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Gotham -- Gordon's New Assignment Is Shocking!

Updated on January 6, 2015

Penguin gets too big for his britches!

As we last checked in with Gotham Gordon had been shipped off to the Arkham Asylum by the corrupt Mayor as a security guard.

As the episode begins, Gordon is working as a security guard at Arkham. He watches the inmates staging a play. Harvey is in the police station drinking by himself. And Babs is still in her love sack with the pathetic and desperate Montoya, who becomes a whole lot less pathetic and desperate as the episode comes to an end. Gordon has to stop a patient from attacking one of the performers on stage. Gordon gets blamed for it by the head of Arkham, Dr. Jerry Langan. Dude seems like a crony of the crooked mayor or his twin separated at birth.

Gordon meets a female doctor, Leslie Tompkins, who comes to treat the injured inmate. She seems to admire Gordon for standing up to the corrupt of Gotham. That's more than you can say for his old girlfriend, Babs.

Cat finds a sick Ivy sleeping in an alley out in the rain. Ivy claims she’s fine and doesn’t want a doctor ever again. Cat helps her out of the rain. Then she breaks into Gordon’s old apartment.

Meanwhile the Penguin is meeting with some fishermen. He tries to make them pay him more money than they do Marone. They refuse his demand for more money. A big fat cop comes and punches Penguin out and takes the bird man to the Gotham Police Department for a little lock-up time.

Gordon goes to check on an inmate called Frog Man. He was the man that attacked one of the performers at the play. The man falls over when Gordon touches him. The man was given a crude method of electro shock therapy. The man is brain dead and the corrupt head of Arkham, Langan, won’t call the police and tells Gordon to find out who did it.

Gordon questions another guard named Steven about his keys. He asks him which inmates have keys. He says after the Frog Man attacked a member of the play he noticed his keys were missing.

Falcone’s people are not happy about him raising their fees. Fish makes a bid for running the family. Jimmy says he’s next in line and Fish isn’t usurping him. Of course, Fish wants to take him out, since he opposes her as the new big boss.

Gordon questions the inmate who was in charge of the play. His name is Gruber. He kind of reminds me of Trash Can Man from the TV version of The Stand aka he reminds me of Matt Frewer. He proceeds to question other inmates about if they took the keys. He gets nowhere fast.

Fish says Jimmy is the problem. They have to move on him before she makes her move. Her faithful employee Butch tells her he can handle Jimmy and to not do anything to Jimmy, he’ll talk to him. Jimmy and Butch grew-up together as kids. In turn, Fish asks Butch if he’s turning on her. That remains the big question throughout the episode.

Another inmate has his brains fried. The inmate Frog Man attacked in the play. This one isn’t brain dead, but starts reciting the lines from the play he was in. That's all he can say. So someone fried the brains of the guy that attacked someone in the play and now the one who was attacked in the play.

Gordon tells Leslie she should stay in the female ward cause there’s going to be some drama around here. Gordon now thinks it’s a staff member who is doing this. Gordon calls the police against Langan’s orders.

Babs claims she’s over Jim, while Montoya says this was a mistake. Montoya says she can’t fall back into this because they’re toxic together. She doesn’t want to fall back into the drinking and drugs. Montoya moves out and leaves Babs all by her little self. Best thing the Montoya character has done in the series.

Harvey comes to Arkham to investigate. Harvey kisses Gordon when he sees him. When Lang goes after Gordon, Harvey goes after him and puts him in the hotseat.

Butch meets with Jimmy on the docks. Jimmy tells Butch that Fish is doomed, she’ll never take over for Falcone. He wants Butch to dump Fish like a smelly piece of rotting fish. Butch says he’ll think it over.

Penguin's in jail and he's over very frightened bird. He calls to Harvey. Harvey won’t let Penguin call Marone to tell him where he is.

Butch tells Fish to give him some time. That he’s working Jimmy.

Harvey asks what Lang is hiding, and Lang says he’ll never tell him what it is. He claims what he’s hiding has nothing to do with whose doing crude electro shock treatments on the inmates.

Nurse Dorothy [who was in the play] gives Gordon a cup of coffee. He asks her if she knows how to get down to the basement. While Harvey is questioning Lang, he thinks of a HER that might be behind the electro shock therapy.

Nurse Dorothy is actually an inmate. Gordon goes after her, as Harvey warns Gordon about her. She lets all the inmates out, then they chase after Leslie.

Dorothy falls in the melee and gets trampled by the other inmates. Or does she? Gordon comes to Leslie’s rescue and they get out before the inmates can attack them.

Bab calls Jim’s apartment and Ivy pretends Jim is there and that he’s busy. A furious Babs acts out that he's moved on. Yes, I guess she's only allowed to go screw other people, he's supposed to stay true to her.

Dorothy hid in the basement of Arkham when it closed and just bided her time until it reopened. Then she apparently posed as one of the nurses.

Marone comes to see Penguin. Marone tells Penguin he put Penguin in the jail cell and asks if Penguin knows what hubris is. He’s in there for raising taxes on fishermen without his permission. Penguin promises to never do it again, and Marone orders Penguin be let out. He hugs Penguin afterwards and basically tells him to know his place in future.

Dorothy also had electro shock marks on her head, so she wasn’t the culprit behind shocking the patients. Aaron the inmate attacks a guard, he also has electro shock marks on his head. Gruber then targets Lang.

Can Harvey and Gordon get to Arkham to save Lang or should they even try to save him?

They find Lang laying on the floor of Arkham bleeding out. He dies when Gordon finds him. The Shocker leaves behind a note for Gordon as he escapes with Aaron. He signs his note Jack Gruber to let Gordon know he's the one he's looking for.

Gordon comes home and thinks Babs is back when he sees a bowl sitting on the table. Poison Ivy is long gone by now and so is Cat.

Butch goes to meet Jimmy. He says he’s in. Butch says when they stole some meat as a kid, he kept all the good meat and gave Jimmy the cheap cuts. He apologizes for doing that. Then he shoots Jimmy. Seems Butch has chosen Fish, after all.

I really like that Harvey hasn't gone back to his old bad cop ways and he really feels Gordon is his friend. So far, Gordon and Harvey are my favorite relationship on the show. It was a good return episode, and made me wish more than Gordon doesn't even get back together with Babs the Betrayer.


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