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Grey's Anatomy -- A Wedding, A Divorce And A Death

Updated on January 12, 2013

We picked up where the fall finale left off. Bailey was trying desperately to save Adele's life, while Ben was waiting for her to show up to get married. And Callie gave Ben some food for thought when she suggested Bailey decided to be a runaway bride. And Owen and Cristina gave into their feelings, but was it really a new beginning or the end?

Owen and Cristina didn't get time to bask in the afterglow as a group of injured motorcyclists were rushed into the ER. The wisdom of one of the bikers talking to Owen about being trapped in the box helped him to decide what he should do about his marriage to Cristina. He told her they should have never gotten married and that they were trapped in a box, so he signed the divorce papers to set them free and Cristina also signed. What this means for them is anyone's guess. Is it truly over for them or will they have a second chance unencumbered by marriage.

Arizona began to get a little concerned about her own marriage to Callie when she heard Callie say she suggested Bailey run for the hills instead of getting married. Arizona seemed to be worried that Callie was having regrets marrying her and wanted to run for the border, herself. Arizona decided to rent a room so she and Callie could have a romantic night of sex, but at the last moment she couldn't go through it. Still, it seemed to have brought them closer together.

Karev and Hobo Jo [as Karev calls Intern Jo] swapped hard luck sob stories. She even taught him the art of crying to get what you want. They even conned their way into someone's hotel room. Didn't find it funny and find her the most annoying of all the new interns.

Richard got into it with the man who is the head of the facility Adele was in for not knowing something was wrong with Adele before she started spewing blood. He calls him on telling him not to visit Adela; however, the man defends himself saying he told Richard to visit less NOT stop visiting Adele completely. You know Richard has to feel a great deal of guilt because he's been having an affair with Catherine Avery. Although, I can't say the head of the facility impressed me since he allowed Adele and the fellow Alzheimer's patient she believed she was in love with to have sex.

It's a sad moment before Adele is rushed to surgery and she actually remembers Richard. Meredith joins Bailey in trying to save Adele's life as Richard watches the surgery and even gives them a tip in how to stop her bleeding.

Ben comes to the hospital to see why Bailey didn't show up at the wedding. She admits to him that for awhile she forgot all about him and can't guarantee it won't happen again. She says that's what helped to ruin her other marriage. Ben says that he gets that about her and wants to know if a few moments together here and there will be enough for her and if she loves him and wants to marry him. She does and they do as Bailey dons her wedding gown and marries Ben.

Richard shows up at the wedding and lets Bailey think Adele is fine, but he reveals to Meredith that Adele had a heart attack and died. As he watches Bailey and Ben dance he imagines he and Adele dancing at their wedding. I didn't think I'd cry at Adele's death considering what they'd done to the Adele and Richard relationship, but I did.

Meredith went and visited Derek afterwards and asks him if she gets Alzheimer's to not put her in a care facility and he promises.

Finally, Jackson seems to have put April behind him, as he and Edwards [I think her name is] have car sex. It's terrible, but these interns are so forgettable I can barely remember their names.

Unlike Once Upon A Time, Grey's Anatomy served up a great return episode after the Christmas break.


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