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Guitar Chord Lesson 3

Updated on April 28, 2015

Chords from the C Scale

A quick review we should have learned the three notes on the 1st. string, open E, F, and G. The second B string is open B, C, D. The third string was open G, and A. If you did not learn this refer back to lesson 1 and 2.

We will now have to learn the notes on the Fourth D string. D is open, E is at the second finger second fret. F is played at the third fret 3rd finger. Please check the photos to see the exact location of these notes. We will have to learn the 5th A string in order to learn our C scale. The C Scale is the most basic scale and is widely used to make millions of songs in the key of C. Now we need to get back to the notes on the 5th string. A is open on the fifth string,B is at the second fret and C is at the third fret.

Having learned these 6 notes we can now make a C scale. We must start with note C and end on note C an octave higher. Eight notes higher is one octave. Start with low C on the fifth string and play notes D,E,F, G, A, B, C. The last C is at the 1st fret second string.

Play the scale 3 or 4 times, now play it but this time play it backwards a few times.

Use the 1 - 4- 5 method to pick out chords. On the C scale the first note is C this is how we get the first chord. The fourth note is? If C is the first note count up 4 and you get F, the next chord is the F chord and the fifth note is G, the fifth note is always called a 7th chord, the chord is G7th. Go over this many times till it becomes old hat, after that gone one to the next step.

We can take any scale and use the same method to pick out the chords. The first note of the scale is the tonic or root. Note C to D is a whole step, this is 2 frets where a half step is 1 fret. E and F are 1/2 steps 1 fret. G and A are a whole step, 2 frets. A to B are a whole step, and B to C are 1/2 step, one fret.

When we learned the different ways to tune I wanted every guitar player to know his string to string tuning. If you do not know it learn it. Check my hub how to tune string to string. This information will help you to understand whole and half steps when you know your duplicate notes, such as those used in string to string tuning.

Notes 4th and 5th Strings

These are the six new notes.
These are the six new notes. | Source
Chart showing notes for 4th and 5th string.
Chart showing notes for 4th and 5th string. | Source
The C scale runs from low C to middle C 8 notes higher.
The C scale runs from low C to middle C 8 notes higher. | Source
The chart shows each distance of each note in the scale.
The chart shows each distance of each note in the scale. | Source

Chords From C Scale

How do we get the notes in the Chords? It is so simple and the good thing is it will not change.The first chord we picked was the C chord from the scale using the 1 - 4 -5 method. Now, we are going to use the 1 - 3 - 5 Method.

Go back to the C scale and take the first note C, count the third note E and count to the fifth note and you get G. The three notes in the C chord are C, E, G. Looking at the C scale what is the next chord using the 1 - 4 - 5 method. F is the chord. Starting with F using I - 3 -5 method make the chord The second note is 3 notes after F and it is A, the fifth note is C. I am very glad that the F chord comes in right away in lesson 3. The F chord seems to be one of the hardest chord for beginners, but there are some easy methods for improving on each each week. Looking at the F chord more closely, lets play note F 3rd finger 3rd fret on the 4th string. Add the A 2nd fret, 2nd finger on the 3rd string. Now add the C note 1st finger, first fret, 2nd string. So notes F,A,C, make up the F chord.

Looking at the C scale once more, could you pick out the last chord in the C scale? It would be the 5th note of the scale.Remember 1 - 4 - 5. method and count 5 from C which is the note G which gives us the G7 chord. The filth degree of the scale always makes a 7th chord. Other Hubs that can help you with this lesson.

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If you look at the notes you have learned so far using the C scale you should be able to make many songs hopefully just looking at your C scale and your 3 chords and make songs from the key of C. Sit with your guitar and using the C scale play some songs, do not be discourage if you can't you will latter on. I just don't want anyone to get stuck in a book, books are good but so is creativity.

I suggest playing the C scale and the 3 chords in the key of C and spend the first 15 minutes just seeing what you can play. Time with just you and your guitar and no music is just as important as playing out of a book.

See What You Know

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Simplified C Scale And Chord's

1. Learn the C scale.

2. Use the 1 - 4 - 5 Method to pick out chords from C scale.

3. Use the 1 - 3 - 5 Method to find the notes in each chord.

4. Use the 3 chords in a song.

If these four steps are followed you should be on your way to making songs in the key of C.


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