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Gotham -- When Harvey Was Good

Updated on November 11, 2014

Once Upon A Time Harvey Was Jim Gordon

This episode was interesting in that it showed a little character history of Harvey and revealed the fact at one time he was a decent cop that cared about truth, justice and the American way. And he was partnered with his own version of his present day self who kept urging him to play the game the same way Harvey does to Gordon.

He was trying to track down a villain known as The Goat, who he took down. Fast forward to the present and The Goat is back, but how can that be when Harvey took the guy out. That mystery is really getting Harvey's goat.

Gordon is surprised when he and Harvey go to visit Harvey's old partner and he describes him as one of the good guys. That's so not the Harvey that Gordon knows. It's an interesting parallel between the two partners. Will Harvey lead Gordon down the garden path as he's been lead and corrupt him the way he was corrupted or is it possible that Gordon will be Harvey's salvation and bring back the good cop he once was?

Harvey and Gordon figure out that a janitor named Raymond is the current Goat. Ironically enough, it's Harvey that isn't satisfied with this answer and discovers a psychiatrist is programming her patients to kill for her.

Meanwhile Babs is back and she's trying to get Gordon to tell her what he's hiding. He finally caves and agrees to tell her everything, but he has to leave before he can spill his guts. And a very good thing to. In a scene later in the episode it shows why it's a very bad idea to tell her anything. Montoya can't wait to tell Babs she's finally got the good on Gordon to have him arrested for killing Penguin. She tries to broker a deal with Montoya to not arrest Gordon by blabbing everything Gordon tells her the minute he tells it to her. What about being told something in confidence doesn't this chick understand? She can't be trusted. She'll blab anything she's told. In short, Gordon needs to shed himself of this liability but fast.

Yeah, I know she's supposed to be Barbara Gordon's mother, but are we sure she really is the one Gordon marries and has a child with? I don't read Batman comics and the only source material I have to go on is the old Batman TV series. And to the best of my knowledge they never revealed the name of Barbara Gordon's mother. So maybe she isn't the one he married. I mean, it's kind of weird to name the daughter the same name as the mother. Wouldn't it be kind of confusing. Everytime Gordon uttered the name, "Barbara," both mother and daughter would say, "Yes?" Maybe Babs saves Gordon's life and dies and as a way to honor her for saving him he names his daughter Barbara after her. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Of course, Babs blabs to Gordon that Montoya is about to arrest him and she wants him to run away with her, but he refuses. He goes back to the station to face the music and tries to tell a smug Montoya that he didn't kill Penguin. Harvey thinks he's lying and is all trying to be a good partner to Gordon declaring they've made a big mistake. That's until Penguin comes hobbling into the police station to announce that the reports of his death are widely exaggerated. That's when Harvey has to be held back from pummeling Gordon and feeling he's a trader for not doing what he was told to do.

I really like the show. It's become my favorite show of all the old and new shows I watch this season. The only problem is it's on FOX and Batman fans keep whining because this isn't all about Batman and Bruce Wayne is only a side character not the main dish. Because of that, the show might not make it to season two.

Jim Gordon is an old school hero, which I'm enjoying. There's no anti-hero who we're all supposed to root for which has become the norm in TV these days. He may be the only decent and honest cop in Gotham. Most of them, even the not-so bad ones, have been corrupted by Gotham and the corrupt people who have gained power in the town. So it's refreshing that the main character of Gotham is a real genuine hero. And he doesn't have to don a cape or a mask to be a hero. He's just one man trying to fight to save his town. He may be the only genuinely good character in the entire show.

Unfortunately, he's not hooked up with a genuine heroine. His romance with Blabbing Babs is not one you can root for and wish you had a relationship like that. While she blathers on about how much she loves Jim, she can't be trusted. Gordon needs a love interest and romance worthy of him and Babs isn't that romance. They need to find him a real romance with a woman he can trust. Gordon has to fight and distrust most of Gotham but when he comes home he needs a woman that can provide a safe haven for him. Someone he can tell his troubles to and not have to fear she'll blab them to the first person she meets. In short, Babs needs to go and be traded in for a better model.

This episode also helped to endear Harvey to me a bit. He was once a decent cop, as most likely all the others were, and he's been corrupted by the town. So it'll be interesting to see where Harvey goes. Will he find his soul and integrity again or will he end up a body on the pavement. I kind of hope he can turn himself around and become the decent guy he once was.

Of course, the true star of the show has become Penguin. He started as this really nothing of a character and he's emerged as a major player. By comparison, Fish Mooney is kind of pathetic. With all her plots and schemes she hasn't accomplished what Penguin has all on his own. He also has an extremely weird relationship with his mother. Seeing them together you can understand why he came out so warped and twisted.


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