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Guide to ABC’s Primetime Fall TV Shows

Updated on September 22, 2011

Catch up on Desperate Housewives as it enters its last season!

Fall is a wonderful season. It means cooler weather and cozy sweaters. It means rich foods. And it means the new TV season starts again. If you’re a fan of the ABC channel then you might already know some of the shows that you want to watch. But there might also be some new ones for you to check out this year.

Here is a guide to the ABC shows that are on this fall (Central Area showtimes are one hour earlier than shown here):

Sunday TV Shows

7 pm: America’s Funniest Videos

This is one that you’re surely familiar with whether you love it or hate it considering that it first launched more than twenty years ago.

8 pm: Once Upon a Time

This is a brand new ABC TV show, which is always fun to check out right? It sounds like it has a fun idea behind it, since it is inspired by the fairy tales that we all grew up with. It’s based in a fictional town filled with people who are fairy tale characters but are living normal lives and don’t remember their fairy tale lives. Definitely a unique premise.

9 pm: Desperate Housewives

The ladies of Wisteria Lane are back for the last time. This eighth season mystery is reportedly the last season, which means that all of the dramatic stops are probably going to be pulled out this year! This shows was the leading revenue-earner in 2010 and will likely get lots of audience love this year, too.

10 pm: Pan Am

Here is another new ABC TV show that’s starting this fall. As the name suggests, this is a show about the airline of the same name. That means that it’s about pilots and flight attendants. It’s set in the 1960’s and reflects some of the social and political drama of the time.

Monday TV Shows

8 pm: Dancing with the Stars

This dance competition show is back again for the thirteenth season. Celebrities in the new season include Chynna Phillips, David Arquette, Kristin Cavallari, Nancy Grace and Ricki Lake.

10 pm: Castle

This dramedy has launched for its fourth season. The season starts with some serious tension between the two main characters and is likely to develop the relationship between them further as they solve crime mysteries.

Tuesday TV Shows

8 pm: Last Man Standing

Tim Allen is back on primetime TV with this new ABC Fall TV show. It’s the opposite of Home Improvement in that he’s got three daughters instead of three sons in this show.

8:30 pm: Man Up

ABC is launching another new half hour comedy on Tuesdays, too. Man Up is about three guys who realize that they are acting like adolescents and are trying to learn how to grow up. Sounds like it might be good humor appreciated by both men and women.

9 pm: Dancing with the Stars Results

If you are a follower of the dance competition show then you know that the results show is shown the day following the main show.

10 pm: Body of Proof

This is one of my favorite relatively new ABC TV shows. It’s a crime drama that follows a medical examiner so it has that science twist to a crime drama. This is the second season of the show but it’s easy to catch up on it.

Wednesday TV Shows

8 pm: The Middle

Fall 2011 is the third season of this sitcom about a Midwest family that makes people laugh.

8:30 pm: Suburgatory

Another new Fall TV ABC series, this half hour show is about a single father who relocates his teenage daughter from New York City to the Stepford-style suburbs.

9 pm: Modern Family

This ABC comedy proved to be popular when it launched last year and the family is back for its second season this fall.

9:30 pm: Happy Endings

Like Modern Family, Happy Endings is a half hour show that is now in its second season. It’s about a complicated group of Chicago friends.

10 pm: Revenge

I missed the first episode of this new fall TV show but I’m curious enough to want to check it out. It’s based on The Count of Monte Cristo but of course it’s designed to have a contemporary twist on the story. The teen female star is out to get revenge on the people in The Hamptons that she feels wronged her.

Thursday TV Shows

8 pm: Charlie’s Angels

I think just about everyone is familiar with the Charlie’s Angels premise. This show is the new revamped version of the 1970’s original series.

9 pm: Grey’s Anatomy

Like Desperate Housewives, this drama is in its eighth season but it’s rumored that this one will continue on after this season. It’s one of the other leading revenue-earners so you’re surely familiar with it.

10 pm: Private Practice

This medical drama that’s a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy is now in its fifth season and clearly has a following of its own. Are you one of its fans?

Friday TV Shows

8 pm: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

More communities in need will find their homes repaired and their lives changed in the new season.

9 pm: Shark Tank

People come to this show to present their entrepreneurship ideas for possible funding. It provides great ideas and inspiration to anyone who is thinking of starting their own business so I’d say to check it out this season if it’s not one that you’re familiar with.

10 pm: 20/20

This news show has been on since the 1970’s and is still airing. Is this where you get your news?

Saturday TV Shows

Saturday Night College Football

The entire primetime evening is taken up by college football on Saturdays this fall.

What’s your favorite Fall ABC TV show?


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    Nate 5 years ago

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