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Grey's Anatomy -- The Brand Sponsor

Updated on February 25, 2013

Original Airing: February 7, 2013

Alex and Jackson were competing for the coveted role of Brand Ambassador. As part of the competition, two photographers are following them around taking pictures of them with their patients, looking for photo opportunities. On a personal front, Alex is denying anything of a romantic nature is going on between him and Hobo Jo. However, Wilson and Edwards get into a grudge match trying to prove which one of their men is more deserving of the title, Brand Ambassador.

While Cahill is trying to find a pretty-faced doctor to be the hospital’s poster boy, she’s also got the doctors using hand-held computers to use to save time while they’re treating patients. Let’s just say Meredith is not computer friendly as every time she uses one she ends up deleting a patient’s file. Callie is still adamantly against Pegasus Horizons taking over the hospital and when she speaks her mind, Bailey digs her about her big pay-out from the hospital causing all this. Richard, however, suggests he and Callie go undercover at another Pegasus Horizon’s hospital to see what the future holds for Seattle Grace.

Posing as a man with chest pains and his wife, they have one of the doctor’s see Richard. While nothing is particularly wrong with how the hospital operates, it operates as more of a business with doctors only allowed to spend 15 minutes with a patient. And when they talk to that hospital’s Brand Ambassador, he reveals since Pegasus Horizon’s took over, he’s no longer able to do research like he used to. He makes it clear to Callie that all the innovations in surgery she’s discovered will be a thing of the past, because that’s not what Pegasus Horizons is about. He then asks if they have any jobs available at Seattle Grace, making it clear he’d like to find another hospital to work at where he could do what he used to do before becoming the poster boy for the hospital.

The visit ends with Richard telling Callie she can still fight the fight, but he thinks he might take an early retirement opposed to working for Pegasus Horizons. Callie’s idea to continue to fight the fight is to gather all the people from the lawsuit together and suggest they pool their money a buy the hospital.

Meanwhile, April goes out on a call with her paramedic boyfriend, Matthew. When the patient she’s attending needs treatment and the nearest ER is all filled up, she calls Jackson asking him if she can bring the patient to their closed ER, because the next closest ER is so far away the patient will die before he makes it there. Jackson agrees, and one-by-one most of the residents and doctors team up to gather supplies to treat the boy, while Derek tries to distract Cahill so she won’t find out. Ultimately, she does and she’s not a happy camper.

Both Jackson and Alex decide they don’t want to be a Brand Ambassador for a hospital that thinks saving a patient’s life is doing something wrong.


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