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Greatest 60's-70's Psychedelic Blues Rock- Stoner Rock Albums List

Updated on May 28, 2012

JPT Scare Band - Sleeping Sickness

Although forming in '73, JPT Scare Band did not release an album until 1994 despite recording numerous demos on a reel to reel. The albums were made up of basement recordings that were done in the early-mid 70's. JPT is still playing shows and releasing albums. "Acid Blues Is The White Man's Burden" released in 2010 is their newest-to-date. With many songs hitting around the 15 minute mark, if you are a fan of psychedelic jam rock or acid rock this is a must-have.

Songs to jam: "Sleeping Sickness", "Acid Acetate Excursion", "King Rat", and "Slow Sick Shuffle"

Writing On The Wall - The Power Of The Picts

Coming in from Edinburgh, Writing On The Wall. Forming in '68, the band originally performed as "The Jury" changing their name sometime later that year. The band eventually made the move to London and managed to record a BBC radio session for the legendary John Peel. The sound is a good, solid mix of psych rock and progressive rock. Eerie organ parts and a singer that sounds like an evil Cat Stevens, nothing can top that. Not to mention, the lyrics couldn't get anymore haunting. Oddly enough the band tried to record another album in '73 but gave up when their music equipment was stolen.

Songs to jam: " Lucifer Corpus", "It Came On A Sunday", and "Shadow Of Man"

High Tide - Sea Shanties

"Sea Shanties" is the debut from High Tide, being released in '69. It is noted for being one of the first hard rock albums to use a violin. The vocals are comparable to Jim Morrison and the guitar riffs are so good you'll debate on giving up playing entirely. This album is full of tempo and time changes, truly a must have for lovers of the proto-metal/prog rock genre.

Songs to jam: "Futilist's Lament", "Death Warmed Up", and "Walking Down Their Outlook"

Necromandus - Orexis Of Death

Yet another great album that went unreleased for over 25 years. Necromandus formed in '70 to be discovered by Tony Iommi of Sabbath fame 2 years later. The band has been cited as one of the pioneers of Doom Metal. Orexis Of Death was recorded in '73 with Iommi supervising the project. Ozzy was so impressed with the talent of the band that when he was recruiting for his "Blizzard of Ozz" project, he tried recruiting 3 of 4 Nercro band members. Sadly, Frank Hall the drummer, is the only surviving member.

Songs to jam: "Nightjar", "Stillborn Beauty", and "Orexis Of Death"

Elias Hulk - Unchained

Rare acid blues rock from the early 70's full of extended guitar breaks, howling vocals and driving bass lines. Forming in '69 out of the UK, Elias Hulk released this masterpiece in '70 and was not followed up until 2008 and also releasing a EP in 2012. The band has been recently speaking of a new full length album. This album is highly recommended for listeners of Leaf Hound.

Songs to jam: "Nightmare", "Anthology Of Dreams", and "Yesterdays Trip"

Blackwater Park - Dirt Box

Forming in the early 70's, Blackwater Park was a British-fronted, German prog rock/proto band. Known for combining genres like no other, unfortunately "Dirt Box" is the only release by the band, being released in '72. The guitars have the "everything on 10" sound to them, great vocals, and the Hammonds organ really pulls it all together. The album also contains a cover of The Beatles tune "For No One". All 70's Prog rock collectors need this album in their collection, if you're up for a good hunt that is.

Songs to jam: "Mental Blocks", "Ones Life", and "Roundabout"

Zior - Self Titled

Zior formed in '70 with members from Essex Five, Nightriders and Bums. They showed how great they were at mixing genres with this one. The albums 17 songs covers everything from Prog rock to psych all the way to folk. The band had an obvious obsession with black magic and the occult, showing it in their lyrics and live antics. Only releasing two albums, this being their debut, the album artwork was done by the same artist that did Black Sabbath's Self Titled album. Although only together for 2 years, they've achieved a high status among bands of the genre.

Songs to jam: "Your Life Will Burn", "Before My Eyes Go Blind", and "I Really Do"


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