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Great Bianca Ryan Career News; New Christmas EP and TV Special

Updated on October 15, 2009

Bianca Working with Quincy Jones On New Album

Bianca Ryan, the winner on the first season of America's Got Talent, has a lot of new projects in the works. Since winning AGT, Bianca released one album that had only minimal success on the charts. That album was not likely to be a commercial successful, as it is difficult outside of Disney-made young teens to produce a successful album from a 12-year-old kid.

However, undoubtedly due to her immense talent, Bianca has managed to score a new Christmas EP and another Christmas TV special on TBN. While TBN obviously does not have a substantial number of viewers, precious few singers get their own TV special, so this is another great coup to keep Bianca in the limelight and allow her more experience on a national stage. And the fact that she is now working with Quincy Jones gives great hope to Bianca fans moving forward. Hopefully, this new round of projects will be the precursor to a successful recording career as she reaches her late teens.

One of the things that makes Bianca special is her versatility and adaptability. Unlike some young singers, I see signs that she is improving dramatically in all areas of her singing. Her recent version of "God Bless The Child" is absolutely beautiful in its tone and depth of vocal technique. Her vibrato is smoother now, and she is getting close to optimizing her volume control. And of course, her soft notes are still like drops of honey. The 11-year-old girl we saw on America's Got Talent was a raw singer with tremendous talent and natural soul but seemingly lacking in creative artistry. I say this as a huge fan. But now Bianca is learning guitar, writing songs, and developing a more refined singing style across different genres.

The magic of Bianca Ryan cannot be seen in one performance. When looking at just one performance, you might not be blown away. But when looking at all of her performances, the picture of an extremely versatile singer emerges. I believe Bianca, with a little more power and control, can be the next Christina Aguilera on a talent level. And Quincy Jones produced the biggest album of all time (Michael Jackson's "Thriller"), so she has the team around her to help develop her skills.

This is not the first time Bianca Ryan has scored a Christmas special on TBN. When she last appeared, her version of "O Holy Night" was particularly beautiful. The only thing this performance was lacking was the one glory note at the end to put the nail in every other version I've heard of this song.

In other words, a mix of well-placed power notes would make her even better, and I know she is learning this by watching her performance of "God Bless The Child." It will be interesting to see her new EP and TBN Christmas special this holiday season to see if she has progressed to new heights, which I know she is capable of reaching. In this world of autotuning, lip synching, and other affronts to real singing talent, Bianca Ryan deserves her place in the recording industry.


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    • profile image

      Michelle 7 years ago

      Wow! I'm so excited to learn that Bianca will be on TBN again! I watched her concert last year on TBN and can't wait to hear her this year! One thing.... Your information is mistaken about TBN's low viewership...TBN has millions of viewers worldwide and owns tons of high powered stations. I read somewhere that their founder was offered 1 billion and said "No". Anywhooo's thanks for the great post about our girls upcoming Christmas special on TBN...Can't wait! (FYI) For those of you that do not know about TBN, here is their link (I confirmed that they offer 24/7 live streaming so you can watch the concert online if you wish)


      Willows, CA

    • profile image

      Vocal Advocate 7 years ago

      Fan of Bianca since her 1st AGT performance - in fact she was the sole reason I gave that show a second look after initially dismissing it.

      Re: her O Holy Night, agreed she should follow tradition and really use that note on "di-VINE" to shine instead of the bluesy fall-off, assuming she did it on the show the same way she does it on the album. Doing it the way Celine Dion does it - i.e. hitting it big on the reprise gives a nod to both contemporary and more traditional stylings.