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Gotham -- The Doll Maker

Updated on October 4, 2014

Who will save the children no one cares about?

No one was having a good time in tonight's episode. Well, no one but possibly Oswald, who was getting his psycho killer on. All I can say to people in the future is don't compare him to a penguin. Two punks give him a ride and they look like they're planning something nasty for him when one of them makes the mistake of saying he walks like a penguin, thinking who cute and clever they're being. That is until Pengy kills the one the insulted him. As for the other one, he's got him tied up and trying to hold him for ransom, unfortunately, his mother won't pay to get back the troublesome youth. She thinks he's pulling a scam on her. Fade to black as Pengy goes in for the kill on the surviving teen punk.

Bruce Wayne isn't having a good time of it, either. The kid's new hobby is burning himself. He doesn't just hold his hand over the candle flame, he sticks the palm of his hand right on the flame. Alfred [who is not the cuddly old dude from the old Batman TV series] shakes the crap out of him, then he calls Gordon in for back-up. Don't know if Gordon gets through to him, but Bruce donates money to clothe Gotham's homeless street youth.

Cat Woman or Cat as she's called isn't having a good time either. Two do-gooders named Patty and Doug from the Mayor's Outreach Program arrive to seemingly help the homeless Gotham youth, only their idea of helping them is to drug and kidnap them. Cat manages to escape getting into their clutches. This leads to Gordon having a bad day discovering his boss is just as corrupt as everyone else. She even knows he supposedly killed the Penguin and has no problem with it. When he discovers that the homeless youth of Gotham have been kidnapped nobody cares and he's told to just let it go.

Gordon's day gets worse when he tells Barbara about it and she calls the press and reports what's going on. This forces his boss to actually try to do something about the missing kids. And it forces Gordon and Harvey to go back to see Fish to see if she'll find out what happened. She tells them she doesn't give two you know whats about the missing kids.

Despite all this Gordon manages to find the kids and rescue them. Not that things get much better for the kids, as the Mayor decides to ship them all off to some institution. This time Cat gets caught in the loop and she's on the bus being shipped off. And so is Patty and Doug, who hijack the bus and finish the plans they started with for the kids.

Gordon manages to save the kids, again, and we never learn or see who Patty and Doug's boss called the Doll Maker is. From the name I thought he was going to make dolls out of the street kids. But apparently the kids were being killed and were going to be used for food. YUCK!

Cat, once again, finds herself in the position of being sent off to some institution, when she demands to see Gordon. She claims she knows who killed Bruce Wayne's parents. That she saw their face and if Gordon stops her from being sent off somewhere she'll tell him just who did the crime. Personally, I think she's lying as the guy who killed them was wearing a mask, but it's a good gambit to save herself from be sent away.

Fish also isn't having a good day. Falcone pays her a visit to teach her a lesson from trying to double cross him and make a power play against her. He has her new boy toy beaten in front of her. After he's gone, Fish says she wishes Pengy was still alive. That way she could really make him suffer before she killed him, because she feels he had too easy of a death. So Pengy better how the Fish doesn't discover he's still very much alive.

Montoya was still trying to find something on Gordon to make sure she ruins his day while she prances around like she's the only honest cop in Gotham, when she's just as corrupt as the rest. She's only on her crusade against Gordon, cause he's engaged to the object of her obsession and the sick twit things if she can destroy Gordon she'll get her Babs back.

I have to give kudos for the casting of Carol Kane as Pengy's mom. They even looked alike. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold. You can see a little of why the little worm is the way he is.

Meanwhile, Gordon is investigating the murder of the guy Pengy killed at the end of the last episode. So it seems he may soon discover that no good deed goes unpunished. Pengy seems to be harboring some grudge for Gordon, you know, sparing his miserable life and not blowing his brains out. You'd think he'd be grateful. After all, he's the one who went to that hag, Montoya, claiming Gordon framed an innocent man for the Wayne murders. So for Gordon to not kill him should elicit some kind of gratitude in the demented future super villain. Apparently not.

It'll be interesting how Gordon will feel when he discovers that by sparing Pengy's life he caused the deaths of several other people. We'll he suddenly change his view and start believing that the only way to deal with some of these villains is the Harvey way. Just put a freaking bullet in their heads so they can't harm anyone else? After all, if he'd just killed Pengy a lot of others would still be alive and that's totally on Gordon's head for sparing this little psycho's life.

Finally, just who is the Doll Maker? What sick pvillain is getting their jollies killing homeless kids and turning them into hamburger?


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