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Intriguing Tv Shows to Watch

Updated on January 15, 2020

TV shows are the things I like to occupy my life with. There have been some great ones released, especially this decade. Dramas, in which is intertwined some action and unforgettable characters. Here is my list of some of my favourites and the ones that have affected me the most in some way or other.

1.Game Of Thrones

I will be starting off with Game Of Thrones, which is definitely the one I needed some time to get into. It follows seven kingdoms as they try to overtake the throne. I had watched the first episode 3 times before finally deciding to go on with the series. It is definitely one of the best ones ever created. Such epic world-building. The characters, all of them had their own perks, flaws and things they were good at. There were a few disappointments, especially the end, but overall, it is a TV show that will be known for the years to come. From the smart and witty characters, such as Tyrion, to the powerful and ambitious ones, such as Daenerys, whom I unfortunately did not like that much. Jon, Arya, Sansa, Jaime, Cersei all so memorable characters, some lovable, some not so much. Overall, a very well-acted show with drama that will have you hooked and action scenes that will bring you to the edge of your seat.

2.Breaking Bad

Then comes one of the best TV shows ever made, if not the best one. It follows a chemistry professor, suffering from lung cancer, who then decides so start cooking meth, together with his student from previous years - Jesse Pinkman. I have already made a whole another post about what separates this show from all the other ones, which I would recommend for you to go and read. I pointed out some of my favourite things about this series and I'll just briefly explain it all over again. This show indeed has some of the best acting I've ever seen on TV. Aaron Paul as Jesse and Bryan Cranston as Walter White are truly the performances that will go down in history as some of the best ones ever. They are so raw, so real and so emotional. They are able to portray these roles so amazingly well. The writing - incredible, the pacing of the action and the scenes - incredible too. I'm sure you have probably already watched it since it is a show hard to miss, but if you have not, this is the one I would recommend the most. I have even managed to persuade some of my friends to watch it and they loved it.

3.Prison Break

This is the last one I finished so I do remember the most of this one. And I must say, I went in this series with such low expectations and I was so pleasantly surprised. My friend persuaded me to watch, although the premise to me did not sound that interesting. It follows two brothers, one of whom is accused of a murder he did not commit. He is sent to prison and the other brother will try to break him out. It was so thrilling to watch. The brother that was breaking him out was so, so intelligent, probably the most intelligent character I have ever seen on TV. Michael Scofield.. He was truly such an amazing character and my absolute favourite. It consists of 5 seasons, some of which are not that impressive as the others. For example, I personally prefer the first and second season over all the others. And there had been some buzz about a sixth season, although I think these speculations were shut down. This honestly has some of the absolute BEST action scenes that had me screaming at my screen, I was so on the edge of my seat, always expecting their next step. So many twists and turns that I had not expected at all. An amazing show for literally everyone who is in need of a good intriguing series to binge watch.

4.The Walking Dead

This was the one I did not expect to love this much. It follows a group of people as they try to survive during a zombie apocalypse. I'm only up to season two though, but I am hooked. The characters are mostly all lovable. So far, I like Rick the most, I guess. He is the leader I aspire to be. And I love how each episode ends on a really good cliff hanger, has me hooked and it is really hard to stop watching. I am nearing the end of the second season and I am excited to see what the next ones have to offer. I have heard that they are only going to get worse, which is unfortunate. And I am really not looking forward to seeing all of my favourite characters die, but I have a feeling that something like that will happen.


This is the one that I have not watched, but have heard from my brother that it is really good. It is definitely next on my list. I think it follows an FBI agent that will try to solve serial killers cases. And especially since the main actor is Jonathan Groff, who was in Hamilton, I am even more intrigued to watch it. I think that it will be good since I have heard nothing but great things about it. I think it will be creepy, but definitely great. If you have already seen it, I would appreciate it if you comment down below your opinion on this series.

Which one is the best?

Which one of these have you seen and is your favourite?

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Any other recommendations?

That was all for this post, I really hope you enjoyed it and had enjoyed all the TV shows enlisted above. If you have any other recommendations that you think I would enjoy based on these ones, then, make sure to comment them all down below. Thank you for reading. :)


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