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Grey's Anatomy -- Did The Wrong Intern Get Cut?

Updated on May 12, 2014

The Unkindest Cut of All

I know that the actors who play Leah and Ross won't be back next year, but for some reason I thought it would be Ben as the intern that was fired. Especially since the actor who plays Ben is on another show. I just thought it would be someone shocking and who we wouldn't suspect. Of course, in a way, that's what it was, even though ultimately it wasn't when you considered who wasn't coming back.

All the interns were still jittery about who was going to be cut. Ben thought it could be him, but he was quickly distracted with personal problems regards to what Bailey did, as was Edwards. That left the other three interns. Jo was sucking up to April because she's Jackson's wife and she figured by sucking up to April she wouldn't be the one to get canned. Ah, if only. Ross was looking after a baby whose intestines exploded like something out of Alien. Meanwhile, Leah was belching in unison with her constantly farting patient, but she came up with a clever way to treat the woman so she could have a normal life, which made you think it wouldn't be Leah. Only it was. She once again nearly made a mistake in surgery and Webber had to tell her she was not a surgeon and fire her. But he got her a position with a researcher friend so she can figure out her next step.

In regards to Jo, Callie gets so sick of her April butt-kissing she calls her out on it. In the melee it comes out that April's pregnant, which upsets Callie because she found out she can't have anymore child because of the car accident she had when she was pregnant. She tells Arizona later, who offers to carry the baby, but Callie no longer wants to have a baby and says they should continue working on their relationship, instead. Seems like Callie wanted to carry a baby more than she wanted to have one. Now that she can't she no longer seems interested in having another baby.

Bailey decides it's time to fess up to giving Bubble Boy her experimental treatment since Bubble Boy is about to be released from the hospital. If she thought the parents would be happy, she's dead wrong. They want her blood, medical license, as well as her doing jail time for it. Edwards steps up to the plate and takes the blame for Bailey by claiming Bailey never knew Bubble Boy's mom rescinded her consent for the treatment and even though the doctors know it's a lie, they go along with it. Bubble Boy's mom gets the dad to back-off of his need for revenge, even though it save his kid's life, and Edwards just receives a light tap on the wrist and Bailey's eternal gratitude.

Karev comes sniffing around the hospital and actually steals a patient from Arizona. He even stoops to blackmailing Ross to help him do it. She may have been cool about him leaving, but she doesn't think it's kosher from him to poach her patients. He says things aren't going well at the new practice and he needs patients.

Amelia decides she wants to remain in Seattle and break-up with her future husband. She says he helped her through a rough patch and now she's through it she no longer needs or wants him. Derek, who seems to be family-phobic and wants to live separately from them, is fine with it. That's because the President wants him to relocate to Washington and Derek wants him and Meredith to leave Seattle and move to Washington. I mean, it's not like Meredith would have to leave Cristina behind, as Cristina is leaving, as well.

Speaking of Cristina, Owen asks her to find a replacement for the Head of Cardiology who quit when he learned he'd be sabotaged from winning a Harper-Avery if he works at the hospital. Cristina doesn't like any of the candidates and Meredith suggests that's Owen's secret plan to get her to stay and she thinks he's going to offer her the job instead.

When it looks like Owen is going to do just that Cristina stops him and he reveals that he thought of it, but knows she needs to go. That she can't be all she can be working at the hospital. Then he kisses her passionately and asks her to be with him until it's time for her to go.

For some reason I think Owen is going to die in the finale. The show brought Burke back so Cristina could have closure with him. He made up for cutting her out of sharing the credit for what earned him a Harper-Avery by giving her his hospital so she could be all she can be. Now for Cristina to move on she needs to have closure with Owen. That they're continuing their relationship up til the end when there's no way it can ever work between them because they want two different things out of life. Which makes me think something will happen to Owen and he'll die with Cristina at his side, giving them closure on their relationship, as well.

Since something needs to keep Meredith in Seattle, if Owen does die, maybe she'll be offered the Chief of Surgery position and it'll be an offer she can't and won't refuse. Bailey might have been a shoo-in for the position if it was free, but she's been a total mental case all season. Karev has moved on to a private practice. Cristina is going to head her own hospital. So that kind of just leaves Meredith.

I guess time will tell just what goes down in the finale and how it leads into what the show will be next season.


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