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House of Shock Horror Show in New Orleans shared the "Beauty Behind the Horror"

Updated on June 29, 2017

Make up Artist Autumn KillaQueen Labit

The cast and crew are a part of this haunted house and horror show because they want to be, not because they are getting paid. About 95% of the work that is being done is all volunteer. From the building crew, set dressing, cleaning staff, and even the make-up artists...they all work for free.

Make me "pretty" please.

One of the many great things about House of Shock is the connections that you can make each year as a volunteer. There are a variety of people from all walks of life that are attracted to this place. Artists, Nurses, Teachers, Students, Musicians, Lawyers.......the list goes on and on. Name a profession and House of Shock more than likely has at least one person that does it. The haunt is all about networking with each other and relying a lot on the hard work of these skilled volunteers to lend their expertise.

I decided to show "the pretty" side of this amazing place. I put together a project last year with the help of some amazing photographers (Brandon Rockvoan, Brad Baker, and The Reverend B. Dangerous) and the fantastic skills of the make up artists (Autumn, Lauren, and Asia). The purpose of the project was to give the female cast and crew members a chance to dress up, have hair and makeup done without having latex or blood added to it, and snap some pics. It was something that we worked on for the whole month and it allowed everyone to see another side to the people that we hang out with all month long. I also wanted to document some of the sets that were about to be demolished. After all, we were told that last year was it. No more House of Shock. For some of the people that participated in the project it provided a form of therapy for them, a way to say good bye to the haunt and to appreciate the world that was built around them. For others, it was a way to participate in a somewhat professional shoot and walk away with photos that will be cherished when we are old.

Room Captains: HolleyWannaSmackHer and Dirty Deeds

What does it mean to be a Captain?

"It means a lot to me. It means that the owners trust and value my opinion even though we don't agree on everything. I get to choose my own room theme, work with costuming, set dressing with DHD, lighting, sound, etc....while making sure the cast that I have recruited for the world that is created is respectful, showing up on time, checking in with the office, can act, and know how to treat a patron. I am basically the designated driver in my own road trip.

The first room that I was ever considered a "captain" of was in the first warehouse and it was just a small courtyard area in front of a fake house. It consisted of me and 2-3 other people acting like weirdo kids. It was only my second year at house of shock so I was really excited to decorate that small space, and recruit a couple of friends......ahhhhh so different.

Now over 20 years later, I am only one of two female captains. My competition Ashley is the best. She makes me strive to work harder and pay way more attention to detail when it comes down to set dressing. We both looked at each other in amazement when we realized how much space we were in charge of this year. We guessed at about half the warehouse since my area alone this year consists of eight rooms and one of her rooms is the largest room in the entire haunt. Anything that happened in our areas opening weekend happened this year. Ashley was expecting over 25 volunteer cast members to show up and night 1 she had less than half of that. My room decided to spring a leak from the ceiling and drip water all over my freshly painted props and set.....right where one of my cast members was supposed to be jumping. Lights weren't working, Sound was in and out, Props were breaking quickly......but patrons walking though did not notice. People were still getting scared and still having an awesome time. We both pushed through the best we could.

Luckily, I had assigned a great co-captain this year to help me with the overwhelming responsibility of monitoring and working so much space. I was able to convince my 5 year veteran cast member Diana Brown aka Dirty Deeds to help me take things on. So great. Deeds and I are on the same roller derby team so I knew we would be able to handle things together. The new space.....the new characters.....all is falling into place thanks to some major teamwork!" (Holley)

Come Check Out the House of Shock Merchandise that Chanel Benz is Selling!

Makeup Artist: Autumn with Tech, Pass Master, and Team Leader: Ashley

Make up Artist and New Orleans Bar Owner: Asia Strong

Lord Belial loves his make up team!

From Blush to Bruises.....

"I have been at shock since 2000,this year is my 15th year! I started out in the Barn and before I knew it I was working catacombs and the church. I've always been into glamour make up and after watching Brandy Moran apply my SFX makeup I thought to myself "I have to learn how to do this!"

After years of selling merch I finally spoke up about wanting to do makeup and was welcomed into the squad!!! This is my third year doing special FX makeup with The House of Shock and I absolutely love it. The greatest difference between glamour and SFX makeup is that the special FX doesn't have to be perfect, the slightest little mess up can be made into a bad ass bruise.

Doing to pinup shoot last year was by far one of the most rewarding things I have done. I was able to help so many women transform into the beauties they truly are. They sat in my chair as "plain Janes" and by the time I was done they were vixens! Checking them selves out in the mirror with puckered lips, raised eye brows and that look. That look a woman with confidence makes when she feels great about herself. I watched on, thinking to myself... "I did that, I gave her that ounce of confidence." It was such an incredibly rewarding experience.

Out side of shock I am a mother and makeup artist. I do hair and makeup for bridals, pageants and proms. I also coach young girls in modeling." (Autumn)

Actress, Tech, Model, Student, Wife and Amateur Photographer

A lady of many talents: Cheris Rockvoan

"I have been at house of shock since I was in my moms belly. I did not start to enjoy the place until I was about 15 years old. Up until then I was forced to go there, I was terrified, they would hold me up and sacrifice me in the old church. What keeps me around is the endless friendships and opportunities that house of shock continues to provide for me. It is in my heart and my blood to build sets, help get audio and videos up and running. I enjoy watching individuals have a good time especially knowing that me and the rest of the team are the reason the show is as great as it is." (Cheris)

Wanted: Hot, Hardworking, and Hell on Wheels Bartenders. Must Travel.

Yes, of course we accept tips.

"I've been bartending on and off for 10 years, in restaurants and bars around New Orleans. I've been bartending at shock 4 years, but I've been there 9 years total. Shock is a very fun environment to work at. It is different than another bar job because it is actually fun to work there. Unlike most jobs with a pushy boss or annoying co-workers. I love my dis-functional friend/family at the house of shock" (Missie)

Missie and Abby have both been traveling to work at Full Throttle Saloon and have been touring with Throttle Fest! Look for these ladies in a city near you!

Make Up Artist: Lauren Fuqua and Actor: Gage Breaux

Lovejoy Day Spa Makeup Artist by Day.......

"I started house of shock when I was 22 and been hooked ever since! House of shock has opened a world of opportunities for me with my career, friendships, and happiness. You get to see sides of people that they are usually afraid to show in normal life and it makes bonds stronger. Shock is a great outlet for anger and negativity to be released. I've been doing makeup professionally for 6 years. At my day job, I make people feel and look beautiful and at shock, I make people ugly and scary." (Lauren)

Tech and Dead House Design Crew Member: Rin Medico

Career Kick-start!

"7 years I have been a member, 3 as cast 4 as a tech. I stay around cause I love doing lighting and sound and I wanna see that mofo open haha. Gage Breaux and I were in jazz band together and he would tell me about House of Shock, then I met Shock Medic Perry at church and he sponsored me.

Shock is what got me into lighting and sound and given me the connections that got me where I am with what I do, and for a female as young as I am, that is perty damn well. A few years back I would have never thought I could do what I have done for the stage show or had the amazing job I have now at the WWII museum in New Orleans." (Rin)


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    • DerbyDevil1974 profile imageAUTHOR

      Holley Rich Coleman 

      5 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Help promote House Of Shock! Share and Spread the word on the articles and weblinks you find. AND come and check out the new attractions and new haunt this year!


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