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Gotham -- "I'm Fish Mooney, BEEP!"

Updated on May 17, 2016

And Bruce and Strange do some verbal fencing...

As we last left off, Penguin and Butch had Bazooka Joed Galavan into oblivion. Cat was trapped with an insane Bridget who now only knows the identity of Firefly and she was about to shoot her with her flame thrower. And Ed had gotten caught trying to escape.

Back to Firefly and her flame thrower. Cat tries to run from her as she keeps shooting flames at her. She says Cat should feel honored to be a sacrifice to the Goddess of Fire. Cat manages to knock her out.

Bruce on the rooftop looking for Cat, only she doesn't show up. Poison Ivy does. Bruce realizes Cat is in trouble and it's his fault. Ya think?

Harvey gives an official statement about Galavan. Harvey doesn't reveal it was Penguin that whacked Galavan. Harvey is acting-captain until someone replaces him. I'm all for him becoming permanent captain cause he's doing a lot better job than Barnes ever did. Harvey refuses to go after Strange, since he can't because they have no proof. Go home, Gordon, if you don't want to be a cop, stop hanging around trying to pull the police's strings so they'll dance to your tune and when that won't work stick your nose in the air and declare you're not bound by the rules cause you're no longer a cop.

A woman calls saying that Strange is losing control. Bruce tells Gordon that Strange has Cat. He leaves out the part where it's his fault.

Strange wakes up another of the dead. He doesn't know who he is. He pulls the skin on his face away and stretches it. Strange says he'll return to tell him who he is. Peabody says that's the seventh subject he's woken up. Not sure who he was, but I'm guessing he'll be Clayface.

Peabody taunts Strange because none of the people he's resurrected have their memories intact. Next up on the resurrection list is Fish.

Strange is actually worse than Frankenstein cause all Frankenstein wanted to do was resurrect the dead. Strange has turned all these people into freaks by introducing foreign DNA into their normal DNA. There's no way none of these people can ever lead anything approaching a normal life. So, while Frankenstein had some twisted but possible good intention of beating death by reclaiming it's victims from it, Strange has no good motivations. He's just some psycho who wants to turn humans into freaks.

Alfred is appalled what Bruce did to Cat. Gordon and company trying to figure out how to find Strange's lab. Bruce wants to ask Strange to give him a tour of Arkham.

Strange has added the cuttlefish to Fish's DNA. He also orders the voltage increased even though it'll cause her immense pain in reviving her.

Ed's trapped in a cell with a cannibal as Peabody taunts him. Ed reveals to Peabody he knows they're making monsters in the basement. Ed offers to help stop Gordon if they get him away from the cannibal.

Fish awakens, but as what.

Alfred says Bruce isn't the same boy his father left behind. Alfred said his father took responsibility for his actions and he won't stop Bruce from doing the same thing.

Strange watches as Fish comes out of the resurrection chamber. He asks if Fish remembers who she is. He tells her she's a war goddess and gives her a new name and she finally speaks by correcting him. “I'm Fish Mooney, bitch," and adds he'd better tell her what's going on. Instead he locks her up and she warns him he'll regret this.

Peabody and Strange wonder why Fish came back with her memory intact. He says that they've created the first real re-animate. Strange says let Ed handle Gordon. That sounds like something Ed will enjoy doing.

Bruce arrives and Strange says he's impressed by him. Lucius Fox came with him. Strange comes out to greet them. Strange says how sorry he is what happened to Bruce's parents. He's putting on a good act. Bruce says he'd like a tour. Fox is to look around while Strange and he talk. Fox is handed over to Peabody. Fox has Gordon in the trunk of his car and unlocks the trunk so he can slip out and snoop around Arkham.

Gordon dressed as a security guard as he uses his old pass to get in. I don't think the guard is fooled by him. Boy, he needs Barbara around to figure things out for him. His last stupid plan to find out info from the hitwoman was saved by Barbara's intervention and he thinks everyone at Arkham are as dumb as him and don't see through his phony act. What a dummy!

Fox is shown to the rec room by Peabody.

Strange says maybe they should address the real reason for Bruce's visit. Strange says Bruce wants a reason and someone to blame for his parents death. Ooh, the gloves are coming off.

Peabody notices the counter Fox has that he's trying to use to locate the secret lab. It starts going crazy as he gets near the secret elevator. He marks it for Gordon to explore.

Strange says Bruce reminds him of his father. Strange says that if Thomas Wayne had listened he might still be alive. Bruce asks if Strange is admitting what he did. Strange says he pleads for Bruce to turn back before it's too late. Make the choice his father didn't. You'll notice he doesn't say he actually is the one who had Thomas Wayne killed. I bet he isn't the one, either.

Strange says Bruce's father orphaned him by his own actions. Bruce says his father fought and died for what he believed was right and he'll do the same thing. At that, Strange orders them to be taken. Gordon is surrounded. Knew they were on to Gordon. Gee, Gordon, this one is a whole lot smarter than you.

Cat trying to use Firefly's flame thrower to escape. She doesn't see Firefly wake up.

Fish asks the man that brings her lunch where she is and to make her a grilled cheese sandwich. Her last memory seems to be trapped on the island with that other mad scientist.

Peabody warns Strange someone will come looking for Bruce. Strange says Bruce reminds him of Thomas and he misses Thomas. Strange contacted by a mysterious woman. She says Strange has failed because he hasn't been able to bring back someone who remembers who they are. Strange tells them he has succeeded and says if given time he should be able to replicate the process. Then the woman orders for Strange to blow up Indian Hill and dispose of Bruce and his friends.

Fish realizes she seems to have some mental power over her guard. She learns he made her a grilled cheese sandwich but doesn't understand why he did it. It seems he did it just because she told him to do it. That's a very dangerous power in Fish Mooney's hands.

Firefly and Cat face off against each other with flame throwers. Cat tries to get through to her. She recalls killing her brothers. When she makes a go for Cat, Cat sets her on fire, but fire doesn't hurt her. Cat offers to be her servant so she won't kill her. That seems to work for the moment.

Alfred goes to Harvey to tell him that Gordon, Bruce and Fox are in Arkham. Harvey sends the force into Arkham to save them.

Bruce and Lucius locked up together. Bruce says he doesn't mind dying, and he's sorry he got all those involved in this. Bruce repeats what Strange said and says it's Thomas' fault he died. Ed talks over a microphone to Fox and Bruce. I kind of enjoyed Ed putting Bruce in his place. It's kind of silly the way all the adults treat a little kid like Bruce with such reverence, even though he's the richest kid in town.

Strange puts Gordon in a chair then puts something over his head and pours some solution inside the helmet, warning the people pouring it to not spill a drop. Oh, god, what is he going to do to Gordon, now?

Ed questions Bruce and Fox about how much they know.

The mask is taken off Gordon and he doesn't seem changed. Strange says Gordon belongs in the past. Strange says the future belongs to his children and the future is here. Then he puts the same mask on Basil's face, the guy with the stretchy skin that I think may be Clayface in the future. I'm guessing he's going to come out looking just like Gordon. I'm right.

Now Strange has really done it. He's made a duplicate of Gordon. Wanna bet, Strange will take Gordon with him and let everyone think his fake Gordon is the real one? This is getting interesting. Strange is really the only villain to have gotten the best of Gordon to this level and I'm loving it.


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