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Grey's Anatomy -- Mixed Signals

Updated on October 26, 2013

And saying things that can't be unsaid

The major case of mixed signals was Arizona. She apparently spent another evening with Leah and this time tongues were involved. From that, Leah believed they were now a couple and she spent most of the day braying about it.That was until Arizona told her it didn't mean anything and they weren't a couple.

Leah actually took it well and took all the blame for assuming things. So what does Arizona do when she's in bed and feeling all lonely? Why she texts Leah, which will start it up all over again. If she really doesn't want a relationship with Leah, she needs to stop sending her all these mixed signals. This is the second time this has happened. The first time was when she blacked out and was afraid she'd had sex with Leah.

Speaking of Leah, I was glad someone asked her the $64,000 question. "So, you're into girls now?" When some shows want a female character to go gay they act like there was always signs there and try to act like she never liked being with boys. So it was nice someone didn't just let that pass by with Leah. She claimed sexuality is fluid. What happened to you're born who you are?

One couple not giving out mixed signals to Cristina and Ross was the man and wife who came into the ER. The man twisted his ankle but he had a condition that could kill him. Thanks to Ross, Cristina thought she had great news for them as she figured out a way to treat his condition and save his life. Neither she and Ross would take at face value that the couple didn't find this to be good news. They'd spent all their money and gone into debt to have one last spree before he died and the wife could cash in on the life insurance to pay off their debts. And they only agree to the the operation since it's so risky and he could die on the operating table.

The thing about signals, you need to take them at face value. This couple was upfront and honest that they'd accepted the husband was going to die and for him to not die was going to cause them a lot of problems. It was Cristina and Ross who wouldn't accept what they were saying and thinking they were doing them a great favor by saving the man's life.

Speaking of Cristina she had a hard time accepting that her actions have consequences. She wasn't thrilled that Owen was dating his new girlfriend, Emma. And she couldn't believe he didn't tell Emma about her. She went to cry on Meredith's shoulder, but Meredith was still stung by the things Cristina had said to her the week before. So she gave Cristina a little truth in return. Cristina doesn't want to be with people who aren't just like her.

Meanwhile, Meredith was trying to decide on a research project to do. Richard gave her her mother's notebook for a project she was working on. Meredith hasn't wanted to have anything to do with him since he said what he said to her. He seems to be another one who doesn't understand what you say can't be unsaid. In the end Meredith decided to do her mother's project but with a twist so she could make it her own.

Meanwhile Derek was working on a research project with Callie. Callie wanted to bail because she started it for Arizona, but she eventually decided to keep with it. Derek also decided he wanted to devote himself to it. When he went home to Meredith he told her he had the solution to their issues of time management and the kids. He's going to drop doing surgery. He says since this is her first year she needs to shine and make a name for herself, and he can pursue a project he's really into. It's a win-win situation. In short, Derek earned the title McDreamy Husband.

Finally, Jo was worried that Alex might be cheating on her since he's been ignoring her and giving her the cold shoulder. Turns out he's hanging out in the bar his father plays at. He even joins him for a set. When he starts talking about his son, Alex assumes he's talking about him. As it turns out the man has a young son he's also deserted. In typical Alex fashion he reacts violently and punches him in the face. The punch may finally have jogged the man's memory and made him realize who Alex is from the way he was looking at him afterwards.

When Alex finally tells Jo what he's been up to, he blames her for him stalking his father.

In other news, Derek asked Ross to take care of a red coffee mug for him. The way he was acting about it, I thought maybe it might have been Brooks mug. He had a fit when Edwards dropped it and broke it. He quickly re-glued it. Meredith took it home, recognizing it as her own, and put it in the cupboard with three other matching mugs of the same size and color.

With Brooks gone, Derek decided to make Ross his new protege, but Ross told him he didn't want to be on his service. Derek thought it was because he felt slighted because he picked Brooks over him before. In short, Derek misread the signals Ross was putting out, as well.

I actually think Ross wants to be on Cristina's service. He likes the way she keeps calling him a shark and I think she makes him feel less guilty over his part in Brooks death.

Jere Burns and Annie Potts were hilarious as the couple who didn't want the husband to be saved. They added a lightness to the episode. You couldn't help but laugh at their reaction to the fact that the man was going to live. You'd think they just head he was going to die. It was nice having a little lightness in the episode for a change.


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