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Guide to Gifting Iron Man Action Figures

Updated on July 13, 2011
Iron Man Mark III Action Figure
Iron Man Mark III Action Figure

One of the biggest movie in 2008 is the mega blocbuster Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr.

Now unless you grew up as a comic book fan, there's a good chance that you're not familiar with this guy.

Well, he's a comic book superhero from Marvel Comics and he's been around since the 60's. Perhaps you've heard of his more popular colleagues: Spiderman, the Hulk, and Wolverine. And possibly Captain America.

Also, maybe you're familiar with the Black Sabbath song, Iron Man. A very catchy tune, but that song is not about the comic book super hero either.

So now, this year, maybe your grandchild, nephew, or son is enamored by the movie and desires an Iron Man movie action figure.

Perhaps you went shopping online or in the stores and discovered that there are different versions of this toy. It's probably not a good idea to buy them all. So here's the skinny on the variances of Iron Man's armor.

Iron Man Mark II Action Figure
Iron Man Mark II Action Figure
Iron Man Mark I Action Figure
Iron Man Mark I Action Figure
Hulk Buster Ironman Action Figure
Hulk Buster Ironman Action Figure


Red and Gold Mark 03 Armor. This is Iron Man's standard armor. It's also his most popular version. In the movie, the Mark III armor is what Tony Stark was using when he fought the main bad guy, Iron Monger. If you're buying a gift, this is the safest and probably all you need to know. The next versions are for more discerning tastes. Maybe for collectors or if you think your grandchild, nephew, or son should be a one-upper. There's a line of Iron Man Mark 03 action figure with the label Repulsor Power. This is so because of the repulsor ray that shoots from the palm of Iron Man's gloves.

Silver Mark 02 Armor. In the movie, the Mark II is the armor that Tony Stark first built upon his return from hostage captivity. It's the one that froze in mid-flight as he flew up in the stratosphere. It's nothing special. In fact, it's kinda bland as a toy. However, do not confuse Iron Man's Mark 2 armor with the silver metallic armor Warmachine worn by Tony's friend Jim Rhodes.

Metallic Grey Mark 01 Armor. After the Red and Gold, this one is maybe the next popular Iron Man suit. The Mark I armor is the very first armor Tony wore as Iron Man. It's the one he built while in captivity.

Hulk Buster Armor. This armor is NOT in the movie. It's from a comic book, Iron Man #305. But to many, it is the most intriguing and the most exciting. In the comic books, Iron Man often crosses path with the Incredible Hulk. In one of the epic series, Tony Starks made the Hulkbuster armor in order to battle the Hulk hand-to-hand. The Hulk vs Iron Man is something fans hope to see in the big screen.


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