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Grey's Anatomy -- Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Updated on October 29, 2011

Talk about a false advertisement

I was worried about Cristina before this episode aired. From the promo it seemed that Teddy was going to end Cristina's medical career. When the episode actually aired, it wasn't nothing like it. I really hate when a network pulls a false advertisement like that.

Seattle Grace-Mercy West is having a ball game against a rival hospital. For fans of the Mark and Lexie pairing, they got some hope for their couple. Lexie became very jealous when she saw Mark kissing his new girlfriend, who works for the rival hospital. This doesn't go unnoticed by Jackson. And Lexie can hardly deny she's jealous when she's pitching for her team and purposely hits Mark's new girlfriend

The big Teddy/Cristina scene isn't about Teddy ending all of Cristina's dreams as the promo suggested, but telling Cristina she's taught her everything she can and it's now time for Cristina to leave the nest and fly on her own. She tells Cristina to make a dream list of all the surgeries she wants to do.

The twisted sisters, Meredith and Cristina spend the ball game getting drunk in the outfield. Meredith gets pickled enough to tell Bailey to get over it. Richard has to intervene and tells Meredith it's time for her to get back to where she really belongs.

Karev is still trying to make it up to Meredith for ratting her out, and he tries to pressure the judge in charge of Zola's case to schedule a hearing so Meredith and Derek can get her back. It's appears to work. It was a gutsy move, and one that could have very easily backfired.

Anyone who watches this show knows Shondra Rimes doesn't do happy, so is anyone else a bit nervous about how happy Teddy is with Scott Foley [can't recall his character's name]. Makes me wonder if he's going to be roadkill.

I'm also wondering if now that ABC cancelled Charlie's Angel if the blonde doctor Karev was interested in will come back to the show? The actress left to be a member of Charlie's Angels.

All-in-all it was a pretty good episode. It had some good comedic moments. I laughed my head off when everyone was reacting to Lexie hitting Mark's new girlfriend in the boob with a baseball. True story, I was playing baseball when I was a kid and the pitcher kept saying I should give up because I could hit the ball. It got me angry and when I finally hit the ball, I managed to hit three balls. The baseball and the two between the pitcher's legs.


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