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Greed, Violence and a Lack of Love are Destructive Forces

Updated on January 28, 2022
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Claudette Carter has spent more than twenty-five years as a minister and free home Bible study conductor. This community service is vital.

This video from YouTube discusses football and the Covid game plan.

Can New Rules Protect Football Players From Covid?

A vibrant discussion was given in answer to the question, should football be played during this pandemic? Sports anchors and news reporters continue to give their opinions consistently. Gayle King of CBS This Morning featured her response to College Covid Game Plan. The debate centered around #Big Ten Conference Drafts New Rules For Playing Safely. Gayle stated, “Just over a month from now the Big Ten will be ready for some footbal. The conference has reversed its decision to postpone its season until 2021 because of the Coronavirus pandemic. So the move by prominent schools like Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State all the biggies leave the pack twelve as the only big time conference that won’t play this fall. CBS This Morning Saturday co-host Dana Jacobson joins us now with more on this story. Dana good morning, good to see you. Why did the Big Ten change its mind?”

Dana answers by explaining, “Well Gayle they say that one of the biggest reasons is testing. The Big Ten is launching daily rapid testing for its players and coaches. Any player that test positive will have to sit out for 21 days and time is tight. The eight day game schedule that they play will be done in eight weeks but that does not make them eligible for the highly sought after college football playoffs. The return of Big Ten football comes with a host of testing and safety protocols. Changes that won over school presidents and chancellors like Dr. Robert Jones of the University of Illinois. “Most of us were really impressed with the work done to assuage two key concerns that we had and the rigorous testing protocol well really was a game changer in part for our decision. And the second part of it was greater clarity about how we would mitigate #Myocarditis.“

Without hesitating Dana Jacobson explained, “Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle that has appeared in some Covid patients including college athletes. If not found it can be fatal. The Big Ten mandates a cardiac evaluation but every player that test positive for the virus; those that are found have Myocarditis are out for the season. After weeks of calling on the conference to restart play President Trump took credit for its return...Politics aside there are also questions about the financial motivations of bringing Big Ten Football back.“

During Jacobson’s report she spoke with Brett McMurphy who revealed, “Wisconsin, Iowa and other programs have estimated that they would lose up to a hundred million dollars without football in the fall.” Dana continued by explaining, “Brett McMurphy is a College Football Reporter with the Stadium Network.“ He expressed, “Obviously cynics are gonna say they are doing this for the money. Yeah, money is important also but basically the presidents and chancellors had to get to a point where they are comfortable healthwise to move forward.“ Dana once again responded, “Even with the rigorous testing the risk of infection remains. There have been at least 12,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 at fourteen Big Ten Universities over the last several weeks. With students on the same campuses being asked to go into lockdown, about a dozen college football conferences due to cases on some teams.”

This news report by Dana also revealed that some football players have already been infected. With sadness she expressed “Coach Ed Orgeron of LSU the defending National Champions said most of the players have already been infected with the virus. He sat down with #60 Minutes for an interview airing Sunday. Coach Orgeron said, “I’ve seen them get sick. It will last a couple of days and come back. They have their ten day quarantine but l ask them how sick were you? And they will say, ‘You know l had a little cough.’ So l think the young players when they do get sick get over it quick.“ Jacobson spoke with a medical professional that explained, “Even with testing and protocols a doctor that we spoke with said, ‘lt’s important to remember the long term impact of the Coronavirus. Now on the heels of the Big Ten announcement there is word about the PAC 12 which Gayle mentioned. They already had rapid testing now it appears that final hurdle to get back to practice. Just yesterday that happened. And if college basketball is more your thing Tony there is now a start date for the new season. November 25th the day before Thanksgiving. Tony agreed that basketball was more his thing. The report ended with laughter from Gayle, Tony and Anthony.

Why Is There So Much Trouble In the World Today?

Greed, sex, and violence are abundant. The decline in morals are everywhere. Illicit sex, on television, has become the norm. #Greed has become so prevalent that our financial institutions continue to decline daily. #Violence, surrounds us daily to the point that guaranteed safety is nonexistent. John Walsh, of the television series In Pursuit, spoke on Good Morning America. He acknowledged that "2018 was a bad year for America: 144 cops were killed, 307 mass murders. It use to be 3 people or more, now it is 4 people are more. Thirty-three thousand gun deaths in four cities Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Detriot. We are the richest most powerful country on the planet and the most violent."

George Stephanopolous of Good Morning America said, “We return now to the new developments in this #Amy Cooper case. She’s the New York woman now facing charges for calling police on a birdwatcher in Central Park sparked accusations and outrage over racism. A new twist, the birdwatcher Christian Cooper is chosing not to cooperate with prosecutors saying, ’Amy Cooper has been punished enough.‘“

Janai Norman a news correspondent of GMA explained,“Video of their encouter in Central Park quickly went viral and Amy Cooper was judged in the court of public opinion. Now that the DA have filed charges, the man Cooper who the woman called the police on doesn’t want to be involved. Amy Cooper‘s video was shown where she called the police and said, ‘There is an African American man. I am in Central Park. He is recording me and threatening myself and my dog. I’m being threatened in the Ramble area. Please send the cops immediately.‘ Janai went on to express, This morning the latest on this on camera confrontation that made headlines back in May. Chris Cooper exclaimed, ‘Please call the cops! Please call the cops!‘ Amy screamed,‘I’m gonna tell them there is an African American man threatening my life.” Chris responded, ‘Please tell them whatever you like.‘ Chris Cooper an avid birdwatcher was in Central Park when he came across Amy Cooper with her dog unleashed against park rules. Chris went on to explain, ‘l said to the young woman dogs in the Ramble have to remain on the leash at all times.‘ But he claims she refused and made the 911 call. The video has been reviewed nearly forty million times. Now officials are charging Amy Cooper with filing a false police report but the case has hit a snag. Chris Cooper the victim, is not cooperating with the Manhattan District Attorney saying, ‘Amy has already paid a steep price. Including losing her job. Adding that if the DA feels the need to pursue charges he should pursue charges but he can do that without me.’ Cooper spoke about the incident on The View and said that he accepted her apology. Chris also explained, ‘Everything else that happened to her, you know I just, l’m uncomfortable with defining someone by a couple of seconds with what they’ve done. You know it was a stressful situation. She had a moment of very poor judgment. No excusing that it was a racist act but should that define her entire life? I don’t know, only she can tell us if that defines her entire life by what she did.’” What Chris Cooper did proves that we can learn to forgive each other no matter what the circumstances may be.

Greed has caused scams to increase tremendously. Social media is one of the main sources utilized for scams today. On the television series Good Morning America a poll was featured that, “Americans lost 770 million to scammers on social media last year. Social media scams are reaching new heights.”

Greed Caused Opioid and E-cigarette Addiction

One family that practiced and applied greed was accused of creating the opioid drug crisis c. John Dickerson of CBS This Morning news explained, "The powerful family being blamed for the deadliest drug crisis in American history. Opioid overdoses kill an average of 130 Americans a day. A lawsuit accuses eight members of the family behind Purdue Pharma through deceptive sales." Investigative reporting was done by news correspondent Tony Dokoupil who revealed the destructive forces of greed behind an opioid lawsuit where "Eight members of the Sackler family caused more of the opioid epidemic through deceptive sales campaign of oxycontin."

During the interview, Christopher Glazek expressed how "They were all very avid businessmen. They were all hell-bent on becoming super rich." A marketing strategy was implemented so the Sadler family could sell as much oxycontin as possible. Glazek went on to explain, "It turned them into one of the 20th richest families in the United States according to Forbes with a multi-billion dollar fortune but a very low profile. A Sackler wing at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art where last year dozens of protesters tossed pill bottles calling it a 'temple of greed.' This is much bigger than the Sacklers now. American institutions are in so deep with the Sacklers profiting off the opioid epidemic there's going to have to be a reckoning."

Another disturbing story that demonstrated pure greed was discussed on CBS Morning by Nora O'Donnell where she stated, "A major new effort to discourage children and teenagers from using e-cigarettes. The American Academy of Pediatrics calls for new federal regulations including selling a medium age of 21 to buy the products. Banning online sales and youth-targeted marketing and stopping production of certain flavored e-cigarettes. The AAP said, 'The increasing use of e-cigarettes among youth threatens 5 decades of public health gains. . ."

The effects of greed on our youth through the #e-cigarette abuse was also addressed during an interview on this television series. The question was asked if the use of e-cigarettes has caused an epidemic? Dr.Tara Narula stated, "The Surgeon General said that in fact, it is. It is affecting 3.6 million youths. In fact, they are the ones that are users. About 20% of high school students and we know it is not just the harm of the e-cigarettes but it is the fact that it is the gateway to traditional cigarette use. Let's start with nicotine itself we nicotine is extremely addictive whether you use it once or twice or a couple of weeks, you can become addicted. The amount of nicotine that kids are getting from these e-cigarettes may be much more than what they would get from traditional cigarettes. In fact, one of these pods has as much nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes."

The aggressive sales of e-cigarettes due to greed has so many negative effects based on Dr. Narula's report. She went on to reveal that "Nicotine has cardiovascular side effects and it affects the adolescent brain. The brain does not develop until the age of 25 and nicotine has the potential to change learning, memory and impulse control. It also can affect mood disorders and prime the brain for risk of addiction to substances. Parents should be talking to their kids and helping them to see this is a health problem." Once again the desire for more money becomes more important than the health and life of our young people.

A Lack of Love Among Mankind

Disapproval ratings are high against political rulers. More than eight hundred thousand government employees were out of work and without pay for more than thirty days. Bad weather conditions and violent storms shredded homes like paper. Unyielding wildfires burnt through Texas, causing death and destruction. Vicious dictators fled, after a rebellion of citizens in their countries. Constant threats of terrorist attacks loom daily in our lives. Threats of a recession and high unemployment, leave millions in a frenzy. Six-year-old girls are dressed like movie characters who played prostitutes. We are living in a world that can only be controlled by wicked forces that manipulate man daily or is it mankind that causes all these problems? Let's consider the answers carefully.

With all these problems in the world, we must ask ourselves, why is there so much trouble in the world today? Yes, Satan and his demonic forces do cause a lot of the wickedness in the world today. It is also necessary to expose another answer, where we must look within ourselves to find the answers. Are we more selfish and greedy than ever? When you consider these questions, we must carefully contemplate that there still is good, in the majority of mankind. Humans continue to express love toward each other and the animals. Many demonstrate genuine concern for their neighbors which is commendable.

Today, we must carefully consider the word neighbor, who is our #neighbor that we should show love for? Is it just the individuals across the street or beside you? Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary described the word neighbor as, "one living or located near another: Fellowman: being immediately adjoining or relatively near." In each definition, there is a description of the location or of persons, whether they are our friend or enemy. Your neighbor can be your spouse or any family member that dwell with you as well. The most important point is, are we, good neighbors? Do we exercise loving kindness toward others? If we are generous and kind toward all people, there would not be such things as greed, violence, #selfishness and destructive measures toward our beautiful earth.

When violent storms, floods or wildfires did occur, were we there for our neighbors? During these stressful times, did we show loving-kindness toward our neighbors that were in need? Once again, these questions can only be answered by us individually.

Does the good within people, outweigh the bad? Do we imitate the violence and sexual exploits we see on television or in the movies? Do they have a negative influence on our lives? If we allowed this to happen, there would be no application of Matthew 19:19 where Jesus commanded, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." The Holy Bible Revised Standard Version Once again, individual decisions are vital. Simply put, there is so much trouble in the world today because some people do not fully understand or apply love for their neighbor. Jesus knew if we applied this command, greed, violence, sexual exploitation and a lack of loving kindness would not exist. May we all pray for that kingdom to come which Jesus taught, Christians about while he was here on earth. This is the solution, where all neighbors will manifest complete love and kindness toward each other. Imagine learning more about this world in the future where so many problems that mankind experiences now such as violence, sexual exploits and hatred will no longer exist. For more information on this type of world that will exist in the future go to,

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Destructive forces such as violence and hatred will not cause any harm to families in the future based on the Bible at Revelation 21:3,4 We should always show love toward each other as our neighbor whether we are young or older.Within the relationship of husband and wife, our neighbor is our loving mate whom we should love and respect. True love can eliminate such destructive forces as violence and abusive relationships.
Destructive forces such as violence and hatred will not cause any harm to families in the future based on the Bible at Revelation 21:3,4
Destructive forces such as violence and hatred will not cause any harm to families in the future based on the Bible at Revelation 21:3,4
We should always show love toward each other as our neighbor whether we are young or older.
We should always show love toward each other as our neighbor whether we are young or older.
Within the relationship of husband and wife, our neighbor is our loving mate whom we should love and respect.
Within the relationship of husband and wife, our neighbor is our loving mate whom we should love and respect.
True love can eliminate such destructive forces as violence and abusive relationships.
True love can eliminate such destructive forces as violence and abusive relationships.

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