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Grey's Anatomy -- Decision Time

Updated on May 12, 2012

Will they stay or will they go?

Now that the residents have passed their boards, minus April, it's time to decide what they do next.

Speaking of April, things are going from bad to worse for her. Not only have all the hospitals who offered for her jobs rescinded their offers, but Owen even has to tell her she won't be offered a continued job at Seattle Grace, next year. Jackson seems to be genuinely into her, but when he tries to comfort her, she rebuffs his advances saying she doesn't need his pity. Okay, funniest comment I read about this character this week by an onliner was this, "I like the character, as much as you can like a character like this." Talk about wrapping a compliment in an insult. But I know what this person meant. The way she tends to rattle on she can be annoying.

The drama surrounding Arizona's friend Nick continued. Callie and Teddy wanted to operate on him and Callie told Arizona to get over herself and to convince him to do it. However, once they opened him up they found the cancer was in his heart and they closed him up without doing anything. They was just nothing they could do for him and Arizona had to tell him afterwards.

There was also a very gross case about this man who had a worm inside of him that I really tried not to pay too much attention to because it just grossed me out. I swear, Shonda Rhimes picks out the most tabloidy medical cases to feature on the show for pure shock value. This was something out of that Animal Planet show, The Monster Inside Me. It's shows like that that made me stop watching Animal Planet. Anyway, the doctors are able to remove the worm.

Meredith and Derek are having a huge disagreement over her plans for the future. She wants to stay at Seattle Grace and Derek wants them to go. Meredith seems to be basing her decisions on being close enough to still see Cristina. It's a very shocking moment for Meredith when Cristina tells her she's no longer her person; Owen is. Meredith, ultimately, decides to go to Boston.

After her shocking declaration to Meredith that Owen is now her person, it seems like Cristina plans to stay and work things out with Owen. Especially when Cristina crawls in bed with Owen and they make love. But it turns out that was just her saying goodbye to Owen, because when they've finished she tells Owen she's leaving.

Owen's having problems in other areas, as well. Richard is coaching Alex how to play Owen in negotiations between Seattle Grace and John Hopkins. Owen also admits to Teddy what happened between him and Cristina; he slept with another woman.

Alex ultimately decides to take the offer from John Hopkins and when Arizona finds out she's furious with him. She won't let him go along with the other residents. The residents and doctors are taking a flight to Boise to separate conjoined twins Going on the trip are: Arizona, Lexie, Mark, Derek, Meredith and Cristina.

Speaking of Mark, he still doesn't know what he should do about his little triangle situation. Should he get back together with Lexie despite all the problems they had in the past and with no guarantees it's going to work this time or should he commit himself to Julia, a relationship that is working.

By the end of the episode, however, all bets are off. The plane the doctors were on has crashed. Plane wreckage is scattered all over the place. And the question for next week's finale is who survived?

From the promo Cristina and Meredith have survived and so has Mark. Lexie seems to be pinned under the plane and there's no sign of Derek and Arizona. According to Cristina, Derek got sucked out of the plane.

Shonda Rhimes has said someone will die in this episode. With the news of whose contracts have been renewed it's actually eliminated the list of possibly casualties down to two characters: Lexie and Arizona.

While Shonda Rhimes can be cruel when it comes to the couples and not allow them to enjoy any happiness for any degree of time, since Mark and Lexie haven't gotten back together, yet, I don't think it's going to be Lexie. Meaning it's going to be Arizona.

I think it'll be Arizona for story purposes. I think the plane crash will make Mark's decision clear almost losing Lexie and they'll get back together. However, Mark will need to be there for Callie and their daughter, as Callie deals with Arizona's death. This is a similar situation to what broke-up Mark and Lexie to begin with. She couldn't handle Mark's relationship with his daughter and wanting to raise his grandchild. So will history repeat itself and will she bail on Mark when things get messy, again?

Anyway, I can't believe the finale is already coming up next week. It's been a wild year. It looked like it would be the end of Derek and Meredith at the start of the season. But they dealt with their problems in a healthy way and made it through the storm. Cristina and Owen haven't been that lucky. They swept their problems under the carpet and it blew up in their face. Richard had to have Adele put in a care facility and then he had to let her go when she became convinced she was in love with a fellow Alzheimer's patient. Since then, Richard has begun a sexual relationship with Jackson's mother, Catherine. But I'm still waiting for Adele to come back, remembering Richard is her husband. She's not going to stay in a state permanently where she believes she loves this fellow patient and she's going to remember Richard. And when that happens Richard's going to have a mess on his hands. Teddy lost Henry and seems to be on the other side of her grief. April failed the boards and lost her virginity to Jackson.

Anyway, we'll find out next week how the aftermath of the plane crash still changes things more as we leave Seattle Grace and all it's denizens for the summer.


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    • luisj305 profile image

      luisj305 5 years ago from Florida

      Ahh...the long wait time in between our favorite shows..I hate it! lol