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Gotham -- Fear Factor

Updated on February 3, 2015

Terrifying Todd

As we last left Gotham, Fish was making her way out of town, much the way Penguin had. Like Penguin, would she make a stunning comeback?

A man is being dragged across a roof strapped to a chair, then he’s dangled over the edge of the building. The man is then thrown over the side.

Penguin is celebrating with Maroni. Penguin says he claimed Fish’s nightclub in the boss’s name. Then Fish calls up Marconi. She tells him Penguin is Falcone’s man. He invites Penguin to go upstate with him to talk about opportunities. This may be a trip Penguin won’t be coming back from.

Ed says the victim had a hole in his abdomen and the killer may have been looking for something. The captain warns Harvey to be careful since Flass had a lot of friends and they may be looking for revenge.

Gordon comes back to Barbara’s place where Cat is hiding out in. She hides when he comes in. He catches her when she tries to sneak out. She tells Gordon she lied about seeing the Wayne murders before making her escape.

Gordon comes to see Bruce. Bruce believes that Cat never saw the killer. Bruce says Gordon need no longer concern himself with his parents’ case and he’s releasing Gordon from his promise. Alfred seems pleased about Bruce’s decision.

Maroni takes Penguin to a hunting lodge decorated with a bunch of animal heads. Penguin tries to get answers out of Maroni but he fobs him off. He, in turn, asks about Indian Hill and how Frankie got killed with a knife. Penguin seems to be getting on to the fact his goose may be cooked.

Scotty Mullins comes about the victim Adam. They were in a support group together. She just started being his sponsor. The group is for people with phobias. He had a fear of heights. Someone from the group might be the killer.

Harvey may possibly have a thing for Miss Mullins.

A man with a white pig waits for a man, and his partner, a large black man, shocks the man.

Despite being told to stay away from examining the bodies, Ed goes and investigates and gets caught with his hand inside the corpse. The medical examiner gets the captain to suspend Ed. They don’t listen to the fact he found something. Something the medical examiner apparently missed.

Gordon says he and Barbara are over for good and he left his keys at her apartment. They find the man who was abducted tied to a chair in a room with pigs and a man dressed as a giant pig is shot by Gordon and Harvey. Apparently this man’s phobia was pigs.

Fish on a boat leaving Gotham as she vows she’ll be back soon.

The man terrorized by pigs survives but he’s scared to death. Harvey thinkgs by the killing of Pig Man the case is solved. Gordon wants Ed to examine the perp, but she says he’s been suspended. She says she likes Ed, too, but she has to stick with the suspension, even though Gordon doesn’t trust the medical examiner to do his job right.

Ed goes to say goodbye to Miss Kringle, who he catches crying. He returns a pencil he took from her which has to be the smallest nub you’ve ever seen.

Maroni tells Penguin there’s no guy they’re meeting and demands Penguin tell him the truth in return. He also tells Penguin that Fish is alive. He tells Penguin that Fish said Penguin is working with Falcone. Penguin stands up saying he took Maroni’s gun. Penguin points the gun at Maroni. Maroni says the gun is loaded with blanks, Penguin shoots him and he finds out Maroni is telling him the truth. Then Maroni attacks him.

Gordon takes Leslie out to dinner. He asks her help on a case. She hoped it was a real date. She says Gordon is confusing, since the last time things got passionate between them. Gordon gets a call while with Leslie. She says she’ll look at the case and he gives her a kiss goodbye.

The pig victim woke-up and reveals he was attacked by two men, so another perp is out there. Harvey takes Scotty to the group meeting and she reveals she’s afraid of swimming pools. Harvey said he’s scared all the time and it’s something he’d be willing to share with the group. The perp with the cat comes up to Harvey and says he’s a regular.

Maroni says he’s going to be Penguin in a car and crush him. Penguin tries begging for his life. Penguin says he’ll find out the truth about Indian Hill if Maroni will spare him. Maroni isn’t listening to Penguin’s bull and puts him in the car.

Ed sneaks into the police locker room and picks someone’s locker. Meanwhile, Harvey tells the group about his fears. A man named Todd say he has a horrible fear of failure. He says he’s worried he’s passing it on to his son. Todd suddenly leaves the group too upset to continue.

Penguin calls Maroni on his cell to get him to spare him. Then Penguin calls the crusher operator and says it he goes through will killing him Falcone will kill him and his family. As Maroni goes after the crusher operator, Penguin escapes.

Harvey leaves when Scotty returns. But it’s too late. Todd has knocked her out and taken off with her.

Ed broke into the medical examiners locker and when he opens it he finds a bunch of body parts. A cop catches him and the medical examiner says it’s not what it looks like. The cop goes to the captain about what he saw the medical examiner with.

Gordon thinks Todd will try to make Scotty face her biggest fear. Harvey finds out the pool where Scotty is afraid of drowning in. His son comes in as Todd says he made Scotty register a 10 on the fear meter. He tells his son this is for humanity then he pushes Scotty in the pool, as he watched her drown. Harvey dives in to save her as Gordon goes after Todd the terrible.

Harvey gets her out of the pool and tries to revive her, as Gordon gets trapped by Todd and he manages to escape.

Two church women find Penguin laying on the ground. He asks if they’re headed to Gotham and he hitches a ride of their bus with them. Watch out, Maroni, he’s coming for you.

Leslie tells Gordon Todd removed the first victim’s adrenal gland. The fear gland. Gordon asks Leslie how she’d feel about being the new medical examiner as the current one was fired for stealing body parts. Go, Ed!

Leslie makes Gordon kiss her on the cheek in the squad room before she’ll go to dinner with him and he kisses her on the lips instead. Ed watches happily. He goes to see Ms. Kringle to say he’s not leaving, but she doesn’t seem too thrilled and says he owes her a new pencil.

Gunfire on the ship Fish is on and then a black man wearing bullets comes in. They run towards each other. Fade to black.


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