out of it with Tabitha and Butch. Butch says Barbara scares him. Tabitha and Penguin see that Galavan is alive. Penguin says, “Hello, old friend.” Seriously, I wish they'd make up their mind what they're going to do with Barbara. She was sane for two episodes and now she's crazy again.

Bruce believes that Strange is behind Galvan's resurrection.

Ed trying to find the secret passage. He finds it and heads down in the elevator. He hears people screaming behind metal doors.

Ed better watch out. He may be in over his head, this time.


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