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Grunge Rock Reviews for the Guitar Player

Updated on December 9, 2011

Grunge Rock Reviews

I have picked some of my favorites from the Grunge Rock genre that I feel has a lot to offer aspiring guitar and bass players. Some of these songs are in a drop-D tuning which means that you tune the sixth string down to D making a D chord with the top three open strings.

Tablature is available for free all you have to do is google the song and include "free tablature" in your search.

Learn and forget the riffs and you will still be adding techniques to your playing.

Good luck with your musical endeavors.

Nirvana Nevermind

Nirvana hit the scene big with this album. Heavily distorted guitars easy chord changes and some great lyrics makes this a recording full of musical knowledge.

Smells Like Teen Spirit: The groundbreaking single for the band. A four chord simple song for the beginning guitarist.

Come As You Are: Great riff and one you will enjoy playing. This is a pretty easy song as well.

Lithium: Another easy song but some great chord progressions.

Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit

Pearl Jam Ten

This was the debut album for the band Pearl Jam. The album went platinum thirteen times. One of the greatest albums ever recorded in my opinion.

Even Flow:  The main riff of the song is hypnotic.  Great Lyrics

Alive: Another great riff this one is pretty easy.

Jeremy:  A great song filled with lots of hooks.  Great bass lines as well.

Pearl Jam Even Flow

Soundgarden BadMotorfinger

This is the band's third album and the recording that broke through into the mainstream. Kim Thayil one of the band's guitarist makes tremendous use of the wahwah pedal on this recording. This album is full of driving riffs and arty solos. Lots of knowledge on the album.

Rusty Cage:  There are some great guitar hooks on this track.

Jesus Christ Pose: The main riff in this song is very catchy.

Outshined:  My favorite track on this album and also the most plaued song on the radio from this album.

Soundgarden Rusty Cage

Temple Of The Dog

Temple Of The Dog was thought of by Soundgarden's lead singer Chris Cornell to pay tribute to his friend Andrew Wood. Andrew was lead singer for Mother Love Bone a Seattle band that had various members join bands like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Andrew died of a heroin overdose the day Chris Cornell returned from a tour. Joined by memgers of Pearl Jam as well as other artists this album is full of quality music and techniques.

Reach Down:  This is a great track not very well known but quality just the same.

Hunger Strike:  Eddie Vedder from Pearl jam and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden provide the vocals on this well known song.

Say Hello 2 Heaven:  This song is a tribute to Andrew Wood,  who is also the inspiration for the entire album.

Temple of the Dog Reach Down


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