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Grey's Anatomy -- Is It Really The End Of Callie And Arizona?

Updated on October 26, 2014

The end of the road?

Okay, I have to admit for me this whole crisis between Callie and Arizona seemed to come out of nowhere. Much like Callie's obsessive desire to have another baby, which seems to have been the beginning. I mean, Sofia isn't really that old, so it's not like she was suffering from empty nest syndrome. So the whole thing wasn't very believable. Much like Arizona's pregnancy and miscarriage that supposedly happened off-camera which was supposed to be her excuse for cheating on Callie.

Anyway, because Arizona missed a meeting with a potential surrogate mother aka a womb for rent, Callie became convinced that Arizona didn't want another child and never did. So this led them to go into couples therapy with a not very good therapist.

During one of the therapy sessions, Arizona revealed she was still sucking on sour grapes over the fact Callie hooked up with Mark when she took off for Africa and got knocked up with Sofia. Then Callie declared that Arizona was a Bitter Betty over the fact that Callie is bisexual and that she's attracted to both men and women. The way they kept hammering you over the head about Callie being bisexual made me think Callie's going to screw a guy and get knocked up even though doctor's said she couldn't get pregnant. I'm guessing it's going to be Owen, who Callie actually has better chemistry with than Arizona. I'd rather seem Owen with Callie than that annoying Amelia as a lot have predicted will be his new Cristina.

Anyway, the not very good shrink suggests they do a 30 day separation while living under the same roof. Usually a separation means living in separate abodes and not seeing each other. They end up screwing each other before the 30 days are up and having to restart the clock on the thirty days. Generally, you'd think the screwing would be a good thing, but in this case it didn't seem to solve anything.

To be honest, to me it came off as Callie trying to sabotage Arizona. She had to study up for a big surgery procedure with her boss and instead spent the night screwing Callie. As a result she wasn't ready to perform the surgical procedure and her boss knew it and warned her she was giving Arizona one last chance or she was replacing her with someone completely committed to learning what she's trying to teach.

This wasn't addressed in the therapy session as Callie being manipulative and trying to sabotage Arizona. Although Arizona tried to claim Callie always had to have everything her way, which I don't really think is the truth. However, in this instance Callie saw Arizona's fellowship to be the thing causing them to not have another kid, so if she messes it up for Arizona she could subconsciously feel Arizona will drop the thing that's standing in the way of what Callie wants.

Before the sexing, Callie also got angry when Arizona blew-off the night she was supposed to take care of Sofia, claiming she had to study. Then Callie walks into the kitchen and see Arizona and April having some girl's night in the kitchen and Arizona not studying. So that could have played a little into Callie wanting to get a little of her own back by purposely seducing Arizona. This incident led Callie to accuse Arizona of never really wanting Sofia.

Then Arizona gets upset and jealous because Callie has a girls night out, herself, and she worries Callie is off screwing someone else. Callie was really off getting drunk with Meredith. During their drunken night out, Meredith pondered the thought if perhaps Cristina was the real love of her life since she got her and Derek isn't. What was so ironic about this is I saw a post on the IMDB Grey's Anatomy message board suggesting just that and it was like Shonda saw it too and was shooting down the Twisted Sisters fangirl by what Callie said next. Callie asked Meredith if she wanted Cristina's vagina and Meredith said no and Callie said that proved Cristina wasn't the love of her life.

When Callie learned Arizona had been jealous of her night out with Meredith in made her feel pumped. When she expressed her delight to the bad therapist, the bad therapist declared that wasn't healthy. And Callie could have really cared a flying fig what the therapist thought about that.

Meanwhile Alex is having some problems with Arizona not letting go of her practice and trying to micromanage his treatment of patients. Because he did a procedure the way she wanted, things go wrong and the father of the baby blasts both Arizona and Alex. Alex in turn blasts Arizona to butt out and let him do his job the way he knows it should be done. Once Arizona leaves Alex alone he manages to turn things around for his patient and gain the respect of the parents who were angry at him.

The thirty days were finally up and Callie and Arizona met in bad shrink's office. It starts off with Arizona going on with how Callie will never let her speak and the shrink makes Callie shut up. Then Arizona gives this nice speech about wanting to re-commit to Callie. To be honest, it felt like she was choosing Callie because everything in her professional life was a complete mess and she felt this was the only thing working.

When it was Callie's turn to speak, she shocked Arizona by declaring she didn't want to do this anymore. That when she was away from Arizona she had a good time and could be herself. Which kind of made my day.

To be honest, I thought Callie only took Arizona back after she cheated because her mother took her father back when he cheated. From that moment on nothing in this relationship has seemed very believable. It should have been the end of Callie and Arizona when Arizona cheated and acted like it was no biggie.

So will this break-up stick? God I hope so, but since Callie and Arizona have always been Shonda's post girls for how now she was being by doing a same sex relationship, I got a bad feeling it won't.


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