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Gotham -- Burn, Baby, Burn!

Updated on October 20, 2015

Galavan's motives are revealed

I have to admit that I'm rapidly starting to lose interest in this show. Most of it is because of the dull and uninteresting Gallavan. And added to that mix is the posturing Barnes. Interesting enough these two characters love to give long-winded speeches that make you roll your eyes. The thing that kept Gotham going last season was some interesting villians, like Penguin, Fish, Maroni, and Falcone. They killed off their best new villain, Jerome. Sorry, but Galavan the rich weiner is just not interesting. Then you have the super-boring Leslie paired with Gordon. I'm hoping things get better, but I'm not counting on it.

Opens with Penguin and Galaturkey. Penguin tries to get Galaturkey to let his mother go. Turkey refuses to let his mother go and to stop making him be his lackey. Penguin delivers him the garbage man from Wayne Manor. Turkey has his psycho sister cut the man's hand off,I guess, since they don't show exactly what Psychorella is cutting off.

Harvey and Gordon invading what looks to be some kind of sweatshop. They bag up the money that's there. Apparently the place belonged to Penguin along with the money. Gordon suggests they raid the Merc tomorrow. Penguin learns the cops hit the Count House. He takes his anger towards Galaturkey and his psycho sister out on the guy that brought him the news. Talk about kill the messenger.

Ed asks Gordon and Leslie if he and Ms. Kringle could go on a double date together. Gordon doesn't want to, but boring perfect Lee says yes.

Galaturkey comes up to Gordon wanting to talk to him alone. He says he never killed a man before. No, Galaturkey, you killed a boy. He asks if that feeling ever goes away. Clueless Gordon says he did the right thing. He says Gordon is a symbol of hope and honor to the city. Galaturkey wants him to endorse him as mayor. Figured he wanted something. Gordon says he doesn't do endorsements. I imagine the spoiled little rich boy will try to get back at Gordon for saying no.

Psycho sister shows up and tells Penguin they now want Penguin to set things on fire. Penguin acts like he doesn't trust Butch in front of her, knowing Miss AC/DC showed an interest in Butch.

Butch asks Cat to try and get him in with some of Fish's old arsonists. Butch says Fish isn't coming back, even though Cat says she might come back. I'd really love for Fish to come back and take out Galaturkey and his noxious sister. Cat goes to see a girl named Bridget. She vouches for Butch so the brothers will do the job for Penguin. Cat sees Bridget being mistreated by her brothers and doesn't like it. She tells Bridget to be strong.

One of the brothers is shopping for supplies at Merc as the police raid the place. He makes a run for it, but Captain Baldy and Gordon go chasing after him. They shoot at the kid and he blows up.

It's double date time. Ed is boring everyone with his technical talk. Gordon is late arriving.

The brothers don't know how to do the job without their brother whose dead. They want Bridget to take the kid's place. She tries to refuse, but the head of the family threatens to throw her out on the street. So she caves to his demands.

Gordon says he likes Galaturkey [bad taste, buddy] but endorsing politicians isn't his thing. Boring perfect Lee starts preaching to him on how he should be happy the way people look at him.

Bridget is talked through setting up the pyrotechnics. Then they instruct her to open a safe with someone's eyeball. I guess they cut out of garbage man's eye instead of his hand. Then they tell her to grab a knife inside the safe. Bridget's leg catches fire as she's escaping but her “brothers” don't care and tell her to suck it up because she has more fires to set that night.

Five locations all burnt to the ground. Gordon says they're looking for a professional arsonist. Barnes wants a pattern to the fires found. Bridget seems a little too into the fire setting equipment. Cat comes in asking what Bridget is doing. She's making a suit so she won't get burned again. Cat warns Bridget she's going to get herself killed, and Bridget said it was exciting and she enjoyed it. Cat tries to get her to get away from her “brothers”. Bridget points out Cat was looking for her mother when they first met. Bridget says what's so good about being free is you're alone.

Cat delivers the knife to Penguin. Penguin trying to figure out why Galavan wanted a knife stolen with the Wayne family crest on it. Butch sends Penguin to a woman who knows about old-time Gotham. She doesn't want to tell what she knows, but Penguin issues threats. She says the knife was cursed. Five families used to run Gotham. Two sons, one from the Dumas family and the other from the Eliot family, were vying for Celestine Wayne. She was caught with the Dumas' son in a compromising position and she said he was forcing himself on her, so the Wayne family cut off his hand. The Waynes wiped the Dumas family out of Gotham history. The Dumas changed their names to Galavan. Now Penguin feels his he an edge on Galavan.

Knowing why Galavan is doing this still doesn't make him interesting.

Gordon discovers that all the buildings that were burned down belonged to Wayne Industries.

Butch tells Penguin he took the knife to Gallavan. Penguin orders Butch to have a drink to see that Butch is still under his control. Penguin says this is a blood feud for Galavan and since he's acting on emotion he can use that. Penguin orders Butch to go to Galavan and say Penguin went nuts and accused him of being a traitor. Penguin cuts off Butch's hand to prove to Galavan that Butch is on the level. Penguin better hope Butch never breaks free of his control or he's going to be one dead bird.

Gordon and Harvey staking out where they think the arsonist may strike next; a Wayne family book depository. Bridget arrives with a flame thrower to go in and set the books on fire. The Brothers abandon Bridget when the cops arrives and when Gordon and Harvey order her to put down the weapon, she tries to set the place on fire. One of the strike force grabs Bridget and she sets him on fire. Cat is hanging around and she helps Bridget to escape.

It's really sad, but I find myself rooting for the villains [minus Gallavan and his psycho sister] this season.

Galavan back at the police station. Barnes announces that the guy that got set on fire died. Barnes says there's a cop killer on the loose and they will find them. Gordon goes to talk to Galavan. Let me guess. Dumb Gordon is going to endorse the grand villain, himself. Maybe when Gordon finds out the truth, that's when his dark side will really come out that Barbara was talking about.

When Galaturkey goes home he finds a hooded person waiting for him. He calls him Father. The guy appears to be a monk. He shows him the knife. The Father says it's still sharp after all these years. He asks if he has the Wayne boy, yet. I guess he's a Gallavan, too. He says their brothers are crossing the ocean and Gotham will be bathed in blood and Bruce Wayne will die.

I wonder if Galavan was behind Daddy Wayne's death. Not that I really care.


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