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Gotham -- Kill Jim!

Updated on November 22, 2015

Gordon's dark night of the soul...

As we last left off, Riddler found Penguin's hide-out in the woods as Penguin passed out at Ed's feet asking for help

Newspaper's headline is about Galavan being arrested while his psycho sister roams the streets. She goes into a bar. She stumbles upon a gambling den or maybe it's a den of hired killers. She goes to a woman and says she needs someone killed. She wants Gordon killed. Hey, chickie, why don't you do it yourself or do you like victims that you consider easier kills?

Gordon is watching Barbara through the hospital window. Her doctor says she may never wake up and she's being transported back to Arkham. At least she's not being sent to the secret little research lab that Wayne Enterprises has going.

Ed injects something into Penguin's neck when he wakes up and freaks out upon seeing Ed.

Boring Lee shows up to tell Gordon that Barbara is being transported to Arkham, and Gordon says he already knows. When she learns he visited Barbara she says Barbara is the devil. Seriously, Lee? And what is Galavan, Lee? The archangel Michael? This bland blob of boredom gets worse with each new episode.

Alfred throws Silver out when he finds Bruce with her. She slips him something when she's leaving so he can meet her later. Alfred tells Bruce he doesn't have the sophistication to get any answers out of little Silver. He orders Bruce to stay away from her and tells him she's not his friend. Yep, he's got that right.

A man tries to strangle Gordon in the elevator on his way up to Galavan's place. Gordon nearly beats the slug to death. He drags the man in to Galavan's to see Barnes. When the woman realizes her man failed, she goes into the casino putting a price on Gordon's head for anyone there who wants to do the job for her.

Penguin wakes up again. Ed asks Penguin if he believes in fate. He won't let Penguin leave. Penguin wants to know what Ed wants from him. Ed tells him he's starting to kill people. Ed wants Penguin to guide him on his new path. Penguin says the path he's on leads to nothing but destruction and pain. Penguin wants to leave, but he passes out.

Gordon holds the guy who tried to kill him out a window and Barnes has a fit. Baldly lectures Gordon on following the rules, while he believes they need to push the envelope. The hit man starts laughing saying his employer's protocol is if the first one fails keep sending men in until the target is dead as they see a bunch of men coming into the building on the security cameras. He says no one is making it out of there alive. Gee, wonder if Baldly survives if he'll have to get his third version of his strike force when they're all wiped out, once again.

Barnes calls for back-up as they prepare for the battle that's coming. Gunfire erupts. They manage to defeat them. Barnes wants them to leave, but Gordon wants to stay to find what could be hidden there. Barnes gets shot in the leg and his orders to leave are now moot, as he'll bleed to death if he tries to stand up.

Ed brings Penguin a gift. A man named Leonard who worked for Galavan. Ed tells Penguin that Galavan has been arrested. Penguin won't kill him. He says he's done and he's leaving Gotham, forever. Ed drags Leonard away.

The woman calls up a sadist now to go after Gordon next. The man likes to eat people. I'm calling him the Cannibal.

Gordon tries to take care of Barnes leg. Gordon finds a monk's robe. Gordon says both Babs and Lee say he has a monster inside of him. He says he almost crossed the line and killed Babs. Of course, Boring Barnes claims there is no line as he tells one of his boring preachy stories. Why couldn't Michael Chiklis had stayed on American Horror Story. He doesn't really fit in on this show. Barnes says he blew some kid's head off and that it haunted him for years until he made peace with it. He says there's no line, just the law that separates them from the animals.

Bruce pretends he agrees with Alfred about how he should stay away from the Galavans. Alfred says he sent the taxi away that he called and has his keys. He really is the most horrible liar. Nice to see an adult not being made a chump out of by some kid.

Penguin wakes up to music playing. It's a song Penguin was humming. Penguin says his mother used to sing that to him at night. Ed says that love is a weakness for both of them. Ed says Penguin's mother was his weakness and now he's a free man. It seems that finally gets through to Penguin and his grief for his mother. Too bad Ed couldn't bring that nasty Tabitha for Penguin to kill, instead. Now that I would love to see.

Gordon and Barnes back-up is slaughtered. The Cannibal says he's going to feed on his friend's first and then come after him. Gordon decides to go down and meet him. As he prepares to go into battle, Boring Lee calls him up, and he doesn't take her call.

The Cannibal has a chain and Gordon has his hard head, as he head butt's him. Gordon starts beating the crap out of him. Gordon puts a gun in the Cannibal's mouth but doesn't pull the trigger. He arrests him, instead.

Penguin and Ed singing. Penguin asks about Leonard. He takes Penguin to him. Penguin says a party isn't a party without entertainment.

Cat appears as Bruce tries to sneak out. Cat says she can prove Silver is bad news.

The Cannibal aka Flamingo takes a bite out of one of the officer's neck [it seems the only survivor from the siege at Galavan's place], killing her. Meanwhile Gordon goes back to Boring Lee. Don't worry, Mommy will make it all better. She tells him to tell her the truth, always. God, they're boring. Gordon gets a phone call. Gordon learns about Officer Park's death. Wonder if he thinks if he had blown the scum's head off the cop would still be alive.

Galavan's furious Tabitha sent hitmen after Gordon. He realizes it's because he hurt Babs. Galavan says if she threatens the plan, again, he'll cut her throat just like she did Penguin's mother. Meanwhile a bunch of monks in robes attack a cop. The plan to kill Bruce and retake Gotham is still a go.


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