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Grey's Anatomy -- Callie Gets Sued

Updated on November 15, 2013

A retconned version of Callie and Arizona before the cheating

This episode is primarily a Callie and Callie/Arizona episode about what happened when she operated on an athlete named Travis, which ended up with him becoming an amputee. As a result, he's now suing Callie for malpractice.

The incident is shown through flashbacks. Travis was a former heart patient of Cristina's and she recommended Callie for the surgery. Travis wanted Callie to perform some new procedure he'd heard of that she'd never done. As it turned out Callie was sent a warning not to use the hip replacement procedure as it had caused infections in patients. Only she never got the letter until the verdict came in because it fell behind something in her apartment. Since Callie had left a sponge in the patient when she closed because he was having problems with his heart, it was assumed the sponge is what caused the infection that turned Travis' legs black and forced them to be amputated.

Callie advised the hospital to settle with Travis since what happened with their suit against the hospital last year wouldn't bankrupt the hospital and put it in danger of having to be closed down.

Meredith is with Callie when she finds the letter warning against doing the procedure because of the risk of infection and tells Callie to throw it away. That it won't have any affect on the verdict, as Callie didn't know about the letter or what it said until now. Which Callie does before going into court to hear the verdict, which is not guilty.

On the freaking fairytale front of this episode is this fantasy that's spun about how happy Callie and Arizona are. That Arizona wanted to have another baby. That Arizona got pregnant and had a miscarriage. So that's basically the latest excuse for her cheating. I guess Shonda realized no one was really buying the non-existent post traumatic stress disorder she was claiming was the cause. It didn't help that she didn't write Arizona as if she had post traumatic stress. A little hard to buy it when you don't write it and just say that's what the character is suffering from. Some people might not read your interview declaring that, then what are they to think?

I hate when shows pull stuff like this to try and claim this is what you didn't see happen. The Vampire Diaries did it with claiming Damon had met Elena first and it didn't fit in with the pilot episode and what we saw. Anymore than this fits in to what we saw. Not once did we see the bubbly Arizona in the flashbacks during the time line this was supposed to happen. I was pretty much rolling my eyes during a lot of these scenes.

I also thought the way Arizona was constantly distracting Callie was pretty insensitive. It made me wonder how much she had her head in the game with Arizona always having to have a chat with her. Didn't the same thing happen when Callie was performing surgery on Derek's hand? She had to order the amputation on Arizona's leg. And that surgery didn't go well, either, although things worked out in the end for Derek. As a doctor, shouldn't Arizona know she should wait until after Callie performs her surgery to tell her she had a miscarriage? She couldn't wait until they were home that night? It was like, "I had a miscarriage, now go do your surgery."

Callie's daddy came to town to support his little girl in her time of need and was pretty harsh about Arizona's lack of support. That's when Callie told him she threw Arizona out for cheating and everything changed. Daddy basically told his little girl to take Arizona back because he's a cheater, too, and her mother forgave him, so she should do the same. Which is exactly what Callie did, not knowing Arizona's latest screw bunny, Leah, was naked in her bed.

After Callie left asking Arizona to think about coming home, she basically threw her screw bunny out. The one I'm actually feeling sorry for in this situation in Murphy. Arizona has treated her like crap pulling her strings. First she doesn't want her, then she does, now Callie wants her she can get lost. The least sympathetic in this entire mess is the cheater, Arizona, who seems about to get a free pass.

I really hate how Arizona's cheating has been handled from start to finish. First she blamed it on her leg, when Callie had no real choice. It was either let her die or take her leg. Then Shonda Rimes claimed Arizona cheated because she had post traumatic stress disorder where there was no evidence on the show that she does. Then Arizona acted like cheating on Callie was no big deal and she couldn't understand why Callie was upset by it. Now we've got another excuse for her, she was upset over having a miscarriage and that's why she did it. Can't blame poor Arizona who lost a baby for seeking comfort in another's arms cause Callie wasn't giving her the support she needed. Bad Callie went ahead with her surgery instead of walking out on her patient and comforting poor Arizona.

And Callie has suffered more from the betrayal than the cheater has. She's already involved with some body new, who she is also treating like crap. They even have Callie's own father putting the stamp of approval on Arizona's cheating saying because he cheated to and her mother forgave him it's her duty to forgive Arizona, as well, because they're married. Yeah, maybe Arizona should have thought of that before she cheated.

Anyway, now that Arizona thinks she has a shot at getting Callie back, she basically treats Leah like she has no feelings at all and coldly tells her to get out. Of course, if things don't work out let's see how long it is before she scratching at Leah's door again.

Bottom line, Arizona basically disregards anyone's feelings but her own, and yet she's getting all the free passes and excuses for her actions. It just plain sucks.


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