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10. How to eat fried worms 2006 USA colour PG

Updated on July 13, 2014

BASED ON NOVEL: Thomas Rockwell How to eat fried worms

Family Comedy entertainment


From this comedy (taken from Thomas Rockwell novel how to eat fried worms) comes a strange tale from the child's point of view, about coping with moving to a new area, starting a new school, dealing with his annoying kid brother and his disgusting habits and having to cope with bullies.

Billy Forrester (Luke Benward) is a new kid in town and being the new kid is not a nice feeling, not knowing anyone where to go or what to do. From his first day at school a group of boys made fun of him and played a prank on him, they filled his drinking flask with worms, instead of giving the bullies satisfaction Billy stood up to them and made a remark that he eats worms all the time and throws one at the leader bully. From that moment onwards Billy was known as worm boy.

A bet was made between the leader bully Joe (Adam Hicks) his followers Adam (Austin Rogers) Twitch (Alexander Gould) Benjy (Ryan Malgarini) Bradley (Philip Daniel Bolden) Techno Mouth (Andrew Gillingham) Plug (Blake Garrett) Donny (Alexander Agate)and Billy that he could not eat 10 worms in 1 day, not to throw up and to do it all by 19:00 hours. All rules were made by Joe, where people were going to be and what they were going to do. The loser of the bet has to walk past the principal's office with worms in their underwear.

Some of the bullies wanted to be friends with Billy because they thought he was cool, but they did not have courage to do so because they were scared of Joe, Joe had to tell them when and how to do things. Nobody was allowed to do stuff that Joe did not approve of like talking, laughing, or playing the fool with one another. Joe is the one thats in controll and likes it that way, he felt threatend by Billy, he would even boss, push his own friends about, and threaten them with his ring which Adam named the ring off death. Towards the end off the film we see that Joe and Billy had a friendly moment together, we also find out why Joe might be a bully, and Billy did a noble thing for Joe.

On the day off the bet Billy had to baby sit his kid brother Woody (Ty Panitz) because his parents were going to be out, so Billy asked his friend Erika (Hallie Kate Eisenberg)to look after his little brother. The rest of the film was about the various locations that the children went too to cook the worms for billy, and what ingredients they used: worms covered in lard pigs fat, chip fat & liver juice, burning fire ball hot louisiana sauce, Marshmallow, tomatoe ketchup and tuna fish, peanut butter & jelly, spinach & broccoli.

The out come of the bet was very interesting, their was a twist to the tale, which nobody was expecting but I am afarid you will have to see for yourselfs . . . The over all outcome from this tale was learning how to deal with a bully and, ending up letting the bully surprise you.

How to eat fried worms is a strange family comedy entertainment movie suitable for all the family, although it may appeal more to children rather then the grown-ups. This comedy contains a fair amount of childish juvenile behaviour,bravery, courage, friendship,honesty, strength and understanding. It also shows & teaches an important lesson for all that it dose not matter whether your a child or a grown-up getting to know new people is tough on anyone. It's all about knowing how to handle ones situation no matter how hard the truth is,it's also about growing up, learning through misstakes no matter how painful they are and doing the right thing because that's the most valuable lesson one can learn.

Directed by: Bob Dolman

Written by: Bob Dolman(screenplay) Thomas Rockwell(novel)

Agate Alexander Donny Benward Luke Billy Forrester Bewley David Rob Simon Bolden Philip Bradley (as Bolden Daniel Philip) Brainard Tom security guard Bryan Benjamin Kid (voice) (uncredited) Cavanagh Tom dad Chung Gunther Chloe mean girl (uncredited) Eggleston Dan restaurant patron (uncredited) Eisenberg Kate Hallie Erika Euwer Renee Glori waitress (uncredited) Farabee Ann Jo bait shop lady Flores Zachary (uncredited) Garrett Blake Plug Gillingham Andrew Techno mouth Gould Alexander Twitch Harte InoueSamantha School teacher (uncredited) Hicks Adam Joe Howard Clint uncle Ed Krause Nick Nigel Malgarini Ryan Benjy Martin Andrea Mrs Bommley Mateer Tim convenience store clerk Panitz Ty Woody Rebhorn James Boiler head Rogers Austin Adam Smith Stayce county club member (as Stayce Smith) Soto Amy restaurant patron (uncredited) Wacker Karen Rob Simon's wife Ware Angela Jogger (uncredited) White Simone Woody's teacher (3) Whitney Herman falling seaturtle (uncredited) Williams-Paisley Kimberly mom


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