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Great Suspense Movies that NEVER got the hype-part 3-Scream of the Wolf, 1974

Updated on September 22, 2014

Spirit, mortal or otherwise, this wolf is deadly!

A little piece of great werewolf history!

A Collectors' Item

Clint Walker and Peter Graves at their best.

Though this one will be harder to find than "Rise:Blood Hunter" and "Shriek if you know what I did last Friday the 13th", I think it is worth looking for! Try or garage sales this summer. Of course you can also try ebay, but watch out for the collectors on there. Scream of the Wolf stars Peter Graves, the forgotten Jo Ann Pflug, and Clint Walker. This was produced in '74, so you can expect to hear some out dated language and the clothing...well. LOL. However, the acting and storyline are outstanding.I think this was the best movie performance given by Graves. Peter and Clint play perfectly off of each other, in this suspenseful thriller. Is this a werewolf movie? This is a dark mystery that keeps you guessing and sweating the entire time! This cast and take you on a frightening trip into human nature and what may be lurking underneath it all.

The music and picture quality are not the best because being that it was made for T.V., this one had a low budget. I own and love it still, because of the suspense, drama, and the high quality of the actors. Clint Walker was a big intimidating force, but was he a match for the evil that stalked the hills of California?

This is a collector's item, so If you have a copy, save it.If not, buy a copy here and now. The resale will be great one day. You will thank me some day!


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