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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 The Return of Thanos (Fan Script)

Updated on June 12, 2019

The scene opens similar to the 1986 The Transformers Movie. A planet is being approached by Galactus. Ships can be seen fleeing the planet. A white streak of light can be seen hovering around Galactus and his ship. Multiple messages are sent out warning others of Galactus in the area.

Inside the ship Milano, Nebula is talking with Gamora. Gamora is going to one of Thanos’s old base. Making sure no one else to obtain the knowledge he had of the Infinity Stones or any other info Thanos may have. During their conversation Nebula and the others receive word that Galactus is destroying a planet.

They ended their talk as the crew heads to the planet. At a safe distance there are many other ships nearby. In a morbid kind of way, they come to watch the planet to be eaten. Some are there to collect something, if anything, after Galactus has finished eating. A Ravenger ship’s captain comments that it was Galactus who killed the Celestial that became Knowhere.

Thor starts telling stories about his grandfather and father’s dealings with Galactus. On how it took all of Asgard and other races to just nudge Galactus away from many worlds, including Earth. Admitting that with all of his god-like powers, he was nothing more than a flee to Galactus. They all stare. Powerless to do anything.

A few battleships approach and decided to engage in battle. The white ball of light flew through one of the ships so fast and at multiple times that it simply fell to pieces before blowing up on its own. A blast came from this light that obliterated all the remaining ships. Thor feeling he needed to do something and decides to go out and confront this entity.

Everyone on board tried to stop him but Starlord wished him luck. Because he still felt threatened by Thor’s manliness. As Thor approached the white light, he could see it looked human in shape. They looked each one over as Thor asked him, “Why do you do this?” They converse for a while until this entity called Thor an Asgard.

Asked how he knows this, the entity says his master knows everything. And what his Master knows, he knows. Then threatens Thor if he chooses to interfere with Galactus. Thor, looking for a battle, begins to fight. Everyone watches the battle as word gets out that it is Thor who is battling the herald of Galactus. All the while a planet is slowly being eaten by Galactus.

It’s an even stalemate but the Herald has a bigger upper hand in the battle. At one point the Guardians can see the Herald is riding a surfboard. This leads Starlord to coin the name, Silver Surfer. The battle ends as Galactus summons the Silver Surfer to find more worlds for him to consume.

On the Sovereign home world, Ayesha watches as Adams birthing pod opens up. He steps out glowing in a radiant light. As servants get near him, he unconsciously destroys them. He is screaming and babbling about many things. Saying he can since everything around him. About being one with the Universe and understanding it. Ayesha thinks she may have made a mistake in creating Adam but is surprised when Adam knows her thoughts. Adam calms down and allows the Sovereign personnel to examine him.

They discover Adam is the most evolved being that has ever been created. Ayesha is joined by the High Evolutionary who helped to create Adam. Amazed by Adam’s abilities, the High Evolutionary leaves with his payment and a request to be kept up to date with Adam’s growth.

Once Adam is dressed Ayesha orders him to go destroy the Guardians. A little reluctant but he is programed to follow her orders. He leaves with a Sovereign crew. As word has reached them of Thor facing off against the herald of Galactus. They also learn he is with the Guardians on Xandar.

Thor is treated like a celebrity. Even the Nova Corp wants a picture with him. With no way to really track Galactus or his herald, all the planets have adopted different programs. To evacuate the planet and to take in refugees of worlds that was destroyed by Galactus. As evident a few Skrull people can be seen enjoying life on Xandar.

On an old and dead world, Gamora enters an abandoned building. Once inside security equipment comes to life as a glowing ball of light approaches Gamora and scans her. Instantly it recognizes who she is and the defenses shut down. She informs the computer system of Thanos’s death. At which point a video message begins to play.

It is a video of Thanos. Explaining his actions on killing half of the Universe’s population. Plus many discoveries and observations he has also made over the years. Most notably in regards to; Abraxas, Annihilus and countless other beings. But the one that catches her eyes is Galactus. She watches a video file relating to Galactus.

Thanos admired Galactus but in wanting to keep a balance in life, he saw Galactus as only a destroyer of all life. He claimed to have built a devise that could destroy Galactus. Gamora searches the database and cannot find the blueprints or devise. The computer system informs her the device was kept at an undisclosed location. Gamora discovers the base with the blueprints was destroyed when Ironman snapped Thanos and others out of existence.

On Xandar the Guardians are getting drunk and having a great time. Without warning Adam attacks them. Thor and Adam square off. But Adam tries to get around him in order to get to Starlord and the others. As Thor and Adam battle, they learn from a Sovereign soldier about Adam and Ayesha’s revenge. A lot of destruction takes place. It comes to an end when many people caught in the crossfire are about to be killed. Adam and Thor stop fighting and rescue them.

Nova Corp shows up sporting a uniform similar to the comics. The Guardians, Adam and the Sovereign are asked to leave the planet. Just then a message comes in to Adam saying the Silver Surfer has been spotted in Sovereign space. The Surfer encounters the entire Sovereign fleet. He quickly destroys the Sovereign fleet and prepares to signal to Galactus.

Thor offers his services to Adam in trying to save his home world. The rest of the Guardians are reluctant to help someone who wants them dead. Ayesha agrees to pardon them if they help to save her world. On route Nebula contacts Gamora if Thanos has any info on Galactus. The Guardians learns about the device. The blueprints to stop him were destroyed during Ironman’s erasing Thanos and his army from existence. Adam informs them there may be a way to get the info. Gamora heads to join them on Sovereign.

Adam contains all the knowledge of the Sovereign, including the Soul Stone. As for many generations his people kept the stone and used it to bring harmony to their people. But the stone has a darker side. It wanted to consume more souls willingly or not. So they built the temple on Vormir. If someone was able to get the stone, eventually they would have been consumed by the Soul Stone. The Soul Stone would then return to Vormir. (In the early events of Guardian of the Galaxy 2 Gamora knew of the Sovereign connection to the stone and was able to get the location of it just before leaving the Sovereign planet)

With the Soul stone they can use it to talk with those who have already died. Adam says he knows how to get the stone and the info from Thanos in order to build the device to save his planet. They inform Adam of all the crimes Thanos has done. Even explaining the process of getting the Soul Stone. But Adam says he can get the stone and the info.

He fly’s alone to Vormir as the other Guardians go on to Sovereign. On Vormir he meets the Red Skull and a few people who are trying to obtain the Soul Stone. Their offering was not accepted. Adam goes up to the edge of the cliff and spreads out his arms. From his body, two ghostly images come out of his body, one dark and one bright. Once they have left his body the temple lights up and the Soul Stone appears before Adam.

Everyone including the Red Skull is shocked and begins asking multiple questions. Adam then explains that he simply willed the removal of his good and evil selves from his body. Being just recently been born he grew to love the wide ranges of emotions and feelings. He loved it so much. To him he killed himself. And in doing so is now capable to wield the Soul Stone without risk of losing his soul to it.

As he begins placing the stone on his forehead, he is attack by those there. With simple ease, Adam strips them of their souls. Rendering them unconscious. Looking at the Red Skull, Adam looks into the Red Skull soul. Adam reminds the Skull of his former self. The Red Skull slowly disappears saying “Hail Hydra”. He was nothing more than a soul returning into the Soul Stone.

Adam goes into a trance to enter the Soul Stone. Inside it is like a never ending world. With different sections set up for different types of people. He locates Thanos who is with a hooded woman. As Adam approaches the woman looks towards Adam and vanishes. Thanos was not happy she left but refrains from attacking Adam when he notices the Soul Stone on his forehead.

They talk for a great deal of time. The talk turns to Galactus and the device to stop him. Thanos asks for a deal. A body to use in order to obtain the device. The place they have to go to is heavily armed and will destroy itself if someone tries to break in. The blueprints are useless for it requires another entry into Galactus’s ship in order to obtain a special material for its construction.

He has found knew life in serving his new love, Mistress Death. Thanos notices Adam is different than any other life form he has ever encountered. Adam reply’s he was artificially created and sacrificed his good and evil selves for the Soul Stone.

Thanos looked surprised. Stating Adam has become a living being that not even Death could claim. Adam leaves the Soul World and returns to the real world. He blasts a beam from the Soul Stone into one of the dead bodies for Thanos soul to use. As Thanos stands they return to the ship. As they leave the planet Thanos notices the body he is in is beginning to change. Adam says it is the work of the Soul Stone. In due time the body will be reshaped to match Thanos spirit form.

They journey to Thanos’s secret bases to obtain the device. Thanos calls it the Ultimate Nullifier. Thanos explains that he went onboard Galactus’s ship many years ago while Galactus was eating. He obtained a great deal of info about his and how to stop him. When Galactus found out about the intrusion, he created the herald, Silver Surfer. To look for food and guard his ship while Galactus eats.

The other Guardians prepare to battle the Silver Surfer. They learn to use Sovereign tech. Starlord is enjoying using his elemental gun. The Sovereign learn Starlords real father is Eon. They are able to reactivate his dormant powers and channel it through his gun. Ayesha explains the gun is merely a focusing tool. To allow him to build his inner powers back up to where it was before.

Thor, explains to Starlord his connection with Mjolnir. On how he was able to focus his powers through Mjolnir until he no longer needed it. It’s a bonding moment between the two of them. Thor could see a lot of himself in Starlord. Not taking responsibility, not being serious and so forth. Thor agrees to follow Starlords commands. As this would be a great way for Starlord to grow as a person and as a leader.

The battle with the Silver Surfer begins. Gamora joins them with more weapons and tech from Thanos’s lair. With all the hits and damages the Silver Surfer is taking, he still refuses to go down. Adam calls in saying they are on the way with the weapon. In endless repartition, everyone keeps guessing who is with Adam. But they now see Galactus’s ship approaching. Cue Starlords multiple Star Wars jokes saying “That’s no moon, it’s a space station”. Nebula chines in saying, “Is that the one with the heavy breather in it?”

Ships all over Sovereign begin to leave the planet. Ayesha stays behind to defend her planet. She tells Starlord that she is finished using her words to protect her home. Now she will use her body to defend it and her people. Even to death. She says if the Guardians die protecting her homeworld or is victorious, they will be forgiven.

Galactus arrives as they begin to battle him. Amazed by the size of Galactus, the battle is going terrible. They come off like small flies attacking a dinosaur. A few try to enter the ship but due to Thanos’s earlier actions, Galactus has prevented this from happening again. Thor is still battling the Silver Surfer.

Rocket says he stole Antman’s shrinking and enlarging tech. Refers to one plot to go very small and fly into Thanos’s butt and then enlarge into Giant man. He suggests someone should try it on Galactus. After a round of no volunteers they come up with another plan. Shoot asteroids at Galactus then enlarge them to the size of planets just before they hit him.

Nebula asks how to get the additional Pym particles, Rocket said he used the replicator onboard the ship to replicate the stuff. They put the plan in action. They use the ships to pilot asteroids at Galactus as Rocket enlarges them. Galactus and his ship are getting banged up pretty badly. When it looks like they are winning Galactus begins to exert his powers to redirect the planet size asteroids away. He then notices the ships. Galactus ship then fires upon them as Rocket and the others abandon their ships just before they are destroyed.

As Galactus repairs his ship and repositions it towards Sovereign again everyone is feeling like there is no way to stop Galactus. Adam and Thanos show up. Thor stops fighting the Silver Surfer and states he wants to kill Thanos again. Everyone is freaking out that Adam brought Thanos back to life. Ayesha tries to control Adam. But Adam explains to her that he has evolved from his former self.

Adam uses the Soul Stone to stop the Silver Surfer. Instead of killing him, Adam uses the stone to help the Surfer to remember his former self. The Surfer flies off in a fit of rage and horror. Adam then uses the stone on Galactus. This causes Galactus to freeze in place. As they connect, Adam learns a great deal more about Galactus. But Galactus slowly starts fighting back against Adam.

As Galactus comes out from the effects of the Soul Stone, he notices Thanos hovering not too far from his face. He recognizes the devise Thanos is aiming at him as the Ultimate Nullifier. Thanos says, “Now I hold what you fear the most.” Galactus realizes it was Thanos who entered his ship and stole the knowledge to use against him.

Thanos tells Galactus to leave now or be destroyed. Galactus leaves as the rest of the Sovereign return home. The Guardians are free to leave. Starlord keeps his new elemental gun. Thor becomes even more popular as his last battle with the Surfer was recorded. After the Guardians leave, Ayesha, Adam, and Thanos are on a Sovereign ship orbiting the planet. Ayesha is conversing with Adams on his evolved abilities and future plans. Adam, looking towards Thanos, reminds him of his promise to return to the Soul World.

Thanos begins talking about Mistress Death. He has found a new purpose in life in serving her. With that he uses the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy the Sovereign home world. Adam and Ayesha are in shock as Thanos explains their first encounter. Mistress Death will allow Thanos to continue to live to serve her. Before they could act, Thanos teleports away to a clocked ship that warps out of the area.

Inside the ship, the glowing orb that Gamora encountered had followed her to Sovereign. When Adam and Thanos were heading to Sovereign, Thanos received word on a hidden frequency that his ship was there and standing by for future orders.

Ayesha orders Adam to find Thanos and to kill him. To which Adam says, “How do you kill death?” Flying towards them is the Nova Corps. There are wearing new outfits and helmets that allow them to travel in space without the use of ships. They offer their help and support in going after Thanos and providing comfort to all remaining Sovereign people. Ayesha tells them Adam and her are the last of their kind.

She then activates a wrist devise that causes an organic cocoon to form around her. She tells Adam that the High Evolutionary created it for her. It will allow her body to evolve to Adams level. Before she is fully enveloped in the cocoon, she states the remainder of her life will be to kill Thanos and Galactus.

Adam takes the ship to Xandar where Ayesha evolution can be monitored. He joins the Nova Corps in their hunt for Thanos and to create a better tracking system for Galactus.

The final two scenes is the Silver Surfer laying face up on an asteroid. In an emotional state of dread, he continually says his name Norrin Radd, over and over again. And in another part of the Galaxy, Galactus is consuming another world. This time with a different herald called Terrax.

The story continues in the Nova Corps movie.

© 2019 melmika


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