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Green Lantern Movie Review

Updated on October 25, 2012

The Lantern that Failed to Lit

I am neither a geek, nor have I ever seen any episode or read any comic book of Green Lantern, so I will keep out the emotions of the people who are "geeks" or have done the stuff mentioned above and leave out my smart comments about how the story didn't live upto any good. I am just another movie watcher who HATES to miss out on ANY superhero movies though and will review it will with a nonchalance of a person who sees movies to enjoy.

When you are making a movie about a superhero in an era when movies like The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Thor are made, you must understand that you are no longer competing with Spiderman that came a few years back or the earlier Batman franchise for that matter. The bar has been raised and people now know how to see quality even in a superhero movie other than merely the special effects. It is no longer allowed to believe everything that a superhero does to be justifiable and fair. This movie fails to understand this and fails in epic proportions because of the same. If you were watching it in nineties, perhaps you would have loved it. But not anymore. The kids might love it though. Or even are they smart now?


Hal Jordon is born to a fighter pilot Jake Jordon(Mike Doyle), who dies in a test plane crash when Hal is a kid. Hal's passion for flying sustains though and he ends up being in same profession. Jake's fellow associates Carl Ferris(Jay Sanders) and Hammond(Tim Robbins) each have an offspring namely Carol(Blake Lively), who is another pilot and Hector(Peter Sarsgaard) who is a smart fellow who is more of a thinker than doer(as is mentioned throughout the film).

In some other galaxy meanwhile, there exists an association named Green Lantern Corps who hold responsibility of protecting the universe from malicious forces. One of their enemies and perhaps the greatest is The Parallax who was very powerful and was with great difficulty managed to capture by one fellow Green Lantern named as Abin Sur. The Green Lanterns derive their power from Willpower while The Parallax derives it from Fear. Parallax eventually becomes strong enough to break his captivity and once freed sets on a mission to destroy Oa, the home planet of the Corps. He first encounters Abin Sur and fatally wounds him. While dying, Abin Sur makes his ring choose his successor which of course chooses our fearless Hal Jordon.

Soon after, Hector Hammond gets affected by the traces of Parallax present in Abin Sur's body while he is analyzing his first known life form from outer planet. Then it is so hard to guess what will happen next. Well, still I will tell. Hector turns evil and tries to kill Green Lantern. Then later The Parallax comes to earth and tries to kill Green Lantern. Meanwhile, our babe Carol always manages to be present in all situations. Thank God, atleast she gets a break while Green Lantern undergoes his TEN minutes training on planet Oa which helps him save the UNIVERSE eventually. But of course it all makes sense.

I am going to carry on about how I hated the movie..

Now why were Hal's mother and siblings even shown? And since they were, why were they so unimportant! Am I going too far?? OK!! Then what big part did Hector play in the entire story except looking ugly??(I know he is the connecting dot between Hal and Parallax. But still.) He dies so stupidly after all(Oh right! That was a big spoiler!). Well, next question to figure after you have seen the movie. Why is Carol so confused about whether or not she likes an awesome superhero who can fly out of earth and create things out of his willpower? And how can a girl smart enough to be a pilot can't figure a thing out like this one?(I highly appreciate the sentimental value of women, but come on, this is really not dumb.for a girl who is not even seeing anyone else.)

Coming back to not such a poetic ignominy, the movie fails to achieve the grandness that is required when you are showing a villain who is going out to capture the universe. Again the way he dies? Really? And also a fifteen minute practice on creating objects out of thin air does not make you capable enough to defeat a monster so made in hell who cannot be defeated by the greatest of warriors in the universe. At least throw in some emotional stuff to justify such a victory.

I have made it clear that I hated the movie, so I will try and speak a couple of good lines too. The visuals are not that bad, but nothing groundbreaking stuff there too. Ryan plays well thnough he has little to play. He had a better role in Wolverine movie than this though with lesser screen time. Blake looks lovely. They all do. And Tom(Taiki Waititi), who plays Hal's best friend has better ten dialogues than whole of the movie put together. That's about it.


If you don't have an OCD like me when it comes to superhero movies, don't watch it unless you don't mind watching it for the sake of it. To give it some poetic justice, the movie in itself is not so bad and neither is the acting and all other stuff. But it simply seems mediocre after watching other superhero movies that are now being made. It was bound to be a commercial hit owing to the big fan following of the character but so much more could have been done. It can be called a good pop-corn flick which goes back to old school superheroes which should be watched on screens. It might also be called a good entertainer for kids who just enjoy to see their superheroes finally personified. Rest said, hope they make the sequel much much better.

P.S.: I hate the part where people are dumb enough to stand on streets looking at something creepy and still finding no shelter and then running and dying when it attacks. Its been what? In fifty movies now?

P.P.S.(Spoiler) A missile is not enough to distract a monster fit in shape for universe.

Green Lantern movie trailer


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    • explore the world profile image

      explore the world 5 years ago from Pune, India

      Thank you. And I agree that the Batman franchise thanks to the Mighty Christopher Nolan has changed the way the world looks at superhero movies.

    • BeyondGS profile image

      BeyondGS 5 years ago from Ohio

      Good points I agree. I thought there was a much bigger potential than what was given. I also wished they signed a no-name actor for Hal instead of Ryan Reynolds. He should have been the Flash to me, so he seemed out of place. Oh well at least they didn't do this to Batman, I would've been very upset if that happened. Good hub!

    • Richard Perazzo profile image

      Richard Perazzo 5 years ago from Shirley, NY

      Although I didn't hate this film, I didn't like it much either. It's entertaining, but it doesn't stand up to any of the other superhero films like you have said. There are some illogical, and silly aspects to it that make it much weaker. Great review.