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Gotham -- Ed Takes Down Gordon

Updated on March 24, 2016

Bruce takes a walk on the wild side...

As we last left off, Penguin was released from Arkham, but Hugo Strange still had plans for him. Ed became convinced Gordon was playing a cat-and-mouse game with him and viewed him as his enemy. And Bruce went to live with Cat on the streets after believing he found the man that killed his parents.

The episode opens at the Gotham Museum of Art. Ed is there. He sets off a fuse, but it turns out to be a harmless prank. When everyone runs out he steals a painting and paints a giant green question mark on the empty canvas.

Barnes assigns Harvey and Gordon to the case. Then he orders Gordon to stay behind as Harvey goes on ahead, saying he's re-opening the investigation into Galavan's death. A private source says it was Gordon and not Penguin who shot Galavan. Gordon denies what he did.

Penguin comes to visit Butch. Penguin says he's sane and he just wants to be friends. Galavan foul sister starts yapping at how he killed her brother and taunts him about killing his mother. She should be glad he did kill Galavan, cause that's the only reason the gutless wonder is back in town, cause he would have killed her for betraying him, and he still might if Strange resurrects him and sets him free. She says Penguin isn't leaving without some kind of punishment. Tell me, when is she going to get hers? So it's fine for her to kill his mother and taunt him about it, but he can't kill her brother. What a rarefied world this psycho sleazebag lives in where she thinks she can abuse people and won't have to suffer any payback in return. The day she gets hers I'll be cheering.

Gordon asks Harvey to find out who gave the anonymous tip against him. Gordon and Harvey learn Ed put green question marks on other paintings. They figure Ed is planning some kind of mischief on Market Street, because the names of the paintings defaced gives them the clue Market Street. Of course, neither realizes it's Ed whose doing all this, despite the use of riddles. But then they both look at Ed as a harmless meek little mouse.

Ed in the train station at Market Street as Gordon and Harvey arrive to evacuate the place. They find another green question mark on a locker. He's enjoying himself watching the entire thing unfold. Gordon finds a bomb and it explodes as he's holding it. Gordon must be made of teflon cause he doesn't get hurt.

Cat brings Bruce to see Poison Ivy. Cat wants Bruce to help her rob the gang Ivy works for and he goes along with it. He says he doesn't mind stealing if it's from criminals. Ivy gave the gang something to knock them out.

Ed shows up at the scene of the crime. Gordon asks Ed to oversee forensics on the investigation. Ed uses the opportunity to start his frame-up of Gordon. He tricks a fellow cop into signing a statement saying he say Gordon shoot Galavan instead of Penguin.

Cat and Bruce sneak into the gang's headquarters as they all sleep in a drugged slumber. They hear someone pulling up front. It's Sonny who gets the drop on Cat and Bruce. Guess Sonny didn't get drugged. He plans to let his uncle handle them.

You know, I was kind of hoping Bruce's journey into the dark side of the streets would happen off-camera and he'd be off camera for awhile. Both Bruce and Cat are my two least favorite characters on the show. Cat moreso than Bruce, but then Cat Woman was never one of my favorites to begin with.

Penguin shows up at Ed's door. It's seem Galvan's foul sister tarred and feathered him. Really not liking what Strange has turned Penguin into. Ed is shocked and a bit disappointed that Penguin doesn't want to pay back Butch and Galavan's foul sister. Ed says he doesn't want to change the way Penguin has and the new Penguin is freaking him out. It was Penguin that gave Ed the info so he could make his anonymous tip that Gordon killed Galavan. Strangely enough, I'm not really feeling all that bad for Gordon after the way he treated Penguin at Arkham and he begged him to help him, and he stuck is pointy nose in the air and walked away.

Harvey suggests to Gordon that Penguin could be behind this. Harvey says the witness has promised to swear out a statement proving Gordon killed Galavan.

Bruce calls Sonny a coward and gets beaten up and spit on. Bruce remembers Alfred's lessons. He keeps provoking Sonny to hit him, until he finally knocks him out. Cat steals their money and she and Bruce take off.

Penguin visits his mother's grave. He tells his mother he's a changed man or he's trying to change. While there his father comes to visit her grave. He apparently didn't know he had a son.

Gordon and Leech having dinner. Oh, there goes my hope she wouldn't be on for an entire episode. He tells Leech IA is re-opening the investigation into Galavan's murder. She yips and yaps about Gordon promising her it was over. He says he'll fix it. She says what if he can't. She yips and yaps about what will become of their baby. That's right, honey, use that kid you got yourself knocked up with on purpose when all else fails to get your own way.

Ed goes to visit the cop he tricked into signing the statement against Gordon and kills him with a crowbar. The crowbar has Gordon's prints on it

Penguin's father brings him home. He tells him that Gertrude came to work for his parents. He was a foolish romantic boy. When his parents found out, they forbade them to be together. He said he tried to stand up to his parents, but the next day Gertrude was gone. He said he never tried to find her. She never told him she was pregnant. Penguin says Gertrude told him his father died.

He hugs Penguin. He says Penguin is no longer alone. He has a father and family. A big happy family. The family will be so thrilled to meet him. Why is it this guy is giving me the creeps?

Harvey says the timer on the bomb was set off by phone. Harvey gives Gordon the location of where the bomber called from. Gordon heads over there. It turns out to be the apartment of the cop Ed killed. Oh, boy, he's really setting him up now. Barnes just happens to show up and he orders Gordon to put his gun down. Wonder if Leech will think Gordon killed this one, too.

Barnes orders Gordon to put his gun on the floor. Gordon says he was just following up a lead on the bomber investigation. Barnes claims the vic sent him a message. Barnes says he's going to have to bring him down to headquarters. And I just bet it breaks his bald little heart since he was trying to prove Gordon killed Galavan and take Gordon down.

Cat says she thinks Bruce likes pain. Bruce says all the emptiness and pain vanished when he was getting beaten. But he knew he was going to be okay and that Sonny couldn't break him, that no one can, that he's going to be okay. She says no one is unbreakable.

Barnes puts Gordon in an interview room. He claims Gordon's finger prints were on the crowbar. Barnes says the vic was the anonymous witness who fingered him. Barnes is really hot to prove Gordon guilty. Gordon says he was set-up. Barnes tells him to be a man and admit what he did. Baldy is so full of it. When Baldy wants him to confess Gordon won't so he says Gordon is a disgrace and broke his wittle heart. Sure he did, and spare me calling him son. You act like no father to him and haven't since your buddy Galavan got iced. I still say Barnes is dirty and was working for Galavan. Barnes has Gordon taken to another precinct. Gordon tells Harvey the bomber set this up to frame him as he's being lead away.

Gordon put on trial for murder and found guilty. He's sent off to prison for forty years. Bruce says it's not right. Barbara wakes up when she hears about Jim being sent to prison. The nurse calls Strange. Oh, god, it was best for Barbara if she stayed unconscious. God only knows what Strange will do to her now.

Leech comes to the prison saying they're going to fight this. He tells her to move on. He tells her to go somewhere far away to raise their child. He says it's the only way, but Leech says no. He says to not contact him again cause he won't reply. The ironic thing is she caused this whole thing by getting Gordon to ask Ed about Kringle instead of minding her own business. And how many conversations did she even have with Kringle? Two. It wasn't like they even really knew each other. Well, better prison than married to this life-sucking leech.

Penguin at dinner with his family. But they're only pretending to accept Penguin. Behind his back they make faces of distaste.

Harvey says he's going to find out who set Gordon up as Gordon is admitted to prison.

You know, Ed may be the smartest and most dangerous villain Gordon has come across. Usually, he comes out on top, but he's in prison without one clue who put him there.


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