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Guru Sishyan Tamil Movie Stills

Updated on June 13, 2011
Guru Sishyan movie still
Guru Sishyan movie still

Guru Sishyan

Tamil movie Guru Sishyan released two decades ago was a super duper hit in South Indian cinema history with Rajinikanth and Prabhu at their best. A lot of comedy, action and adventure made it a classic and all time entertainer for all ages. A new Tamil movie with the same name Guru Sishyan is launched in 2009 and shooting has commenced. Sathyaraj and Sakthi Chidambaram combo is coming back after some Tamil movie hits like ‘Ennama Kannu’, ‘Englishkaran’ and ‘Maha Nadigan’. Sakthi's latest movies like "Vyaapari" sucked big time and did not do well at the box office. What do you expect when you cast S J Surya in the lead role? 

Guru Sishyan trailer

Director and producer Sakthi Chidambaram says the new Tamil movie Guru Sishyan is no remake of the yesteryear Rajnikanth hit of the same title. It is a tale of two friends, who get separated and later join hands to eliminate anti-socials. Dheena is the music director for Guru Sishyan while Sundar C is acting with Sathyaraj. There is sure going to be a lot of humor and action in this movie. Whether it is going to entertain the audience is yet to be seen as their imagination is one dimensional.

Sundar C and Sakthi have made a movie ‘Sandai’. Vadivelu's comedy is another major highlight in this movie Guru Sishyan. Sathyaraj has donned several roles in his career of about 40 years. From villain to hero and then performing in a variety of roles, he is considered as a Class C actor as he churned out tons of movies which are below average. Sathyaraj is no more in demand right now as he cannot cater to the audience of today - he is doing a father role in a Telugu movie. Sathyaraj is acting as the father of Gopichand in the Telugu movie Shangam. It is all about the tussle between a father and son with their confrontations being a high point of the movie.

Sundar C, a hero today even though he is new to acting and barely successful in being called as a good actor, started his movie career as a director.The filmmaker in Sundar C is always awake but unable to direct a movie due to acting commitments. After acting in Tamil movie Guru Sishyan stills, sundar will be directing a movie soon.

Guru Sishyan trailer is released and looks alright as a simple entertainer with the usual elements. The success of the film will be no where near the original Guru Sishyan starring Rajini and Prabhu that was released in 1980s - as the new Guru Sishyan movie trailer lacks the punch and ingenuity of the original. Sathyaraj and sundar C are just merely surviving in the film industry due to diminishing brand image for both of them. Hopefully comedy by Santhanam and the glamor by actress Hemamalini aka Sruthi will save the movie and sell it for some audience.

Guru Sishyan movie photo gallery

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Old Guru Sishyan clip

Guru Sishyan trailer


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