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Updated on April 21, 2012

Some gravely under-estimate the power of a good blog profile picture. While some don’t understand its importance, others just don’t know what makes a good blog profile picture.

In simple language, a good blog profile picture is one that shows your face. A good blog profile picture says, “Hi, I am Alex. Trust me I know what I’m doing.” And it says it all with a smile.

Although this hub is written for blogs the tips can also apply to hubs and other social networking sites.

Below are tips from a professional photographer and a make-up artist. These tips will help you look your best in your blog profile picture.

Image by Mark J. Sebastian
Image by Mark J. Sebastian | Source

Wear Make-up

This rule also applies to guys! The make-up does not have to be- and should not be- too heavy as this makes you appear too artificial.

Eye cream and concealer work magic on eye bags. Do remember that whatever color you choose should be in the same tone as your skin or it will draw attention to what you are trying to hide. The right tone is the one that blends so much with your skin that it seems to disappear.

The following are basic procedures for applying simple make-up.

-Cleansing: Clean your face and neck with water and mild soap and cleansing lotion. It is essential that the face be clean before the application of make-up.

-Toning: After cleansing, apply toning lotion to your face to help close up your skin pores.

-Moisturizing: Apply moisturizing cream all over your face. The moisturizing cream’s main purpose is to help blend make-up with your skin.

-Foundation: Apply foundation cream to your face. Foundation cream helps keep the powder on your face.

-Face Powder: Apply face powder with a piece of cotton wool. Ensure that it gets to every part of your face; the hairline, the sides of your nose, under your lower lip, under your chin and also on your neck. Powder prevents your skin from being too oily and if correctly applied will conceal blemishes. Cover-up should also be used for blemishes.

image by A. Durand
image by A. Durand | Source

Pre Photo-shoot Tips

Just before you snap away here are a few things to consider

-Your eyes should NOT be red: Red eyes are a great turn-off and although it does not really portray who you are it is a ground for bias (no thanks to television). Before a photo shoot use recommended eye drops to clear blood shot eyes.

-Hair: Your hair should be brushed and, if possible, let down. Avoid applying chemicals that will make your hair gleam. You don’t want to blind your fan to be.

-Be relaxed: Nervousness shows on film. Think of a good joke or a happy moment and SMILE!

Other Important Factors

Lighting: Pay attention to the lighting and how it strikes your face. The lighting will either help or mar your facial characteristics so it is very important. Please avoid fierce and direct sunlight to the face as it brings out unflattering shadows. If the picture is to be taken outdoors -which is the best for purposes of background- ensure that your face is not being hit directly by the sunlight. Let the sun be at the back of your head.

Background: Any nice background will do. Avoid places that reflect badly on you when taking a profile picture.

Face position: There is no one particular face position that can be termed the best. However, it is absolutely essential that you don’t make the mistake of taking a side shot of your face as the whole essence of the profile picture would be lost. Look directly into the camera, when the picture comes out it will seem like you’re looking at the reader, this is a great technique.

Then What?

Take several shots of your face from different angles, this will give you a large number of pictures to select from. Experiment with different lighting and backgrounds. If you have trouble selecting the best picture, ask friends and family for help or just ask me.


Does your blog profile picture meet these requirements?

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    • Hotshot_peter profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Over yonder tree

      machawk, blogging is a truly great and fulfilling experience especially for us writers. Before you start blogging i would suggest that you take your time and do some really in-depth research that will help position your blog for excellence. Thanks for dropping by and commenting

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Haven't really started ?????? blog, but when I start I will make references ??? this.


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