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Grey's Anatomy -- The Truth Hurts

Updated on October 18, 2013

Cristina gives Meredith a reality check

Probably the big moment of this episode was Meredith getting treated to some very harsh and brutal Cristina Yang honesty. It may have even been the moment of the entire series.

It all started when Meredith stole a surgery that Bailey was supposed to do with Cristina. Meredith was really excited she and Cristina would be operating on a patient together, but Cristina was not that much. She tried to hide the fact she was less than enthusiastic and wanted Meredith to read up on the procedure she was going to do. At the same time she was trying to play some elaborate princess tea party for Zola so she won't feel she's isn't just as loved now that Bailey has come along.

Because of the surgery, Meredith can't make it and she calls on Callie to fill in for her. But Callie is in surgery and no can do. Then Meredith gets a call that Zola got hurt and she tries to call Derek to take care of Zola, but he's also busy in surgery. So she has to do it herself. While she's gone, Cristina's patient takes a turn for the worst and Cristina asks Bailey to take her place.

When Meredith finds out she pissed Cristina didn't wait, but Cristina fires back that Meredith wasn't even prepared to do this surgery, while Bailey was. That's when Cristina really lowers the boom on Meredith and slaps her in the face with some harsh reality. When Meredith declares she's just as good a surgeon as Cristina, Cristina says no she isn't.

Cristina tries to be gentle with Meredith but there's really no gentle way to say what needs to be said. Cristina explains that there is nothing wrong with the choices Meredith has made and she respects them, but they took her off the same path Cristina is on. Now Cristina is at a higher level than Meredith is.

Cristina tries to explain that both Callie and Bailey know their limits. They know when they can be doctors and when it's time to be a mother. Needless to say Meredith doesn't take this well and when she gets home she takes it out on Derek and blames him for not being able to do her surgery and Zola didn't get her princess tea party.

I thought what Cristina said needed to be said. Meredith is going around living in this fantasy world where she thinks she can be this super surgeon and perfect mother and it's just not possible. If she continues to try she's going to be a lousy mother and a lousy surgeon. .She needed to be told this and Cristina was a good enough friend to tell her the truth.

I also thought what Cristina said also explained her own refusal to be a mother. She understood, unlike Meredith, that making that choice would stop her from being the surgeon she wants to be. So for any people out there still hoping Cristina might change her mind and have a baby for Owen it's never going to happen. She's made her choice and sacrificed a happy life with the love of her life so she can be the best surgeon she can possibly be. She won't anything distract her from that goal, including Owen. She knows that the choice she made insures that she'll die alone just like her doctor friend did in Minnesota but she believes it's all worth it to be the best surgeon she can be.

In other stories, Alex's drama with his father was still going on. He wanted nothing to do with the man and Jo couldn't accept that. She even tried to force the man to go into rehab. He ended up walking out of the hospital without even recognizing his own son as he left.

Arizona was freaking out because Leah was acting so friendly towards her. She had a total blackout of what happened the night before. She worried she also had sex with Leah. Leah explains they had a good time just as friends. But the way Leah was kind of all flirty with Arizona it makes you wonder if Leah likes women instead of men.

Stephanie was all nervous about meeting Jackson's mother and as it turned out she had reason to be. She walked in on Jackson and Stephanie as they were having a quickie in the hospital. Then Stephanie had to call Catherine in to help with a case where a man stuck his wee-wee into a beehive and not it was all bitten and swollen up so much a catheter couldn't be put in. Because of that the man's bladder bursts and surgery has to be performed and Catherine blames Stephanie for that happening. Stephanie finally decides to beard the lioness in her den and Catherine seems to reluctantly accept Stephanie as the woman in her son's life.

Meanwhile Callie is affected by the sister of a patient she has. Seems all her life the girl has been used as spare parts for her sister. She wasn't even allowed to learn to ride a bike. Her parents only had her to save her sister's life. Callie encouraged her to just say no when her sister now needed one of her kidney's because of her reckless behavior and it looked like she might, but she ultimately stayed in the trap of being Spare Parts Girl.

Talking to the girl made Callie realize she needed to take her own life back. She booted Arizona out of her apartment and moved out of Derek and Meredith's place. Then she stripped down to her undies and danced around her apartment in a ritual of reclaiming her life and getting back to who she used to be.

Richard's recovery isn't going as fast as it could and Catherine wants to take him home with her. Richard's no longer refusing treatment like he was before. Now the problem is the interns that are afraid to personally examine him to find out what's wrong with him. Richard makes Leah bite the bulled and give him a proper exam and she diagnoses what's currently wrong with him. It seems Richard will have to teach all the interns to treat him like any other patient if he wants to get well and get his life back.


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