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Gotham Season 1 Episode 4: Arkham -Review

Updated on October 14, 2014

Awesome episode. Just about every actor in this show is already spot on, which is a rare thing to have this early in a show. Lots of action, and sex, and violence, and corruption. Just what a show called "Gotham" should be. The main plot of this episode is a mob conflict over contracts for the Arkham area development. An assassin is hired to kill several politicians who will be voting on the measure. This brings Gordan and Bullock into it, after the first murder. There is also a few side plots continued from previous episodes: Cobblepot's ascension, Fish looking for a dancer/seducer girl to be some kind of assassin, stress in Jim and Barbara's relationship over lies they both tell, and Lil Bruce Wayne getting upset about his parents' plans for Arkham being pushed aside,and further losing hope that Gotham is savable. Every performance in this is amazing, and McKenzie's Jim Gordan is the cornerstone of the show, with each episode's performance feeling completely genuine, but the standout here is Cobblepot, as this is his biggest role in an episode, and is the first time he's more than just a homicidal sociopath, and we actually see his mastermind abilities that he is known for in other versions. The actor gives him a wonderful mix of creepy, manipulative, and charming at the same time. There is an appearance again by Nygma, who is a forensics expert for the police in the show. Really looking forward to see how they turn him into a criminal mastermind. This show already has several world class masterminds: Falcone, Fish, and Marone. All of whom are shown to be brilliant, ruthless, and charismatic. The actors playing them are one of my favorite things about the show. The show is based on the comic stories, but is not tied down by them, retelling the classic characters in new and different ways. I would enjoy it if it was following the comic exactly, but not knowing exactly how each person and storyline will develop is a treat. I watch each new episode just eager to see the next step for everyone in it.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

The assassin.
The assassin.
The plan for the new Arkham development.
The plan for the new Arkham development.

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Arkham's Gates
Arkham's Gates


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