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Gotham -- Barbara Helps Gordon

Updated on April 25, 2016

But Gordon won't return the favor...

As we last checked into Gotham Penguin had disposed of his nasty step-family, Ed got sent to Arkham and Barbara showed up on Gordon's doorstep.

Gordon pulls a gun on Barbara. She says she tells the truth now. She says when she woke-up from the coma the memories she had were horrifying and she's not that person now. She says she's better now and she's totally sane. He says he's happy for her and to please go. Barbara offers to help him with the Wayne murder but he throws her out.

Fox and Alfred down in the secret room with Bruce. Karen Jennings was supposed to meet his father the week of his murder. Bruce takes down the woman's address while Alfred wants him to be cautious.

Gordon wants to go after the woman who put a hit out on him because he thinks she may have a connection to the Waynes' murders. Gordon starts roughing up a bunch of people trying to find the mysterious woman.

Peabody and Strange trying to re-animate patient 44. She tells him someone ran a search for Karen Jennings. She was their first. Strange says he made Karen what she is.

Alfred and Bruce go to Karen Jennings address. Bruce picks the lock of her place when no one is at home. Someone hides when they enter. There's clawmarks on the table. Bruce puts his gun down promising the woman he won't hurt her. Her hand is a razor sharp claw.

Bruce asks her about Pinewood Farms. She says these people will kill him. She tells him he has to go, it's not safe for him there. Bruce won't leave and begs her to tell him what his father was doing.

Gordon tries to get into the Artemis Club and Barbara shows up. She tells him this is a woman's only club. Barbara says she can go in there and get the information. She also shocks him by telling him she knows why he's investigating the Wayne case, because he thinks if he can close it, he can close the door on the past and start over. Barbara goes in and talks to the hit woman.

Pinewoods Farms was a bio-engineering project. She was at Blackgate Prison. Her father used to beat her up because she had a deformed arm and she killed him. She went to prison and one day these men showed up saying they were going to fix her arm and they made her the monster everyone thought ishe was. When Thomas Wayne found out what was going on he shut down Pinewood Farms. Thomas came to warn her. Bruce believes the experiments were started up again and that's why his father was killed. Bruce wants her to take them to Pinewood Farms. Bruce promises to keep her safe.

Barbara tells the hitwoman about her past exploits. Barbara says she's thinking of getting into the assassination business. She needs a partner. Meanwhile Gordon sneaks into the club and gets caught by the female bouncer. Then Barbara comes up behind him saying he was right, as she holds a knife to his throat.

Gordon tied up. Barbara says she delivered Gordon to her as proof. The hitwoman said the man that contracted the Wayne's murders went by the Philospher. Then Barbara uses a cattle prod on the hitwoman and her henchwoman and tells Gordon she told him she had a plan.

Alfred, Bruce and Karen arrive at the remnants of Pinewood Farms. She says it looks like his father was wrong and he can give up now. Bruce asks what she's not telling as men come saying the girl comes with them and no one gets hurt. The three of them try to escape but they're surrounded by the police.

Gordon reams Barbara out for tying him to a chair. He says this changes nothing. She says she cares what he thinks because when she woke up the first image she saw was him trying to save her and if he can look at her that way maybe she can be okay. He says she tried to kill Leech and he can never forgive that. How about all the times Barbara has been victimized to get at you. Guess that's okay in your book. Bruce calls and he rushes to the police department to get him out of custody, leaving Barbara behind.

Gordon tells Alfred and Bruce that the man that had the Waynes' killed was called the Philospher. Gordon thinks the Philospher was behind Pinewood Farms. Gordon wants to break Karen out of Blackgate Prison before she's killed.

Peabody tells Strange that Karen Jennings has been arrested and heading back to Blackgate Prison. Strange wants to send Mr. Freeze after Karen to kill her before she can talk. Victor gets excited that he's going to get to go on a field trip.

Karen in a prison van on her way to Blackgate. The driver stops when he sees a bag of money sitting in the street. Gordon puts a mask on and knocks on the prison van door. When the guard opens it, he knocks him out. They steal the van and take off as the two guards are left behind.

Karen confirms that the Philospher ran Pinewood Farms. Karen tells Bruce that he sounds just like his father. Karen tells how Thomas helped her get rid of her anger and bring her back to herself. I thought when Gordon heard that he thought maybe he should do the same for Barbara, but oh no. She tells Bruce that it was Thomas that started Pinewood but he had good intentions. That Pinewood was Thomas' burden but it doesn't have to be his.

The van crashes and Gordon finds himself facing off with Mr. Freeze. Karen says she's so glad she met him. His dad would be proud of him and the man he's become. Karen sacrifices herself to save them as Mr. Freeze freezes her and then makes her break into pieces of ice. Then he throws a freeze bomb at Alfred, Gordon and Bruce as they duck for cover.

Barbara at Butch's as Tabitha says she's come home and kisses her while she sleeps. And what happens after this Gordon is on you. You had a window of opportunity to save her from what she'd become when most of it's your fault, as people who were out to get you targeted her, but you wouldn't cause of your precious Leech who doesn't even accept you as you are and you can't even live up to her high moral standards. But he did the same to Penguin when he begged for help after taking the blame for Gordon's murder and he wouldn't help him, either. No big shock.

Bruce blames himself for Karen's death. Alfred said it's because of what he's pursuing. Alfred says there will be others for them to find. Gordon says Bruce needs to have faith. Gordon said his days at the police department is over, but he made a promise. Yeah, whatever, dude!

Fox finds a photo of the Philospher and Alfred, Gordon and Bruce realize it's Strange. Peabody tells Strange that Gordon was there when Freeze took out Karen. Then they learn Patient 44 has been reanimated. Strange says they finally brought someone back from the dead. It's Galavan. He calls himself Azrael and he seems to be more batty than he was before.


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    • Gregory Vic profile image

      Greg de la Cruz 2 years ago

      Maaaan DC has been great on TV lately