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Gotham -- Barbara Makes Her Move...

Updated on November 11, 2015

Meanwhile Ed takes a trip out in the woods...

Flashback of Babs telling Leslie she and Gordon will be back together in a year because they're the same; they both have a dark side. Then Gordon and Babs are getting married. Penguin turns into the minister. Lee turns into the bride and Babs is put in a straight-jacket. It's just a nightmare.When she wakes she finds a box waiting for her. Probably from Galaturkey.

Galaturkey says Gordon has forced him to accelerate his plans. He's going to take over Wayne Enterprises today. Then he tells Babs today is the day she gets to kill Jim Gordon. Only problem is I don't believe deep down that's what she wants. I think she still loves him and wants him back.

Gordon tells Barnes the truth about Galaturkey but Barnes won't believe him. Boring Lee goes along with Barnes and tells Jim not to make it personal. Then Babs shows up to give herself up as part of Galaturkey's plan to keep Gordon busy while he goes after Bruce.

Babs tells Gordon he can rough her up a little bit if he wants while Lee watches from the other side of the two-way mirror. He says she's a good woman, she's just sick. Babs starts crying. Gordon kisses her and Babs says she knew he still had feelings for her. Babs says she wants to show him something. She says she wants to show him something then she'll tell him everything. They have better chemistry than Gordon and Boring Lee do even though the actors are having sex off-camera.

Gordon says he wants to play along with her. Lee says Babs needs to be in a hospital getting treatment. Barnes agrees to go along with Gordon's plan. Boring Lee is not happy and does her "I'm not happy" face.

Ed drives out into the woods. Looks like he has a suitcase with all of Ms. Kringle's body parts. He also has a shovel.

Bruce comes to see Silver. She leaves him to Galaturkey's mercy.

Barnes introduces the new strike force members. They'd need new ones since the previous ones are pretty much all dead. Is the elite strike force a big joke or what? Little Lee says this is all Gordon. She calls it his sickness. Says his sickness and Babs' feed off each other. In short, she's putting on he disappointed mommy act now.

Galaturkey asks what Bruce wants most. He answers the man that killed his father. Then he would kill him. Galaturkey says his dream is to rid Gotham of all his corruption. Considering he's the main corruption that'll be cute. Will he rid Gotham of himself?

Harvey and Gordon have Babs in back of their police car.

Galaturkey says he's been investigating Wayne Enterprises and reveals all the dirty things that Wayne Enterprises is involved in. Toxic waste, terrible experiments, etc. He says if Bruce sells him the company he can clean it up for him. Bruce says it's his responsibility and all he has left of his family. Galaturkey starts talking about the night his parents were killed. He claims he knows who killed Bruce's parents and if Bruce signs over his company he'll give him the proof of who killed them. And I'm sure the little chump will go for it, since no one has been allowed to beat Galaturkey so far this season.

Gordon tries to tell Babs that once Galaturkey is through with her he'll kill her. Harvey wants to head back to police headquarters, fearing a trap, since Babs won't talk.

Ed pours himself a glass a wine. Says thanks to Ms. Kringle he's now whole. A man comes up to him as he's drinking his toast. Ed hits the hunter over the head with the shovel and he falls into a grave. Looks like a double funeral.

Barnes tells Harvey and Gordon to come back, but Gordon wants to keep going. Babs says she still loves him, and she knows he has feelings for her. A truck smashes into the police car as she's saying she thinks Gordon still loves her. A bunch of gunmen with machine guns start firing on the police car. Gordon wakes up to see Babs outside the car and he points his gun at her until [I'm sure it was Galaturkey's sister] injects Gordon with something.

Barnes trying to find Gordon. Barnes throw Harvey out. I really loathe that putz Barnes.

Ed prepares to saw up the hunter. He finds while he's been gone someone ate his sandwich. Ed goes to hunt for the person who may have seen what he did. Can you say triple funeral?

Bruce in his daddy's secret lair. He asks Alfred how long it'll take him to take down the corruption in Wayne Enterprises. Alfred says a very long time. Bruce tells him Galaturkey wants Wayne Enterprises. Alfred gets him to tell him Galaturkey also claims he knows who killed his parents. Alfred doesn't like what Galaturkey is trying to pull. Alfred tells Bruce he's his parents legacy. Bruce asks if he's wrong to just want it to go away. Alfred holds Bruce as he cries in his arms.

Gordon wakes up tied to a chair in a church as Babs comes down the aisle humming the wedding march dressed in a wedding gown.

She has a priest tied up and a bunch of witnesses. She says he knew that this was a trap from the start and he thought he'd find a way to win or die. She says he's tired of lying to himself and Lee. She has boring Lee brought in gagged and tied to a wheelchair. Most fun this boring character has been for forever.

Harvey listening to a bug planted on Gordon. He figures out where Gordon is. Barnes doesn't want to believe Harvey is right.

Babs tells Gordon that the former mayor is still alive. Babs tells boring Lee she loves Gordon more. Gordon gets free and Babs says he longs to kill her so do it. Babs escapes. Gordon goes after her. She lunges at him with a knife and they fall through the stained-glass window. She tells him she loves him before she falls to her death. Yep, another good character goes down while the bores of Galaturkey and Lee continue to bore up the show. I'm officially calling this season the Rise of the Bores.

Babs still alive and taken away on a stretcher. Boring Lee says when this is over they need to talk. Mommy Lee is not happy with her little boy.

Gordon and Barnes go to find Mayor James. They find the mayor with a box locked on his head.

Bruce won't sign. He refuses to sell the company to him. Galaturkey throws the information on who killed his parents into the fire as Gordon rushes in and arrests Galaturkey.

Ed finds a house in the woods. Penguin comes storming outside. Penguin falls to the ground asking Ed to help him.

This was the best episode all season. Not too much Galaturkey or Lee. Okay, I'm officially shipping Babs and Gordon and their sick and twisted relationship. This is the most interesting Gordon has been all season. Boring Lee just sucks the life out of him. Hope that's not how it is in real life.


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