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Gotham -- The Season Two Finale

Updated on May 24, 2016

Who will make it out of Arkham alive...

As we go into the finale, Arkham is where all the action is. Strange has made a duplicate of Gordon via Basil aka the future Clayface. Fish has been resurrected with all her memory intact. Cat has gotten Bridget aka Firefly to accept her as her loyal servant so she won't kill her and is trying to burn her way out of Arkham. And Ed is tormenting an imprisoned Bruce and Fox. Meanwhile Alfred has enlisted Harvey to storm his way into Arkham to save Bruce, Fox and Gordon.

The police outside of Arkham waiting for the order to break down the gates. Harvey gives the orders to blow the gates down. Then Fake Gordon comes out saying it's okay and there's no problem at Arkham. The police stand-down and go away.

Peabody warns Strange that if one of his patients escape it could be disaster. Strange ignores her as he sets up the bomb to destroy Arkham.

Ed asks Bruce who runs Indian Hill and says he has one guess or he'll die.

Strange returns to Gordon. He injects Gordon with honest serum [we in the real world call it truth serum, although this honest serum also seems to have mind control abilities. Leave it to Strange] so he can know what Gordon knows. Strange tells Gordon he has to tell him the truth. Gordon tells Strange the plan he had with Harvey, which was neatly dealt with via Fake Gordon. Meanwhile Fake Gordon shows up at the GCPD acting really weird. Harvey should know that's not Gordon. Gordon doesn't smile.

Ed says it's correct that Wayne Enterprises runs Indian Hill. Then Ed asks who runs Wayne Enterprises. You know, it's kind of sad a little kid is so much smarter than Fox is.

Peabody orders Strange's creatures be drugged and moved to a bus that will take them to the upstate facility. Fish calls out to Peabody and Peabody and her get into it when Fish threatens her mother. Peabody says Fish is just a scientific experiment and she'd best not threaten her mother. Fish yells that Peabody is messing with the wrong woman. Fish vs. Peabody may be my favorite scene in the finale, so far.

Penguin, Butch and Barbara are together. She's giving Penguin decorating tips. Barbara and Butch don't like each other. It would have been nice seeing how Babs and Penguin hooked up together. Penguin hears about the possible raid on Arkham. Penguin says, “Hugo Strange, how interesting.”

Gordon says he loved his mother more and felt guilty about his father's death. Strange asks how he feels about losing his child, and he says guilty. Gordon says he still loves Lee and still wants to be with her. Strange orders Gordon to imagine Strange is God and that he absolves Gordon of all his guilt. Gordon says he feels good guilt-free. Then he asks what Gordon knows about his work at Indian Hill. He asks who owns Indian Hill and who controls everything in Gotham behind the scenes. He asks who controls Gotham. Gordon doesn't know the answer to any of those questions, which makes Strange happy. Strange says there's a secret council. Gordon says he should have gone after Leech and Strange says love is their guide. Then he tells Gordon he has a few hours left to live.

So the show isn't done with the boring sleep inducing Gordon and Leech who have no chemistry even though the actors are screwing off-camera. Oh, joy!

Ed asks who runs Wayne Enterprises and when Fox answers the board of directors, Ed says they're wrong and they win death by poison gas. It's actually a fake-out.

Bruce dreaming about everything that's happened since his parents were killed. He wakes up and finds himself with Fox and Gordon. Gordon tells Bruce he should have never made that oath to him to find his parents killers. Fox wants to know what kind of drugs they gave Gordon.

Ed offers Strange his services, and Strange says he'd be great if he wasn't insane. Then he locks him back up. Strange is told by the strange woman in the owl mask to kill them all after he assures her Gordon and Bruce know nothing.

Harvey still with Fake Gordon. Fake Gordon keeps eying the women. Alfred shows up asking where Bruce and Fox are. He says Gordon is weird. Harvey says he's acting weird cause he's got a touch of the flu. Really, Harvey, you believe that? I expected better from you. Cat comes in to see Bruce and company and tells him they're going to blow up Arkham.

The creatures continue to be evacuated. Peabody comes into Fish's cage. She plans to inject her with something and orders Fish give her her right arm. Fish uses her stuff on Peabody to control her mind. She tells Peabody if she lets her out of there, she'll be her friend.

So far, Fish has been the best part of the finale and the Gordon and Leech crap the worst and it's only half over. I'm also enjoying Ben McKenzie as Fake Gordon. God, him and those voices he puts on. But he's more entertaining as Fake Gordon.

Strange packing up his office. He goes down to the empty lab and is cornered by Peabody and Fish. Strange says Fish can control people through her skin, so she needs to touch them for it to work. Strange says he can't allow Fish to leave with the people on the bus. Strange says he'll kill her, first. Fish sends Peabody after him to stop him, but he knocks her out as he starts messing with the bomb to speed it up. Fish gets trapped inside and can't escape Indian Hill and can't get out.

Fake Gordon says Strange is clean, again. Harvey suggests sending the strike force back to Arkham. Barbara comes in wanting to know what's going on at Arkham and figures out he's not Gordon after talking to him about two seconds and punches him in the face and everyone is shocked to see what happens to his face. It's like punching a piece of clay. I'm laughing that it took Barbara about two seconds to realize the truth. I was hoping Harvey was just playing with Fake Gordon, but he actually bought the act. Wanna bet Barbara will get no credit for unmasking the Fake Gordon?

Firefly and Freeze go at it when Strange wants to kill Cat. Cat runs and lets Gordon and company out as the bomb announces that it's three minutes to detonation. Strange gets taken out in the fall-out between freeze and flames, as the bomb continues to tick down.

Harvey sends the forces to Arkham. Barbara calls Penguin to tip him off to what's going on at Arkham. He and Butch head there. Strange wakes up and reveals he planted a bomb. Strange says the chances of a radioactive cloud are a chance they have to take. Strange refuses to show them the way down, but Cat tells them that Ed knows the way down. When he hot wires the secret elevator for Gordon and Fox the gates begin to raise and Fish gets in the bus and begins driving it away with all of Strange's creations.

Gordon and Fox find the bomb and try to figure a way to defuse it. There's only a minute before it blows. Peabody wakes up in the room with the bomb wanting water. They pour water on the bomb and it defuses it before it can blow. Water? Really? Peabody is still asking for water. I wonder why she keeps saying she needs water. What exactly is wrong with her, anyway? Does it have something to do with Fish touching her?

Fish flies through the gates with a cop on her trail. Ed locked back in his cell. Strange taken into custody. Real Gordon tells Harvey that whatever was done in Indian Hills is loose. Gordon says that bus can't get away. But Fish manages to do just that.

Fish stops the bus when she sees police cars ahead of her. Then she engages in a game of chicken with a cop car. Meanwhile Butch is firing a machine gun at it not realizing Fish is on the bus. The bus crashes on top of the police car. Penguin thinks Strange is on the bus and tells him to come out. Fish comes up behind Penguin. She touches him and he passed out. Oh-oh, does that mean he's under her control now? Butch backs up and runs away when Fish winks at him.

Gordon says he has to go. He has to find Lee.Gag! Little does little Gordon know that he's leaving because Strange brainwashed him to.

Alfred says this ends Bruce's adventures with the police. But Bruce says there's a secret council that runs Gotham and wanted him dead. Gordon leaves, saying he has more important things to do than find monsters. Yes, he has to find his precious Leech. Here's hoping he doesn't come back and they're both off the show for good. To be honest, the show would be better without either of them on it boring it up with their no-chemistry relationship. Barbara and Fake Gordon had more chemistry than Leech and Gordon have ever had at the best of times.

A woman hears the people on the bus calling for help and then she backs away in horror as they begin escaping the bus. She watches as they all walk away into the night. One of them seems to be a long-haired clone of Bruce who thanks her for freeing them.

And that's it til next season.


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