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Greg Pattillo's Beatboxing Flute

Updated on April 6, 2013

Greg Patillo: The flute has never been so cool!

Greg Pattillo amazes street audiences young and old with his beatboxing flute.  His music is more then you've heard from any flute before.  With just a flute in hand, he plays song you know in a way you have never heard. Beatboxing has become very popular recently, but to be good at it, WHILE playing the flute is extraordinary.  As in everything, I am sure others will copy his methods and do so quite successfully, but remember...Greg Pattillo has single-handedly expanded the potential of a flutist. He has single handedly made the flute cool again.

Greg Patillo Plays the Beatboxing Flute - Beatboxing on the Flute

Beatboxing flute player Greg Pattillo starts out by throwing down a dope version of the Sesame Street theme all around NYC:

Greg Patillo and Friends

Greg Patillo play his flute alongside other musicians on the cello, oboe, tuba, ...

Super Mario Bros.

Winter in June

Winter in June
Winter in June

A dynamic ensemble defining a new music genre by combining classical, jazz, and popular music. Winter in June is the much anticipated debut album by PROJECT, featuring beatbox flute player Greg Pattillo, bass player Peter Seymour, and cellist Eric Stephenson. Defying all genres, Winter in June showcases the versatility of PROJECT. With twelve original compositions from classical to jazz, hip-hop to experimental acoustic sounds, Winter in June is an album that will keep you captivated through all 14 tracks! Built on a reputation of playing diverse music in concert halls, chamber series, vaudeville clubs, rowdy bars and street performing, Winter in June is a culmination of styles and sounds, breathtaking in scope and vision. PROJECT's Winter in June is an experience not to be missed.

1 Fables of Faubus

2 The Moon Over the Ruined Castle

3 Sweet Pea

4 Waltz

5 Interlude: 2nd Happiest Song in the World

6 Winter in June

7 My House

8 Interlude: Tribal

9 Semuta

10 Random Roads Suite: the Puzzle

11 Random Roads Suite: Adagio

12 Random Roads Suite: Devine

13 Random Roads Suite: Pelea De Gallo

14 Interlude: Slidy


Fables of Faubus by Charles Mingus - by Charles Mingus

This is on the cd Winter in June by Project.

How to Beatbox On the Flute - A lesson with Greg Pattillo

Greg Patillo with MC Dapper D

Greg Patillo Fan Guestbook

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    • profile image

      nifwlseirff 5 years ago

      Greg is amazingly skilled, both as a flautist and beatboxer - the combination works incredibly well!

    • profile image

      yachtauthority 7 years ago

      I wish I knew how to play the flute!! This video should be on it's a community for beatboxers

    • RhondaAlbom profile image

      Rhonda Albom 8 years ago from New Zealand

      wow, he is amazing. I have no idea how he multi tasks like that. And what fun childhood songs he chooses!

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA


    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Oh My Gosh! I've never seen anything as fantastic as this. You are a freaking genius, Greg! Is that a Gemeinhardt Flute you're playing?? You ROCK!

    • profile image

      Rock_The_Ice 9 years ago

      Hey kab! Thanks for joining the group. I'm going to feature this lens. It's a great lens and I just think Greg Pattillo is immense.

    • Lewister profile image

      Susan 9 years ago from Texas

      Dang!! Just discovered this guy. Should have known you would have gotten here before me! Great job showcasing him!!

    • profile image

      Bells 9 years ago

      See him live in Kansas City MO this August at the National Flute Convention!

    • profile image

      Lily Link 10 years ago

      I played the flute throughout middle and high school. But, I've definately never heard it played like this. Thanks for joining SquidTunes.

    • profile image

      tdove 10 years ago

      Love it! 5 Stars!

    • MacPharlain profile image

      MacPharlain 10 years ago

      Amazing stuff. Love the "Muppet Wars".

    • profile image

      ocarinaman 10 years ago

      I first saw Greg on youtube and was amazed. Actually my son was so impressed that he had to show me.