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Gotham -- Gordon Is Protecting The Wrong Girlfriend

Updated on April 21, 2015

The Riddler is born

As we last left off, Fish had gotten shot, as she was flying the getaway helicopter and Gordon was vowing to take down the Heartbreaker [I can't call him the Ogre cause that name just doesn't fit] serial killer and Commissioner Loeb, too.

Bruce is out on the streets. A man approaches him and Cat pulls a knife to chase the guy away. Bruce is upset she killed Reggie. But not upset enough to not want Cat to break in the safe at Wayne Industries, but she demands Bruce tell no one she killed Reggie.

Ed goes psycho on a bunch of watermelons. It's a prelude of what's to come.

Gordon is worried the Heartbreaker will go after Lee. She's in a tub and calls out asking if it's Gordon. She grabs a knife and starts looking around. It seems it was a cat that made the noise. When Gordon comes up behind her she whacks him with the phone.

Meanwhile the Heartbreaker is on the prowl and buys a drink for Barbara. Knowing her kinky bent she might actually like being chained up to a wall. She takes him home to her place. She starts coming on strong to Jason. When she has her back to him, he almost stabs her in the back. Then he changes his mind when she says she doesn't have a boyfriend and if he got to know the real her he'd run screaming away like everyone else. Then she tells him to go.

Gordon talks to a detective about the murder of Julie Kimball who ended up dropping the case. They think the man found out something that spooked Heartbreaker. He says he killed his wife and doesn't want him to kill his daughter, too. A guilt trip is laid on the man saying he's to blame for all the women the Heartbreaker has killed for dropping the case. He tells them what he knows.

Ed sees Ms. Kringle kissing another guy when he brought her a present. Seems her new cop boyfriend roughs her up but she tells Ed to mind his own business.

Bruce doing research on Bunderslaw, the Wayne board member Reggie says hired him. Both Babs and Bruce plan to attend the Wayne charity ball. Bruce intends to take Cat as his date.

Harvey and Gordon go to a clinic the first victim worked at as a private nurse. They question a Dr. Cushman. Julie was recommended by one of the former patients. Heartbreaker is watching Gordon and nearly runs down Harvey and Gordon. He later calls up Gordon. He tells Gordon to back-off or he'll kill someone he loves. Dude, didn't you hear Babs tell you she doesn't have a boyfriend?

Gordon hold a press conference revealing that there's a serial killer on the loose. He declares to Heartbreaker he's coming after him and he will be stopped. I wonder if Gordon even knows Babs is back in town, cause that's who Heartbreaker is planning to off, not Lee. I don't think she's been a blip on his radar for a very long time.

Cat tells Babs she's going to the ball, too, and with Bruce Wayne. Bruce delivers clothes to her and Babs decides to play fairy godmother and get her ready for the ball.

Constance Van Groot had a connection to the first victim. Gordon wonders if a relative could be the Heartbreaker

Marone is sitting down with Penguin's mommy when Penguin comes in.

Gordon and Harvey go to see Mrs. Van Groot. They find a man hanging from the chandelier and cut him down. Gordon finds all the pictures of Hearterbreaker have been defaced, while Harvey finds Mrs. Van Groot's mummified remains.

The ball is in full swing.

Harvey thinks Heartbreaker is the butler's son. The butler won't talk. He won't believe his son is a lady killer. He says his son only made one mistake and that's it.

Bruce and Cat fight over her killing Reggie. He says there are lines that you don't cross and he'll never kill anyone like she did.

Ed confronts Ms. Kringle's cop boyfriend. He warns him what he'll do the next time he hurts her. But the abusive cop isn't the least bit afraid of him. Maybe he should be. And maybe Ed should realize Ms. Kringle just isn't worth it. She seems to be into abusive boyfriends and if someone is like that you can't save them from themselves.

Heartbreaker approaches Babs at the ball and asks her to dance. Heartbreaker thinks he was Miss Van Groot's secret son. When he confronted her, she laughed in his face so he killed her. Butler Daddy laughs and shows them a picture of his son because the man's face is malformed. That's why he won't believe his son is the lady killer known as the Heartbreaker. Gordon figures out Heartbreaker had surgery to fix his facial malformity.

Penguin tries to get his mother away from Marone. Marone tells Mrs. Penguin her son is a cold-blooded psychopath. Penguin vows that Marone will pay for this.

Maybe someone should tell Heartbreaker Babs isn't even a blip on Gordon's radar, anymore. He tells Babs he knows how it feels to be one person on the inside and another on the outside. He says he remade him and he says he can do the same thing for her. The big dummy apparently buys this and takes his bait hook, line and sinker.

Ed watches the abusive cop from his car.

Bruce introduces himself to Blunderslaw. While he does Cat picks his pocket. Cat, however, seems upset when she sees Babs leaving the ball with Heartbreaker. Does she know who and what he is?

Ed confronts the bully and tells him to leave Gotham, tonight. He laughs in Ed's face. The guy punches Ed and Ed responds by repeatedly stabbing him in the gut. Ed seems to go a little bit crazy afterwards, staring at the bloody knife and repeating, “Oh, dear,” over and over and over again.

So far this moment was the best part of the episode.

Penguin takes his Mama home. She says she'll love him no matter what but if he lies to her now he'll break her heart. She asks if he has done things he shouldn't. He lies, saying he's just a nightclub owner. She says she's tired and leaves him alone. Then someone comes knocking on the door. Marone has sent Penguin's mommy roses and he tells the delivery boy to tell Marone he's a dead man, then decides to slit the man's throat instead. He hides the body from his mother.

Gordon has a sketch of Heartbreaker. Gordon finally realizes that Babs is the one whose in danger. Cat tells Gordon that Babs left the party with Heartbreaker. Meanwhile Babs is at Jason's place and goes into his Blue Room of Pain. Instead of being scared, she smiles like she's turned on by it. Let's call her Anastasia to his Christian. Sounds like Bab's inner Goddess is saying, "Me likey."


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